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Smuggling Of Cubans Surges In Mexico

Watch this trend because it will only increase. Cubans in Florida have lots of cash to pay human smugglers to take friends and family from Cuba to Mexico. Once there they travel to the border and cross over in the USA. This is a much easier route due to increased patrolling by the US in […]

Unemployed Illegal Aliens Beg On Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON — Unemployed illegal aliens from Virginia, Maryland and around the country converged on Capitol Hill Thursday, calling for a national moratorium on immigration raids.
Every day, 117,000 unemployed illegal aliens nationwide stand outside day labor sites or along busy thoroughfares awaiting work. It’s caused a political clash in Herndon, Va., since the […]
A Mexican guerrilla group that took responsibility for attacks on the state oil company last month said it bombed a Sears store yesterday in southern Mexico, a chain owned by billionaire Carlos Slim.
The bomb that exploded in the Sears Roebuck de Mexico store in the city of Oaxaca caused no injuries, according to local police. […]

The Pete Wilson Statue Dedication, Saturday, August 25th. Be There!

A reminder to those in the San Diego Area. A week from today, on Saturday August 25, the Pete Wilson statue will be unveiled at Horton Plaza. Be there if you can.

Date: Saturday August 25th,
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Place: Horton Plaza, Downtown San Diego.
Click here for map
The great Pete Wilson will be present to celebrate the unveiling […]

Mexico’s Job-Creation Problem

Mexico’s Job-Creation Problem
Wall Street Journal
August 3, 2007

Why do so many Mexicans leave their families, friends and homes to make the arduous journey to the United States?
It’s a central question to the immigration debate and is essential for setting workable policies. But it’s also a question that has rarely been asked.
After looking at the numbers, what […]

Bridge Collapse: Univision Only Cares About Hispanic Victims

It turns out that a Mexican illegal alien was crossing the bridge at the time of the collapse. Why am I not surprised. This of course is Univision’s big concern. Let the Americans of other ethnicities drown. They want to know about that Mexican and his family. Actually, I guess […]

California Hospitals Are Losing $750 Million A Year

Hanford Sentinel
California hospitals are losing $750 million a year, authorities say, to undocumented immigrants that take advantage of a federal government policy that requires treatment in emergency rooms, regardless of whether or not a patient can pay for the services.
Kings County Department of Public Health Director Perry Rickard said that the situation is “spinning wildly […]

An attempted assault with a rock and a homemade spear was made against Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector who were trying to apprehend 15 illegal immigrants.
Around 5 a.m. today, agents in the Boat Patrol Unit were assisting agents along the Colorado River in capturing the group, and as they closed in, the group […]

AZ Treasurer Says Prop. 300 Is Working

Prop. 300 denying college aid, child care
AZ Central
Nearly 5,000 people in Arizona have been denied in-state college tuition, financial aid and adult education classes this year under a new state law banning undocumented immigrants from receiving those state-funded services.
The figures are spelled out in a new Joint Legislative Budget Committee report and give the first […]


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