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Washington Post

Tancredo, 60, has so effectively tapped into the anger of millions of Americans who favor a crackdown on illegal immigrants and tougher measures at the border that the back-bench Republican is considering making a bid for president in two years.

A ubiquitous presence on the airwaves, Tancredo has appeared more than 1,000 times on radio talk shows in recent years and has become a television news mainstay. He has traveled widely around the country, including the early presidential caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. His office averaged 4,566 pieces of mail per month during the first quarter of this year. When Tancredo was scheduled as a guest on ABC’s ‘This Week’ last Sunday, he received 300 ‘good luck’ e-mail messages before his appearance and 700 ‘good job’ e-mails after the show.

The relentless media exposure, along with polls indicating that many Americans support a border crackdown and the deportation of illegal immigrants, has given Tancredo considerable influence over the immigration legislation now unfolding in Congress. ‘He’s a force because he represents what a lot of people think,’ said Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors less immigration. ‘He’s only a gadfly in Washington.’

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Dallas News

Some estimate that bills pending in the Senate could double the nearly 1 million green cards handed out yearly, granting legal permanent residence.

The U.S., which already welcomes more legal immigrants than any other country, would see major increases in green cards under both immigration proposals being debated in the Senate. The bills also would add tens of thousands of temporary visas for workers.

But others question the drive to increase legal immigration, particularly as the Senate is considering legalizing the nation’s 20 million-plus illegal immigrants and creating a guest worker program to bring in 400,000 more foreigners every year.

‘There has never been a public opinion poll that indicates [a majority of] Americans want more immigration,’ said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which opposes higher immigration. ‘Obviously, if the public were asked … they’d say no to doubling legal immigration.’

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Washington Post

New economic research that pits native-born workers against low-skilled immigrants in a struggle for jobs and wages has fueled a rift between some of Washington’s most liberal lawmakers and their allies in economics and labor, who fear that the Democratic Party is pushing an immigration policy that forsakes the party’s working-class mainstay.

The quarrel comes as the Senate debates a proposal to bring millions of immigrants into the legal workforce. A growing body of economic research contends that the recent surge of foreign workers has depressed wages for low-skilled workers, especially for high school dropouts, and has even begun displacing native-born workers. That benefits employers, higher-income consumers and the economy at large, but it may exacerbate the problems of the working class.

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NY Times

Mexican President Vicente Fox said his government was preparing to extradite at least 24 drug traffickers to the United States, but he ruled out using police to stop migrants on Mexico’s side of the border.

Speaking to reporters in Cancun, where he was meeting with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Fox said Thursday he couldn’t release the names of the traffickers facing extradition, and warned they might react violently to the prospect of being sent abroad.

”This will be punishment for them because we’ll take them out of Mexico so they stop operating,” Fox said.

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NBC San Diego

Several thousand students rallied in Chicano Park in the Logan Heights district of San Diego on Friday morning before marching through the streets and heading toward downtown San Diego.

The students arrived from 15 to 20 schools, the Associated Press reported. Three students were arrested on charges of truancy and released to their parents. They were flashing gang signs and broke away from the rest of the marchers, according to police. At the park, demonstrators waved Mexican flags and signs that declared “We are not criminals.”

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Prison Planet

At the height of last year’s French riots, Voz de Aztlan leader Ernesto Cienfuegos stated that similar scenes of chaos would be witnessed on the streets of America. As reports of violence begin to filter through, a deliberately fomented race war hiding behind an immigration debate creeps ever closer.

“Today, here in Los Angeles, we are already seeing ominous signs of an impending social explosion that will make the French rebellion by Muslim and immigrant youths seem ‘tame’ by comparison,” said Cienfuegos on November 8.

“All the ingredients are present including a hostile and racist police as in France. In fact, we came close to having major riots on three separate occasions just this year alone.”

As the mainstream controlled media reports the immigration protests as peaceful and affords them a wealth of credence and credibility, ignoring the plethora of foreign flags compared to US flags, turn to Mexican TV news stations and you will encounter radical proselytizing about enacting the brutal plan of the invasion and takeover of the southern and western American states.

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I attended this protest, and I’ll post some video clips as soon as possible. I have some revealing footage of MEChA, the Brown Berets, and the Mexican flag wavers who were there. The reporter in the article below calls the protest “peaceful,” and I guess it’s true that no one was physically assaulted but it was a rather heated conflict. To me, “peaceful” is a Sunday afternoon on the sofa, not screaming bloody murder on the street corner.

Pictures and comments at Save Our State.

I’m on the KTLA newscast. Under News Video’s, click on 3/31 Immigration Marches Continue In So. California. I’m the friggen bald guy with the camera. I guess I pissed off that reporter so much he just had to include me in the story.

Daily Bulletin

MIRA LOMA - Groups on both side of the immigration issue demonstrated on opposite sides of Bellegrave Street this morning near Jurupa Valley High School.

The protest began at 11 a.m.

The event came about after Jurupa Valley High student Josh Denhalter asked for permission, and was denied, to hold on campus a counter-protest to the recent demonstrations and walkouts opposing the harsher penalties for illegal immigrants in HR 4437.

He said he wanted to hold the rally to show support for the United States and the efforts to protect its borders.

Denhalter was joined by members of the Save Our State and Minuteman groups who carried a large number of American flags.

Members of groups identified as MEchA and Brown Berets counter-protested across the street from his group.

Denhalter was joined by about 100 people, with about 30 on the other side.

The demonstrators were relatively peaceful, chanting back and forth. One side yelled, “Racist MEchA go away” while the other chanted, “Racist hate, save our state” and “El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido” (”The people united never will be defeated.”)

A number of motorists honked their support, waving both Mexican and American flags.

About 65 percent of the Jurupa Valley High student body were in class, according to school officials. Some parents did keep their children from school today.

Riverside County sheriff’s deputies stood on Bellegrave between the two groups.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen group, was joined by a handful of his group’s members. He said he attended primarily to support Denhalter’s First Amendment right to protest.

Denhalter said he was suspended Thursday by school officials when he passed out fliers promoting the rally.

District and school officials said they could not comment on any student’s suspension for confidentiality reasons, but a suspended student would not face further discipline for being on the sidewalk or street directly in front of the school.

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CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush warned at the end of a North American summit on Friday that an immigration plan being debated by the U.S. Congress must include a guest worker program for illegal immigrants.

The so-called three amigos — Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and new Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper — wrapped up their talks by vowing to work together on border security, avian flu and energy issues. But deep differences remained.

A U.S. plan that will require Canadians and Mexicans to carry a passport or passport-type document to cross the U.S. border was a cause of concern for Harper, a newly elected conservative whose appearance at this sun-soaked beach resort was one of his first forays on the international stage.

“We’re obviously concerned that if we don’t move quickly and properly on this, that this could have effects on trade and movement of people, conventions, you name it, that is not helpful to our economy or to our relationship,” Harper said.

Mexicans once had high hopes for Bush, who took office promising to make America’s southern neighbor a priority but pushing the issue to a back burner after the September 11 attacks.

In the waning months of his presidency, Fox is seeing the possibility that his long struggle for a change in U.S. immigration policy could finally bear fruit, sought to aid Bush in his political battle at home.

He said Mexico was doing its part to crack down on human smugglers along the U.S.-Mexican border and trying to halt the flow of Central American migrants coming across Mexico’s southern border.

“With all due respect to the dignity of these people, respecting their human rights, they are stopped, they remain on temporary basis in the stations. We offer them services with dignity. And then we send them back to their communities of origin,” then Fox burst out laughing bwah ha ha ha ha!

Here’s a related post on the planned merger between the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

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Pardon My English

One reason weâ??re supposed to rejoice at the pitter-patter of illegal feet is that foreigners are only coming here to â??do jobs Americans wonâ??t do.â? Itâ??s one of those basic assumptions upon which the argument in favor of forgetting we have borders, a culture and laws rests, and even President Bush mentioned this â??truthâ? while speaking about immigration reform recently. And, undoubtedly, there are certain immutable laws of economics.

Only, this isnâ??t one of them.

The next time someone mindlessly parrots this mantra, just ask, â??What jobs would those be?â? As youâ??ll soon learn, the answer doesnâ??t really matter, but sometimes weâ??re shamed by didacts who oh-so-sternly say that illegals are the people who â??pick our fruit for us.â? So, fruit picking â?? something that must be in league with being a rat catcher in Victorian London or Wile E. Coyoteâ??s stunt double â?? is as good an example as any.

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Media Monitors

Walk Out, Speak Up, Never Give In

Congratulations to all of those who have walked out in support of the Mexican Americans who are seeking the freedom to travel across the border. Bienvenidos. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are an “illegal” or an “alien”. We are all part of the human family. You are our brothers and sisters. We welcome you.

Listening to corporate media and talk shows has exposed the dark underside of the USA culture. Hate filled, xenophobic speech is filling the airways. FOX news seems to be in a state of panic. Some in the US want the Mexicans to be treated as second class citizens. Might as well paint a black dot on the forehead of every immigrant.

Our paranoid, racist policy toward Mexicans is apparent to the whole world. The Mexicans should be given at least the same rights as those coming from Cuba. Our borders should be wide open. Welcome stations should be built there to assist the travelers.

blah blah blah

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SF Gate

California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez warned Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Republican party they could suffer politically if they don’t find themselves on the “right side” of the federal debate over immigration.

Nunez visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday as the Senate prepared to take up a sweeping immigration bill that would allow guest workers and give illegal immigrants a path toward citizenship.

The Los Angeles Democrat criticized Schwarzenegger, a Republican, for not taking a stronger position on immigration in the wake of a get-tough House proposal that would turn illegal immigrants into felons and wall off hundreds of miles of the border with Mexico.

That bill, which Nunez called racist, has been the focus of huge protests in California and other states.

Schwarzenegger’s position “leaves a lot to be desired,” Nunez said.

“Until and unless he gets on the right side of issues with the Latino immigrant community I think he stands to lose a lot in November,” he said.

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LA Times

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who leads a city where thousands of working families live in poverty, believes he can help the poor by building affordable housing, strengthening job training and reforming the much-maligned public schools â?? ideas that have been tried elsewhere with limited success.

Today, his steps and those advanced in other cities will be on the table when mayors from across the nation converge on Los Angeles to strategize about a pernicious problem that defies a quick fix.

Although local government leaders say they can’t do much about the underlying causes of poverty â?? such as job cuts and soaring home prices â?? economists, labor organizers, affordable-housing advocates and others say cities have a number of tools that can help.

At the very least, the gathering of mayors can cast national attention on a problem that, by many measures, is growing worse.

As head of a poverty task force for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Villaraigosa scheduled today’s session to highlight what researchers see as a widening gap between rich and poor â?? one that is pronounced in places populated by vast numbers of [illegal] immigrants with limited education and minimal job skills.

‘Our goal as mayors is to raise this issue around urban poverty to create a national debate about what we need to do,’ Villaraigosa said. ‘We’ve got to strengthen and grow the middle class.’

By one estimate, 1.4 million of Los Angeles’ 3.8 million residents are ‘working poor,’ a category that would include a family of two adults and two children earning $38,000 a year or less.

Experts who study poverty recommend a range of solutions, some of them controversial.

Officials could crack down on the so-called informal economy, the cash-only sector that siphons tax income from municipal coffers and leaves workers without job protections. In Los Angeles, that informal sector is growing much faster than the legitimate economy, experts say.

More than 1 million skilled workers left L.A. County in the ’90s, says Dan Flaming, a former county demographer who runs the Economic Roundtable, a nonpartisan research group.

In their place came an influx of [illegal] immigrants, largely from Mexico and Central America, many without high school educations.

Now [illegal] immigrants outnumber the native born in prime working-age populations in L.A. The numbers helped drive California’s poverty rate above the national average, straining housing, education and healthcare at a time when federal support was shrinking, said Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill.

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Deception in the Classroom: the Real Cesár Chavez

By California State Senator Bill Morrow

Did you know that Cesár Chavez was not a supporter of illegal immigration? Did you also know that history shows that Cesár Chavez, whose name has become synonymous with La Raza and other radical elements of the reconquista movement, was in fact effectively a Minuteman?

Our schools teach that Cesár Chavez spent a good portion of his life advocating for the rights of farm workers throughout California and the United States. But what they fail to mention is that Cesár Chavez was a vocal opponent of illegal immigration.

Think about itâ??he was trying to raise the benefits for farm workers in the United States. Simultaneously, there was a massive influx of virtual slave labor streaming across the southern border of the United States, thus undermining everything he fought to achieve.

When farm workers would strike as a method for achieving their goals, employers would simply recruit â??strikebreakersâ? from south of the border. Illegal immigrants, by flooding the market with cheap labor, would lower the prevailing wage and thereby drain Cesár Chavez of his ability to advocate on behalf of the organized farm labor movement.

Evidence of this abounds in the historical record, such as in his testimony before Congress in 1979 when he blamed the federal government for failing to secure the border. Chavez testified that â??for over 30 years, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has looked the other way and assisted in the strikebreaking.â?

In fact, ten years earlier, Cesár Chavez protested illegal immigration at the Mexican border, reportedly accompanied by Senator Walter Mondale and Ralph Abernathy, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It has also been reported that Chavezâ??s brother, Manuel, along with members of the United Farm Workers, patrolled the Arizona-Mexico border in a manner similar to that of our Minutemen of today.

He believed that illegal immigration would directly impact the prosperity of U.S. farm workers. He was right. Yet, his vision of the affects of illegal immigration didnâ??t even scratch the surface of the dramatic social and economic impact it would have on America.

The massive influx of illegal immigrants into the United States has cost the American tax-payer billions of dollars in services to them and their children through healthcare and education. It has also been said that illegal immigrants make up well over twenty percent of those in federal penitentiariesâ??another major expenditure that we the people can scarcely afford.

I challenge our educators to recognize this reality and develop lesson plans that donâ??t sugar coat history, but rather slay the sacred cows of political correctness by telling the truth about Cesár Chavez and the dangers of unbridled illegal immigration. Letâ??s see them teach that in a classroom!

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Rallier Report

Eileen says- Right at this moment there is a protest happening in front of Mayor Reconquista’s office. This protest is in response to his pandering to the Hispanic community and not being a mayor for ALL people.

I just called his office to voice my concern about his recent actions. A man with a heavy Hispanic accent answered and promptly transferred me to voice mail (which was full and I was not able to leave a message). I immediately called back and told the same man I did not appreciate being “blown off”. He put me on hold where I LISTENED TO MARIACHI MUSIC for about 3 minutes. Another person’s voicemail came on and I was able to leave a short and to the point message.

When you call DO NOT be swayed by this RACIST mayor’s tactics. Make your calls now.

(213) 978-0600


    Photo update:
    Minutemen Making A Difference

    Minuteman Gustavo

    Counter Protesters

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Chris, a good friend of mine, sent me this email message.

The Mexican Revolution in the US has begun….

Whether we want to face it or not, we are on the virge of one or two eventualities:

- Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens
- Violence if they don’t get amnesty

If you have been awake this past week you know we have what amounts to a revolution and brewing foreign insurgency here in the Southwest US. This is the culmination of decades of utter incompetence and malfeasance by our elected officials.

In my estimation we are beyond the point of no return. The analogy I have been using is as such:

The pin on the grenade you are holding has been pulled. Inserting the pin back in the grenade is not an option because its broken. Either you let the spoon go and it explodes in your hand are you try and lob it over the fence and hope for the best. Even then, you might get hit with the concussive effect.

The grenade is the 15-20 million illegal aliens and their supporters in this country. The spoon is the deciding body on what to do about them. Letting the grenade detonate in your hand is the amnesty program and throwing it is enforcing the law. However, an attempt to exercise rigorous enforcement at this point is going to be, even if our politicians would order it (which they wont), a challenge of immense proportions. The illegal alien forces have now been whipped into a rabid frenzy and to try and defy their demands is sure to lead to an uprising.

Thanks to the largely apathetic American populace who sat idle and let our politicians get away with this crime for decades we have put ourselves in a situation that is virtually inextricable without some level of conflict.

We have to decide as a nation if we care enough to stand up to this lawless uprising and our rogue politicians or whether we continue to wither and die on the vine, weeping as our country is converted to a third world slave state. We’ve allowed Mexican nationalism to fester on US soil for too long and now the jaws of the insurgency are open wide and closing fast. Its now or never…..

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