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Lou Dobbs: Report From Morristown, NJ’s Anti Illegal Rally And Counter Protest

“Stop racist deportation, working people have no nation.”That is what the open borders lunatics were chanting at the counter protest in Morristown. Lou picks up on that chant. Once again, clear proof these anti American, Americans and their illegal alien buddies want a one world order. They must be stopped at all cost. But I […]

Legal Immigration?The Bigger Problem

Legal Immigration?The Bigger Problem
July 31, 2007
Everyone is against illegal immigration (they say). Problem: legal immigration is actually the bigger problem.
How many legal immigrants enter the U.S. each year? Let me count the ways they come in! (With apologies to the poet.)
The 1990 immigration law “capped” legal immigration at 700,000 persons a year. […]

Democrat Calls For Ramos and Compean Commutation

OC Register
WASHINGTON A Democratic subcommittee chairman Tuesday added his voice to the calls of Republican lawmakers that President Bush commute the sentences of two former border patrol agents convicted for shooting a fleeing drug dealer at the Mexican border.
Rep. Bill Delahunt, D-Mass., held a hearing before his subcommittee on international organizations, human rights and oversight. […]

Kurdish Gangs Emerge in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A proud enclave of Kurds has lived in this city for decades, starting businesses and soccer leagues, holding down good jobs and blending into the immigrant neighborhoods south of town.
But now the Kurdish immigrant community has been shaken to see its young people joining a street gang that blends old-world customs […]

Illegal Grandma Sells Heroin With Anchor Baby Lookouts
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A 39-year-old grandmother accused of selling heroin on the streets of a Los Angeles suburb with her 11-year-old granddaughter as a lookout has been arrested on drug and child endangerment charges, police said on Tuesday.
Undercover officers watched for two weeks as Martha Gutierrez Novas sold heroin at a bus stop in […]

Is America Ready For Ron Paul?

American Chronicle
Civilizations have come and gone throughout history. What Rome took with the sword, Corporations now take with a pen, a huge bankroll, influence of corrupt politicians and the might of the United States Military Machine. The elite corporations of our world move jobs, people, equipment and merchandise across borders with their only loyalty to […]

Feds Won’t Prosecute Smugglers With Less Than 500 lbs Of Marijuana
If you’re caught with as little as two pounds of marijuana, you’re going to jail for up to seven years. But the rules don’t apply if you’re part of a drug cartel, muling in hundreds of pounds from Mexico.
The ABC15 Investigators discover that our federal government has actually set “weight limits.” If […]

Bogus Student Visas Used As Ticket Into Canada
VANCOUVER - There are so many people in B.C. scamming Canada’s foreign student-visa program - from bogus students to shady schools - that authorities can only investigate about five per cent of the cases, according to an internal government report obtained by CanWest News Service.
“It is impossible to actively pursue all the cases … with […]

Racist Pig Enrique Morones Threatens To Vandalize Pete Wilson Statue

NBC San Diego
SAN DIEGO — Immigrant rights activists (Actually, just one loud mouth brown supremacist) are lashing out at plans to put a statue of former Gov. Pete Wilson in downtown San Diego, calling Wilson ?the founder of the pro-racist movement? for his support of Proposition 187 in 1994.
“Pete Wilson, to us and to many, […]



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