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Washington Times

The House majority leader yesterday refused to budge from demanding a strong border-security bill and would not embrace Senate talk of broad legislation that would trigger a guest-worker program and other immigration changes once the borders are secure.

“I’m not going to negotiate this bill — between the House and Senate — through the press,” Rep. John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, said after he was asked repeatedly about recent Senate developments.

Mr. Boehner said House leaders instead will continue their plan to hold hearings next month to highlight flaws in the Senate-passed immigration bill, which includes citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, and the strengths of the House bill, which focuses on securing the border and enforcing immigration laws. He said the hearings will, in part, “strengthen our hand as we go into these negotiations” with the Senate.

In recent days, key senators have indicated that they are willing to accept a bill that puts the initial focus on enforcement, and particularly border security, as long as it eventually includes a path to citizenship and a new foreign-worker program.

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Yahoo News

The Bush administration has been unable to muster even half the 2,500 National Guardsmen it planned to have on the Mexican border by the end of June, officials in the border states said.

The head of the National Guard Bureau disputed that tally and said the goal would be met by Friday.

As of Thursday, the next-to-last day of the month, fewer than 1,000 troops were in place, according to military officials in Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona.

President Bush’s plan called for all 50 states to send troops. But only 10 states â?? including the four border states â?? have signed commitments.

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Too late for double-talk now. You’re traitors and you proved it with your amnesty and massive “guest worker” program that would bring in an estimated 100 million “guests” within 20 years. Not to mention the tens of millions of illegal aliens that would continue to cross our borders and overstay their visa’s. VOTE ALL THE DEMS AND THE GLOBALIST REPUBLICANS OUT!

Washington Post

Republican Senate leaders are considering how to revive immigration legislation and cut a deal with the more hard-line House, a sign of increasing GOP concern that inaction on the emotionally charged issue could hurt the party with voters in November.

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Those who study our national illegal immigration crisis watch with knowing sadness as millions of Americans outraged over our porous borders eventually get to the obvious question: Why has the president of the United States refused to secure American borders?

Perhaps it is part of a larger plan.

Without a vote in Congress, or consent of the American people, our intentionally unsecured borders and our government’s deliberate lack of enforcement of our immigration and employment laws could be an essential step to a much larger goal: a “North American Union.”

While virtually ignored in the mainstream media, the leaders of the nations of North America last year announced a plan to combine the infrastructure, security and ultimately the economies of the three nations. The linchpin of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” is the “free flow” of goods, services … and people.

The un-stated NAFTA-World Trade Organization-based theory is simple: Borders are geopolitical abstractions â?? barriers to increased profit â?? and have become obsolete in the global economy. At present, labor is overpriced in the United States. The middle-class American Dream, while charming, is outdated.

If you like the idea of illegal, taxpayer-subsidized labor from Mexico, you will love the concept involved here: an unending flow of unskilled low-wage workers looking for a better life with no cumbersome immigration laws about which to be concerned.

Including the already signed 2004 “Totalization” agreement, yet to be considered by Congress â?? combining the Social Security systems of Mexico and the United States â?? the Bush administration seems to be following the recommendations of a little noted 2005 publication titled “Building a North American Community,” released by the Council on Foreign Relations, a multinational independent foreign-policy organization.

The CFR report further recommends creation of “permanent tribunals” that could overrule American courts on matters of “unfair trade practices” and “tri-national competition” disputes.

Few could doubt that once put into place, the laws and regulations creating the corporate friendly borderless continent would be enthusiastically enforced.

Supporters of the dissolution of the Founding Fathers sovereign republic have already played the “jingoist” card in an attempt to pre-marginalize those who would dare to object to a multilingual, continental Super State dedicated to low wages and increased markets in which “trade, capital and people flow freely.”

Americans with the temerity to speak up in objection to Mexican customs inspection offices in Kansas City, the “Amero” replacing the dollar and a North American Union by 2010 should prepare for a battery of invectives containing “phobes,” “ists” and “isims.”

The more politically correct may want to practice repeating, “I pledge allegiance to the Continent and to the Commerce for which it stands.”

Suggestions for a possible new flag, anyone?

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The Boston Channel

Fifteen invaders were taken into custody Thursday on the Everett waterfront near a liquefied natural gas terminal.

They were observed walking through the Exxon-Mobil facility toward the LNG terminal without the proper gear or identification. Officials said they also approached the wrong entrance.

“Some of them had on their hardhats and personal protective equipment and some did not, which looked a little odd. Security personnel went to question them. As they approached the fence line near Distrigas, during the questioning some folks did not have identification. You cannot get onto the property without proper identification,” Everett Police Department Chief Steven Mazzie said.

“We don’t think that they were a threat to the area,” Everett Mayor John Hanlon said.

Hanlon said the invaders were apparently trying to get some equipment stored in the LNG terminal to clean up an oil spill that happened at the Exxon-Mobil facility three weeks ago.

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SAN DIEGO â?? U.S. agents arrested 22 suspected illegal immigrants Wednesday who worked for a company that provided services to the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base.

The workers, all Mexican men, were arrested at their homes by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers during an early morning sweep.

Agents were looking for 72 illegal workers employed by Burtech Pipeline, Inc., an Encinitas-based business that had a contract at Camp Pendleton, the base near Oceanside that is home to some 40,000 military personnel, ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said.

Give them a call and tell them they should be ashamed of themselves.

Burtech Pipeline, Inc.
102 Second Street
Encintas, CA 92024
Tel (760) 634-2822
Fax (760) 634-2415
For Sales, Please call:
(760) 634-2822.

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These attacks occured on June 17th at the Paul Revere’s Ride Rally in downtown Los Angeles. I meant to put this up sooner but I’ve been busy and I’m getting behind.

About 10 or so ralliers decided to greet the motorcylists at the start of their ride down Broadway. They walked into a small group of PLP Communists as they were headed towards city hall where the rally was being held. ‘Sonar’ from Save Our State was hit from behind.

    Sonar’s attacker that the police refused to arrest

After ‘Sonar’ was hit, Bob of Save Our State was hit over the head by another Commie. Bob switched on his camera and recorded Don Silva of Save Our State being hit really hard right across the head in THIS VIDEO. Their attacker was arrested but we were unable to determine if charges were brought against him. It’s possible that the man was an illegal alien so they let him go.

    Bob and Don Silva’s attacker

    Arrested, but later set free?

    LINDA BAUGHN - The PLP Ringleader

After the police arrived, the Linda Baughn, PLP Ringleader tried to get the Latino bystanders whipped up into a frenzy, but they thought she was crazy too.

Another blast from the past.

More video from the July 4th, 1996 rally in support of prop. 187 where Americanâ??s were attacked by PLP Communists. I put up THIS VIDEO a few days ago and had the date wrong. I thought it was 1995 but it was ‘96. You’ll notice Linda Baughn, the same vicious, vile, Stalinist pig from the video above was there leading the attack.

PLP Website:

“Communism means abolishing nationalism. One working class, one party, one world. Communism means collectivity. No money. No wages. Communism can be won only through armed struggle by masses of workers, soldiers, students and others, to destroy the dictatorship of the capitalist class and set up communism- dictatorship of the working class.”

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North County Times

LOS ANGELES — Immigrant rights groups have a message for unsympathetic politicians around the country: Change your stand or risk getting voted out of office.

A coalition of unions, Hispanic activists and religious groups is trying to convert the massive street protests of recent months into long-term political power by launching nationwide citizenship and voter registration drives Saturday in at least 19 states.

The effort known as “Democracy Summer” aims to register a million new voters and convince many of the 8 million legal residents in this country to apply for citizenship.

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I haven’t had time to listen to these but here they are:

NPR Audio files

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The Mexican Flag is flying next to the American and California flags at the San Diego County Fair and has been for several weeks.

Please call the fair and ask them to take it down.

Leave a polite message and ask that the Mexican flag be taken down and replaced by the San Diego County flag on the 3rd flag pole.

The phone # to the Del Mar Fair is 858-755-1161, then press 0. The number to the Del Mar City Manager is 858-755-9313.

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Decatur Daily

On Tuesday morning, a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force comprised of Morgan County, Decatur, Huntsville and Madison County officers as well as agents from various federal agencies, executed 23 search warrants in the area. HIDTA is a federal program that provides federal resources to areas with serious drug-trafficking problems.

27 suspects in country illegally

The task force arrested 29 people in Decatur, Hartselle, Huntsville, Madison, Limestone County, Cullman and Crossville, Martin said, and 27 of those were in the country illegally.

Martin said Salomon’s alleged organization brought drugs into the U.S. from Mexico through the Texas border. Martin said the drug-trafficking organization used the interstate system to bring the drugs to North Alabama and then get the drugs to dealers.

Martin said during the two-year investigation and Tuesday’s drug busts, investigators seized hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine/ICE, tons of marijuana and many kilograms of cocaine.

Greg Borland, assistant special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said that during Tuesday’s busts, investigators also seized ingredients used to make meth, such as a veterinary supplement. They also seized a sawed-off shotgun, two semi-automatic pistols, a rifle and 13 other firearms, along with an undetermined amount of cash.

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A Spanish news agency apologized for a report that described a Republican gubernatorial candidate’s proposed work program for illegal immigrants as “concentration camps.”

The story last week caused an international stir when EFE, a national news agency of Spain, quoted candidate Don Goldwater as saying he wanted to hold undocumented immigrants in camps to use them “as labor in the construction of a wall and to clean the areas of the Arizona desert that they’re polluting.”

EFE Executive Vice President Emillio Sanchez said a freelance writer for the news agency inaccurately described Goldwater’s plan.

“Upon further reflection, our investigation has determined that your plan to house illegal prisoners in a tent city is consistent with accepted practices for nonviolent American prisoners in your area,” Sanchez said in the letter released Tuesday by Goldwater’s campaign.

The letter also acknowledged that the freelance reporter never interviewed Goldwater or any of his staff for the story.

Sanchez confirmed the letter’s contents when contacted by The Associated Press by phone on Tuesday.

Goldwater, nephew of the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, said he accepted EFE’s apology and hopes that several Republican members of Arizona’s congressional delegation also will apologize for criticizing him following the report.

Goldwater is one of four Republicans seeking his party’s nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano.

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The Mexican drifter known as the â??Railroad Killerâ? was executed for the slaying of physician Claudia Benton 7½ years ago. She was killed during a deadly spree in 1998 and 1999 that earned Resendiz a spot on the FBIâ??s Most Wanted list as authorities searched for a murderer who slipped across the U.S. border and roamed the country by freight train.

Benton was stabbed with a kitchen knife, bludgeoned with a 2-foot bronze statue and raped in 1998 in her Houston home, just down the street from a railroad track.

The court also rejected an appeal by the Houston-based consul general of Mexico questioning the Mexican nationalâ??s competency and challenging the constitutionality of the lethal injection process as cruel and unusual punishment. Capital punishment is not allowed in Mexico.

â??We do look after the rights of Mexican nationals,â? Consul General Carlos Gonzalez said. â??We watch to make sure the law is applied fairly to a Mexican national.â?

Mexicoâ??s Foreign Relations Department protested the execution.

The train-hopping serial killer linked to at least 15 murders near railroad tracks around the country said â??I deserve what I am gettingâ? before he was executed Tuesday night.

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North County Times

Beyond the beauty of the rainbow-colored fields, among the canyon shrub, lies a problem that the city of Carlsbad has thus far been unable to resolve. The shade of low vegetation and trees is home to dozens, at times hundreds, of workers employed in local restaurants, construction sites and agriculture.

Many of the workers are illegal immigrants from Mexico coming to earn money to send home to their families. Most are priced out of North County’s expensive rental market and are not eligible for government-funded shelters.

For years, the city’s answer to illegal migrant camps has been to evict the workers and clean up their plastic tarp and cardboard shanties. At times, the evictions have come suspiciously near the end of the harvest season, prompting some advocates to cry foul.

The latest eviction notice expired last week. City officials said the latest round of evictions was prompted by complaints from local residents who hike the trails near the lagoon.

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The San Diego Minutemen are directly responsible for this new ordinance! Their activism was enthusiastically supported by the property owners. The parking lot of this shopping center was polluted by hundreds of unemployed illegal aliens every day.

    Vista Day Labor Site - A History Lesson

    - shot by ‘Sonar’

Jeff of the SDMM says - -

If you didn’t hear yet, the Vista City Council voted 5-0 to pass the ordinance requiring a city permit to hire DLs. This should greatly reduce or eliminate DLS hiringâ??s in Vista. The new rules take effect July 28.

The protest by illegal alien activist Tina Jillings was a flop. Apparently she was only able to round up about 50 illegals to march from the DLS to the city hall about 1 mile away after promising a one mile human chain. On top of that, they arrived to city hall long after the 5:30 CC meeting start time. Our rally that began at 4pm was a huge success! Over 50 patriots total waved flags and signs in front of city hall and got a huge thumbs up reaction from the rush hour traffic driving by. We were pleasantly surprised. Not one gang vehicle drove by us - may have had something to do with the hundreds of police officers in the area to make sure no riots were kicked up by the Hispanic gangs.

We must have struck a nerve with all this as Enrique Morones drove all the way up from San Diego to speak at the meeting and spew his racism and hatred at the Minutemen and Americans in general. His rhetoric is so tired. Let’s hope the new mex. President fires him next week after he takes office.

Vista today and lately is starting to look like a normal city again, with law and order and harmony in the streets. Guess all those recent ICE sweeps have had a large effect along with citizens standing up and saying no to illegal aliens ruining their city. Americans honked their horns in support of us and many went home and grabbed American flags to join us or drive by us again proudly. After the violent riots on May 1st, who’d have thunk it could happen? Hopefully it stays this way for a long time.

Thanks to everyone who came in to support this new law. Special thanks to Jim & Angie, Gayle, Penny, and Arne. Angie’s speech was most moving as usual. We made a very strong and loud statement today! Letâ??s encourage other cities to enact similar laws to end loitering, unemployed men hanging around shopping centers and other public areas.

We are winning and we’ll keep fighting till we get our country back!

North County Times

VISTA — While congregating in and around City Hall on Tuesday, demonstrators on both sides of the national illegal immigration debate said that the Vista City Council’s unanimous approval of an ordinance to regulate the hiring of day laborers could have broad implications.

The ordinance, which takes effect July 28, will require those who hire off-site day laborers to register with the city, display a certificate in their car windows, and present written terms of employment to workers. Critics have called it a transparent attempt to eliminate hiring sites for day laborers.

“You’re putting Vista in the eye of the storm,” resident Dick Eiden cautioned the council before the vote. “A big national storm.”

But several opponents of illegal immigration asked the council to set an example for other cities and approve the ordinance.

“We need to take care of our own people, our own citizens,” said Anthony Porrello of San Diego.

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