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Family Burns Alive In Car Struck By Illegal Scum Bag

Garcia, 39, said he pulled onto the shoulder and tried to help Tenisha Williams out of the fiery car. “She kept saying ‘Help me’ and I would say, ‘Ma’m I’m trying to,’ ” Garcia said. He sent his son to collect fire extinguishers from trucks that had pulled over and, along with seven others, tried […]

Police Harass Americans Protesting St. Lukes Sanctuary Church In Long Beach

St. Luke’s is one of the lawbreaking “New Sanctuary Movement” churches that harbors illegal aliens.

New Sanctuary Movement web site.
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church website.

Liliana holds her youngest anchor baby while her husband holds a poster created by the brown supremacy hate group

On Sunday, August 12, 2007 a group of American citizens protested the church […]

U.S. Agents Accused Of Aiding Islamist Scheme

Washington Times
A criminal investigations report says several U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees are accused of aiding Islamic extremists with identification fraud and of exploiting the visa system for personal gain.
The confidential 2006 USCIS report said that despite the severity of the potential security breaches, most are not investigated “due to lack of resources” in […]

Chertoff Whines About Enforcing Immigration Laws

The Skull and his Master
EL PASO, Texas, Aug. 14 (UPI) — U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he hopes Congress will soon revisit immigration reform for economic reasons.
Chertoff told a border-security conference in El Paso, Texas, that his department was now faced with having to enforce immigration laws that not only pull resources […]

Thousands Of Central American Migrants Stuck In Mexico

A bridge is washed out and a train that usually travels north to the US border carrying thousands of Central American migrants is no more. But someone forgot to tell the migrants the train is not coming. They interview a pregnant woman who no doubt was planning on giving birth in the USA to give […]

Elvira’s Leaving The Church To Go To Washington

Watch Video

Chicago Tribune
The woman who has become an international symbol for the struggles of illegal immigrant parents says she plans to venture beyond the well-worn walls of the church on Chicago’s West Side for the first time since taking refuge to avoid deportation and separation from her son, who is a U.S. citizen.
Arellano planned to […]

Election Fraud - Ron Paul Won Iowa Straw Poll

Official Exit Poll Results — Iowa Straw Poll
Ron Paul______37.01%
M Huckabee___20.85%
T Tancredo____16.72%
Mitt Romney___10.03%
S Brownback___06.91%
T Thompson____04.35%
D Hunter_______01.34%
F Thompson____00.89%
Rudy Giuliani___00.67%
John McCain____00.56%
John Cox_______00.45%
Ron Paul actually won the Iowa Straw Poll by a large margin. They used Diebold machines to count the votes. Election fraud must be stopped.
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