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MEXICO CITY - Mexican federal agents have arrested four Iraqis trying to sneak into the United States without proper documents, the government said Monday.

Officials on Monday said they were investigating the background of the four and trying to determine how they got into Mexico. The four have family names that are common among Iraq’s minority Christian community.

Many undocumented Iraqi nationals have been captured in Mexico en route to the U.S. border. None has been found to have had any links to terrorism.

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Daily Bulletin

Despite assurances from government officials that the border with Mexico is secure, a Department of Homeland Security document obtained by the Daily Bulletin reveals that law enforcement officials are seeking five Mexican nationals suspected of bringing explosives into the United States.

The internal ‘Intelligence Alert’ from the Office of Border Patrol — issued to law enforcement officials Jan. 12 — stated that the Mexican nationals were heading to San Francisco to sell the explosives.

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El Paso Times

Sierra Blanca, TX — Lolo Lopez keeps a low profile when Hudspeth County sheriff’s deputies patrol the border near his ranch.

Lopez fears that armed Mexican drug smugglers, often concealed by thick 15-foot salt cedar shrubs on the banks of the Rio Grande, might mistake him for an informant.

‘They might shoot me when I’m alone,’ Lopez said.

Lopez, a rancher on the border for 20 years, is always fixing fences that smugglers knock down.

‘The narco-traffickers must think they own the river,’ Lopez said. ‘They don’t even let (undocumented workers) pass through here.’

The anger in Lopez’s voice is also detected in Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West, who worries that his deputies might soon end up in body bags.

Escalating confrontations with armed Mexican drug smugglers are sowing fear and frustration, anger and insecurity in rural Hudspeth County, the state’s third-largest, with almost 5,000 square miles.

‘We’re going to get somebody killed,’ West said.

West, 40, an outspoken Sierra Blanca native with a pit-bull temper, has been bombarded by national media attention since his deputies chased three sport utility vehicles loaded with marijuana to the river six days ago.

Sheriff’s deputies said they encountered Mexicans in military uniforms on U.S. soil, armed with high-caliber weapons and driving a military-style Humvee. Mexican authorities denied their soldiers were involved in guarding illegal drug shipments.

‘Let’s clarify that it was the Mexican military. There’s no doubt in my mind,’ West said. ‘Let’s quit lying, work together and stop this crap.’

Though many politicians have requested formal investigations into the Hudspeth County incident and other reported intrusions along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border, federal officials had not contacted West three days after the latest incident.

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Save Our State Forum

Brewster New York is roughly 50 miles north of New York City , sort of in the hills. Almost on the Connecticut state line. It is a small village that is overrun with illegal aliens. One was found drunk passed out near the CSS school last fall. That set off a big rucus. Then a couple of weeks ago 8 Guatemalans went onto the athletic fireld, right past no trespassing signs in English and Spanish and started a soccer game while school was in session. A deputy sheriff saw them and arrested them. As it turns out they were illiterate and couldn’t even count numbers let alone read signs in any language. The parents went ballistic. The fathers threatened to start night patrols. The whole place was in an uproar.

Congresswoman Sue Kelly was called in and arraged for ICE to come up and talk. The Village Mayor, the Town Supervisor, the County sheriff, two of Sue Kellys representstives and four officers from NYC ICE and a village trustee all met. ICE told them they were concentrating on terrorists and criminals, were overworked underfunded, had no beds and this wasn’t a priority. Seven of the Guatemalans will go before the judge and the 8th was taken to Pennsylvania probably because of an outstanding warrant.

ICE gave the Mayor a booklet on how to set up day laborers sites ! Yes, that’s right encouraged it. The booklet was actually printed out in California by the County of Los Angeles 6 months before 9/11. The hiring of illegal aliens is a major crime. The new Sensenbrenner HR4437 increases penalties for hiring illegals significantly. The intention of the bill is to dry up hirings, eliminate the magnet, and discourage employers from hiring illegal aliens.

Here is the booklet.

Here is a realated news story.

The Journal News

BREWSTER, NY - As the daughter of immigrant parents, Janette Lambert tries to preserve her Hispanic culture by speaking Spanish to her two young children and cooking ethnic foods.

But, at the same time, Lambert, whose mother is from Puerto Rico and father from Ecuador, laments that illegal Hispanic immigrants are overwhelming the village.

Because of her Hispanic heritage, Lambert said, she can voice such a concern without being condemned as a racist. Some of her neighbors, however, have not escaped that inflammatory charge.

‘I feel Brewster is being portrayed as a racist community,’ said Lambert, 37, a stay-at-home mom. ‘I don’t feel any racism at all from anyone here.’

The charge that some Brewster residents are intolerant of Hispanics surfaced as residents pressured public officials to address issues involving the village’s population of illegal immigrants. Concerns included school safety, public drunkenness, overcrowded rental apartments and off-the-books employment.

At a series of packed public meetings, officials promised vigilance. That promise was put to the test this month when eight men, all illegal immigrants from Guatemala, were charged with trespass after playing soccer at Garden Street Elementary School.

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The following is a report from the rally organizer:

THANK YOU to all of you who called Babs!

I asked Boxer’s San Bernardino aide, “Did Senator Boxer get a lot of calls today?”

“Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds,” he answered!

Senator Boxer’s office is next to Assembly member Baca’s office. Baca’s staff members came out periodically to listen and look.

San Bernardino almost seemed like a city in bondage that viewed us as liberators. Lots of thumbs up. Of course, we also had hecklers - but more on the positive side.

Telemundo Spanish TV joined us and filmed away.

We stood on both sides of the street - under Boxer’s second story window - in full view of her office - and within earshot!


This was a small office. A Minutewoman walked up to Boxer’s second floor office and asked if we could meet with the staff. We were told to wait an hour.

We went back a second time and Boxer’s staff said we could bring ralliers up to speak to the two person staff. About half of our ralliers remained in place outside - chanting.

There was a lobby and then office area behind a bullet proof window. So each rallier spoke to staff through this window.

Everyone who wanted to speak to Boxer’s staff had the opportunity - and spoke as long as they wished

When we were done, I asked the legislative aide when I left if Barbara Boxer was aware of our visit. She said emphatically, “OH YES!”

And then I asked if Boxer knew of the protest, and again, even more emphatically she said, “OH YES!”

The aide said she would give our information to the Senator.

When we returned to the protest on the sidewalk, one counter protester had joined us.

She had borrowed our marker and was making a sign on a piece of cardboard. That’s the sign above. Well, we started to talk to her and we all found out we had much in common.

We ended up befriending her.

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Call California Senator Barbara Boxer and tell her NO GUEST WORKER/AMNESTY! Call Boxer’s Washington DC office and her Inland Empire San Bernardino office.

Inland Empire office
(909) 888-8525

Washington DC office
(888)355.3588 toll free switchboard

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Starting on Wednesday, February 1st at 9:00 AM through Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00 AM for 24 hours NON STOP, a group of very angry Americans will chain themselves together as a First Amendment expression of extreme disappointment in the Republican Party Leadership for not securing our borders and secretly planning to pass a guest worker amnesty.

Join them at Congressman David Dreiers Glendora, CA office:

2220 East Route 66
Suite 225
Glendora, CA 91740
Office (626) 852-2626
Toll Free (866) 373-6321
Fax (626) 963-9842

You can participate at any level you wish. You can stop by for whatever length of time you’re comfortable with (any amount of time would be appreciated) and can bring your signs and a candle. If you cannot attend, please participate by calling or faxing during the protest.

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Daily Bulletin

Despite assurances from government officials that the border with Mexico is secure, a Department of Homeland Security document obtained by the Daily Bulletin reveals that law enforcement officials are seeking five Mexican nationals suspected of bringing explosives into the United States.

The internal “Intelligence Alert” from the Office of Border Patrol — issued to law enforcement officials Jan. 12 — stated that the Mexican nationals were heading to San Francisco to sell the explosives.

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Daily Camera

Dick Lamm wants people to think about why immigration is bad for the planet.

The Democrat and former three-term Colorado governor is part of a group pushing to ban illegal immigrants from using state services. He doesn’t want to be pegged a racist for joining the right on the issue, though. For Lamm, it’s about the big picture.

“The ecosystem doesn’t need another 300 million consuming Americans,” he said. “I’m just appalled that the environmental movement, in its political correctness, doesn’t take on this question of how big we want to be.”

Al Bartlett, a retired CU professor famous for his talk about the dangers of population growth, said the United States needs to focus on its total numbers, not just immigrants.

The U.S. population is expected to hit 300 million this year, up from 150 million in 1950.

“Immigration is estimated to be about three-quarters of the population growth in the U.S.,” Bartlett said. “But the problem is numbers, not people.”

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In talking with Jim Gilchrist today, it sounds as though the parade committee is folding under pressure of the lawsuit. We started the planning of our float and there could be several hundred Minutemen in the parade. I’m sure that all the goons in southern California will show up to chant â??Racist Go Home!â? With all the media present, this parade is going to be bigger than Macyâ??s and more fun than Animal House.

OC Register

Laguna Beach is an extraordinary place to live, unequaled in beauty and charm, but more importantly packed with the most remarkable people you’ll find anywhere. If your house slides, or your home burns, or you are in some other crisis, people line up to help you, even strangers whom you’ve never met. I know because when my home burned in the Oct. 27, 1993 firestorm, I experienced first-hand a compassion and generosity that defies the imagination.

That’s what makes the arbitrary exclusions dictated by the Patriots Day Parade committee year after year so difficult to deal with. Its attitude is so not Laguna, which has always reveled in its reputation for tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Its rejection of the Minuteman Project [”Minutemen barred from joining Laguna parade,” Local, Jan. 25]only brings to the forefront a sore that has festered in the city for a long time. The committee has been excluding important community institutions for years, in particular religious and political groups, but, note, not all, but only ones that don’t fit into its politically correct mindset.

For instance, no Christian church is allowed in the parade but the Baha’is are permitted to march. Google-up Bahai and you’ll discover its Web site says, “The Bahai Faith is a world religion based on the teachings of Bahaullah.” The committee also allows the Laguna Beach Peace Vigil in the parade, clearly a political group, but disallows the Minuteman Project because the committee doesn’t care for its politics. Village Laguna also marches in the parade, the most politically active group in all of Laguna Beach, almost always supporting candidates from the left.

What you have here is selective discrimination. The committee attempts to cover its arbitrary decisions by saying what it really means is we don’t want any group proselytizing or promoting an agenda. If you don’t proselytize you are welcome, like the Baha’is or the peace group. But churches have applied in the past, agreeing to carry only a signage banner, but were still turned down. In Laguna, chocolate lovers, gay choirs, surf shops, bars, book clubs and art festivals are true American patriots, according to the parade committee’s selection criteria, but not people of faith or those who love our political processes.

The deeper issue is the selective, exclusionary by-law. Why is it there in the first place? What possible harm would there be to include in the parade a float representing, say, the Presbyterian Church, a much respected institution in Laguna for many years, housed in a truly landmark building, one the parade passes by every year? What harm would there be to including the Methodist Church, the Mormon Church, the Jewish Center or groups representing the Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians? Should one of them violate any proselytizing rule, it wouldn’t be invited back.

Segregation always hurts especially when segregationists strive to achieve the higher moral ground. We have “good reasons” for exclusion, they insist. People of faith or those loyal to their political party might somehow pollute the parade by expressing a view we disagree with.

What is the committee afraid of? If you don’t care for the Minuteman Project, boo when its members march by. I would consider doing that myself, since I personally disagree with the Minuteman Project’s immigration stance and its protests of Laguna’s day-workers station. I am proud our city reaches out to poor Hispanic laborers who desperately need work. I don’t know how they got here [they snuck past the Border Patrol] but they are human beings of dignity and worth. Still, Jim Gilchrist and his Minuteman Project should be allowed in the parade. They love America in their own way and should not be excluded.

Charles Quilter, Patriots Day Parade committee member, has publicly stated in the past, “This is a feel good parade for everybody in the community, an event that celebrates the virtues of family and friends.” If it really wants to make everyone in Laguna feel good, I’d like to ask the parade committee to consider including everyone, and to cease from selectively excluding anyone. Right now, there are a bunch of us in Laguna who are not feeling all that good about your parade.

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Daily News

Santa Clarita — The city attorney will pursue vigorous enforcement of laws that prohibit hiring day laborers who are illegal immigrants, a hot-button issue in the news that has been seized upon by Councilman Cameron Smyth as he seeks state office.

In response to Smyth’s proposal Tuesday seeking a crackdown on lawbreakers - be they laborers or those who hire them - the attorney will research and submit a confidential report to the Santa Clarita City Council outlining the city’s options. While the laborers will be in the bull’s-eye, the city will be careful not to violate their rights, City Attorney Carl Newton said.

‘Enforcement of those provisions of law will be applied to all persons,’ Newton said. ‘We’re not going to discriminate against persons suspected of violations of loitering or trespassing.’

The report will explore whether the city’s trespassing and anti-loitering ordinances can be ‘more fully’ enforced. It will also explain how city contracts could be amended with a proviso requiring vendors to certify they do not employ undocumented aliens. Spot checks could be performed by the city’s code enforcement officers.

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SF Gate

Mexican citizens living in Northern California can now get free legal help 24 hours a day through a hot line launched by the Bay Area’s Mexican Consulates.

A collaboration among the consulates in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, the round-the-clock advice line is called Jurimex.

“It’s a very important way of extending consular protection to Mexican citizens that goes beyond the limits of our own resources,” said Agustin Pradillo, spokesman for the consulate in San Francisco. “It’s a 911 for Mexicans.”

Callers will speak with a lawyer or paralegal who can handle questions related to immigration, labor law, family law, and civil and criminal matters.

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NY Times

It has been a trying week for Mexico-U.S. relations: a tense border confrontation between U.S. agents and apparent [Mexican Military] drug traffickers, a Mexican group’s offer to print maps of the Arizona desert for illegal migrants and an exchange of terse diplomatic notes.

The administration of Mexican President Vicente Fox has its share of quarrels with other countries, but this promised to be one of the trickiest — involving the country’s northern neighbor and largest trading partner at a time when the U.S. Congress is debating immigration reform.

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The California Coalition for Immigration Reform held a meeting last night in Garden Grove. The guest of honor and main speaker was Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor. My main reason for being there was to listen to Mayor Mansoor speak. He’s really a humble guy and he’s so unlike most politicians that I really look up to him. He didn’t have a speech prepared and he seemed a little uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group of people but he was great. Jim Gilchrist was also there. He talked a little bit about the pending litigation against Laguna Beach regarding the Patriot’s Day parade. A woman who is running for congress against Loretta Sanchez also spoke. She was fantastic, I’ll update this post with more information on her later. Check back.

We also had few unwelcome guests.

We had our dirty looking friend John Earl (aka Skid Mark).

Gil Flores from LULAC was there.

Also in attendence was Naui Huitzilopochtli. Naui likes to be called by his pretend indian name. Naui was annoying people by snapping pictures of them with a disposable camera. Someone didn’t like it so they took his camera away. He chased after them and it turned into a shouting match outside. Here is a little video clip.

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