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Latino Comedy Project Videos

These are all really funny (and a little scary).
Mexican “300″

Mex Vs. BC (Born Citizen) Pt. 1: “Travel”



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Spanish Newspaper Declares “Anti-Immigrants” Have Won

This editorial from a Denver Spanish newspaper was translated for us by Jigsaw.

De Hecho
The attack on the undocumented community is flagrant
According to the report of Maribel Hastings, correspondent in Washington D.C. of the daily, The Opinion of Los Angeles, in the first 6 months of 2007, anti-immigrant laws and regulations presented to the legislature for […]

Search On For Mexican Meat Cleaver Migrant

New Jersey is a sanctuary state home to roughly 500,000 illegal aliens. Officials are still looking for the other three suspects in the murders of the three black college students in Newark. Now they have to search for this invader too.

The suspect in an attempted murder who assaulted a man with a meat […]

The Tidal Wave Of Angry Hispanic Voters Failed To Materialize Once Again

Steve Sailer
After the giant illegal alien marches in the spring of 2006, the mainstream media confidently predicted that Hispanics would turn out in vast numbers at the polls last November. Well, the Census Bureau’s gold-standard estimate of the Hispanic share of the vote in the last election (based on its survey of 153,000 respondents) is […]

Michelle Malkin Talks About Criminal Illegal Alien Jose Carranza

Michelle Malkin Subs For Bill O’Reilly
August 10, 2007

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Pilot Program Using Prisoners To Replace “Migrants” Called A Success, May Expand.

Inmate Misty Williams works in front of a row of fellow inmates who are part of the pilot inmate labor program designed to provide workers for farmers experiencing a labor shortage.

DOC’s inmate program gearing up for the harvest
DOC chief anticipates going statewide with long-term inmate farmworker program.
The Pueblo Chieftain
August 12, 2007
To Steve Smith, agri-business […]

Sneaking Into Hong Kong To Give Birth

So this is happening in Hong Kong but the “experts” tell us it’s not an incentive for “immigrants” to come to the United States. Yea right!! GuardDog
Sneaking into Hong Kong to give birth
China’s mainlanders hide under billowy blouses to avoid a pregnancy fee to enter Hong Kong. The prize? Better care and a passport for […]

Lou Dobbs: Seven Illegal Immigration Stories

1. Illegal Alien charged with executions of 3 American Kids.
2. New Jersey taking hit for “Sanctuary City” policies.
3. Bush moves to enforce EXISTING immigration laws. Some aren’t buying it because there is no money behind it.
4. Terry Funderburk story. MUST SEE!
5. Illegal competition from ILLEGAL aliens
6. AZ Shuttle company indicted.
7. Mexican prez meddles again.
Seven Illegal […]

A Day In The Life Of Elvira Arellano


A day in the life of a woman living in sanctuary
Chicago Daily Herald
August 11, 2007
……….If Arellano stays, her days will be long and confined, as a recent visit with her by the Daily Herald shows. Here’s a glimpse at the daily reality of a life in sanctuary:
8:30: Arellano wakes to an empty room. Now […]



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