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Save Our State had a very interesting protest today in Lynwood, CA. Vicente Fox, and the Mexican PAN political party were meeting at a large restaurant with other Mexican elites to strategize ways of getting Mexican nationals living in the USA to vote in Mexican elections.

It was a rather last minute protest but we had 50 patriots show up. We lined up on one side of the entrance to the Plaza Mexico, which is a large Mexican shopping center. Mexicans from the opposing PRD political party lined up to protest the PAN political party on the opposite side.

They were very nice people and I did a great interview with their group leader which I will post as soon as I can. Basically, they were unhappy that Vincente Fox and PAN had come here to try to get them to vote for them because the policies of Fox are what forced them to illegally migrate here in the first place. They want the PRD to gain power and improve Mexico so they can return to their homeland.

So the protest went very well for a few hours but then some local goons showed up and started causing trouble. They stood on the PRD side and shouted at us and the Mexican PRD people told them to shut up, but you can’t talk sense to a goon, so they carried on. Pretty soon the PRD folks packed up and left and that would’ve been a good time for us to leave too, but we stayed.

It was us against the goons and the police were of no help whatsoever. They stood around with their thumbs up their asses when gang members arrived and there was a huge shouting match on the sidewalk. We were surrounded by an angry mob. People were talking about how we were going to get out of there, and I waited around to leave with others, but eventually I said the hell with it, they were taking too long. My car was just down the end of the sidewalk, so I left.

I read on the Save Our State forum [here] and the ALIPAC forum [here] that a few members of our group were hit with rocks and one woman was punched.


Here are my photos before things got ugly.


Me with PRD members disguised
as Fox and Calderon.

This is how we looked from
the PRD side of the entrance.

Patriots greet Mexican
PRD members.

This guy brought a rat trap
to catch Vicente Fox the rat!

Nice lady denouncing
the PAN political party.

Click here for a few more photos.

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Let’s see, separate languages, economic disparities, geographic differences, political failure, and lack of leadership are causing many in Belgium to question whether the country should stay as one or split apart along ethnic boundary lines. There is something foreboding about what is going on here. GuardDog

Pro-Belgium supporters show the Belgian national flag and a text that reads in the country’s three official languages Dutch, French and German : ‘Three languages, one soul, one Belgium’, Brussels, Thursday.

Is Belgium Breaking Up?
Yahoo News
Pat Buchanan
September 28, 2007

All politics are local, said “Tip” O’Neill.

Not so. It is more true to say that all politics are tribal.

For the 1991 prediction of Arthur Schlesinger â?? “Ethnic and racial conflict, it now seems evident, will soon replace the conflict of ideologies as the explosive issue of our time” â?? has proven prophetic.

Flemish separatists hold posters demanding an end to Belgium outside the Flemish parliament.

As Schlesinger was writing, the Soviet Union, a prison house of nations held together by the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, the Red Army, the KGB and the Communist Party, was disintegrating. Out of its carcass came 15 nations. Causes of secession: ethnicity and culture.

At the same time, Yugoslavia crumbled. Slovenes and Croats broke free of Belgrade, and Bosnia was beset by a civil-sectarian war of Croats, Serbs and Muslims. Macedonia seceded, then Montenegro. Now Kosovo, cradle of the Orthodox Serb people, but 90 percent Albanian and Muslim, is moving toward secession.

Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union came apart, after becoming free, confirming what my late friend Sam Francis said: Multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual countries are held together either by an authoritarian regime or an ethnocultural core â?? as the English have held the United Kingdom together â?? or they come apart.

Talk of a Belgian divorce is leading many Brussels’ residents these days to display Belgium’s black-yellow-red flag on apartment balconies, a rare sight in a nation with no history of flag-waving.

Today we see agitation for secession by Scottish nationalists who wish to follow the Irish nationalists of the early 20th century out of the United Kingdom. Which bring us to the point of this column.

Belgium, created by the European powers in 1831, is the likely next nation in Europe to break up â?? into a Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, tied to Holland by language and culture, and a Francophone south, Wallonia, tied to France by language and culture.

What puts the breakup of Belgium on the front burner is that this nation of 10 million has been without a government for three months. In June, Yves Leterme, the leader of the Flemish Christian Democrats, won the general election, but was blocked from forming a government by Wallonia, which fears Leterme is a closet nationalist bent on secession.

Belgium is also divided economically and politically. Flanders is wealthy, conservative, capitalist. Wallonia is poor, socialist, statist. As the Flemish 60 percent of the population generates 70 percent of GDP and 80 percent of all exports, it is weary of seeing its taxes â?? the top rate is 50 percent â?? going to sustain a socialist Wallonia where unemployment is 15 percent. By one poll, 43 percent of Flemish wish to quit Belgium and go their own way.

What enables Wallonia to block formation of a government is a parliamentary system where Flanders and Wallonia must each assent to any government. Which means that half of the Walloons, 20 percent of Belgium’s population, holds veto power over a national government.

Not only is the parliamentary situation becoming intolerable to Flanders, there is rage over the recent socialist government’s having brought in French-speaking North Africans to give Walloons control of Brussels, which, though in Flanders, has a French-speaking majority.

Heightening the tensions, on Sept. 11, a demonstration was held in Brussels to protest “the Islamization of Europe,” featuring a moment of silence for the victims of 9-11. There, as Washington Times columnist Diana West describes the videotape, “we see black-clad Belgian policemen brutalizing a man in a light-colored suit and tie. His hands are cuffed behind his back, his right elbow is clasped in what is known as an arm-bar hold, and he is being subjected to a genital hold â?? a vicious grip that, a retired cop friend of mine tells me, would get any American policeman thrown off the force.”

The victim of this police brutality was Frank Vanhecke, president of the Flemish secessionist party Vlams Belang and a member of the European Parliament. Also arrested and beaten was Filip Dewinter, the leading politician of Vlams Belang, which is Belgium’s largest opposition party. This is like having Mitch McConnell beaten up and arrested at a rally on the Washington Mall to protest illegal immigration.

Seemingly condoning what was done to the Vlams Belang leaders, Terry Davis, the secretary general of the Council of Europe, issued a statement declaring, “The freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are indeed preconditions for democracy, but they should not be regarded as a license to offend.”

Are offensive ideas and speech now verboten in the European Union?

While European and U.S. leftists regard Dewinter, Vanhecke and Vlams Belang as crypto-fascist, as West writes, it was the police conduct that might better be described as “The New Face of Fascism” in Europe. Moreover, West and I have met both men, and neither was wearing jackboots. What they seek is what many Americans seek: the preservation of their country and their unique national identity.

If a party of small-government immigration reformers and defenders of Europe’s unique culture, heritage and identity can be subjected to such treatment by Belgian police and Europe’s elite, we have to ask: Just how democratic is this new European Union, when its own ideology of multiculturalism is challenged by the people in whose name it presumes to speak?

Has the European Union become an enemy of the people it rules?


‘Belgium? Something that does not exist’ Political fault lines divide nation
UK Guardian
September 17, 2007

Willy the florist has had enough of his kingdom. He is an unwilling subject of an unloved country. A middle-class father of 12-year-old twins running a thriving flower business in this small Dutch-speaking town on the eastern fringe of Brussels, Willy is reduced to obscene gesturing by the very mention of his country.

“Belgium?” he splutters. “That’s something that doesn’t exist. The national anthem? Nobody knows it. Nobody can sing it. The king? A parvenu. A dysfunctional family. We’re not going to take it any more.”

Article continues
Willy is Flemish and proud of it. His native language is Dutch but like many Belgians he also speaks French and English. When he goes into Brussels on business, he complains, they call him a racist if he speaks in his own tongue.

He says French-speaking nurses wouldn’t help his Dutch-speaking boy in hospital recently. And his comatose 80-year-old neighbour who was rushed to hospital? Same story. His wife didn’t speak French and the doctors wouldn’t speak Dutch. And if Willy - “don’t use my full name, I’ve got a business to run here” - needs to go to court, that too will be in Brussels and the judges will speak French.

“The Flemish have shut up for too long. But now it’s come to the point where we’re not stupid any more. This country’s sick. It’s dying. Not right away. But it’s terminal. Little by little, it’s over. We will separate in the end.”……….

To read entire article click here.

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Earlier this month we came across a YouTube video of a Communist ethnic separatist, spewing Mexican Reconquista, anti-American rhetoric to a group of UCLA students. He identified himself as a teacher and everyone wanted to know his name and where he taught.

Well now we know, thanks to the fine work of JIGSAW of Save Our State. JIGSAW is Hispanic and he does a great job recording the Spanish media and translating for us. Here is JIGSAW’s YouTube page.

The Reconquista insurgent’s name is Ron Gochez of the racist organization Ron Gochez is a teacher at the Santee Education Complex (Website N/A). The Santee Education Complex is part of the Association of Raza Educators.

Ron Gochez
Phone: (323) 450-6113

Address: 1921 S MAPLE AVE
Telephone: 213-763-1000
Fax: 213-742-9883

In this new video, he tells Telemundo that people should go to the streets after immigration raids in order to fight back. It sounds like he’s trying to incite a riot.

Take To The Streets

“Where we stand, is stolen, occupied, Mexico.”

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His immigration status isn’t listed, but he was a day laborer and I heard in early radio reports that he spoke Spanish and broken English. I think it’s safe to assume he’s an illegal alien.

LA Times

Police on Friday arrested a 17-year-old suspected of sexually assaulting a Santa Monica woman when she discovered him burglarizing her home.

Police said they believed the victim was targeted after hiring day laborers to work at her home.

The woman arrived home in the 1100 block of Princeton Street about 10 p.m. Thursday and found an intruder inside. He tied her up and sexually assaulted her, Santa Monica Police Officer Mike Solis said. The attacker left the home about 2:10 a.m., Solis said, with the victim’s bank cards and her tan 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 500. The woman freed herself and called police. She was in stable condition Friday, Solis said.

The suspect was stopped in Oxnard while driving the victim’s car Friday afternoon, said Santa Monica Police Lt. Alex Padilla. Padilla said evidence linking the driver to the assault was recovered from the car.

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New Test Asks: What Does â??Americanâ?? Mean?
New York Times
September 28, 2007

Patrick Henry and Francis Scott Key are out, but Susan B. Anthony and Nancy Pelosi are in. The White House was cut, but New York and Sept. 11 made the list.

Federal immigration authorities yesterday unveiled 100 new questions immigrants will have to study to pass a civics test to become naturalized American citizens.

The redesign of the test, the first since it was created in 1986 as a standardized examination, follows years of criticism in which conservatives said the test was too easy and immigrant advocates said it was too hard.

The new questions did little to quell that debate among many immigrant groups, who complained that the citizenship test would become even more daunting. Conservatives seemed to be more satisfied.

Bush administration officials said the new test was part of their effort to move forward on the hotly disputed issue of immigration by focusing on the assimilation of legal immigrants who have played by the rules, leaving aside the situation of some 12 million illegal immigrants here.

Several historians said the new questions successfully incorporated more ideas about the workings of American democracy and better touched upon the diversity of the groups â?? including women, American Indians and African-Americans â?? who have influenced the countryâ??s history……

To read entire article click here.

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BORDER PATROL: Agent Jeremy Schappell stands on a rock promontory overlooking the new border fence that runs along the Barry M. Goldwater Range boundary with Mexico. More than 30 miles of the 12-foot barrier across the Yuma Desert are meant to keep out illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

Border fence nearly doubles
LA Times
September 29, 2007

SAN LUIS, Ariz. â?? The federal government’s border fencing effort has accelerated rapidly in recent weeks with barriers rising in towns from California to New Mexico and workers completing the longest stretch of continuous fencing on the U.S.-Mexico frontier.

The Department of Homeland Security reached its goal of completing 70 miles of new fencing by the end of this month, nearly doubling the length of barriers on the border to about 145 miles.

“When we make a commitment, we will carry through on the commitment,” said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who went to Arizona on Friday to mark the progress and welded part of the fence in the town of Douglas.

Whether the new fencing slows illegal immigration remains to be seen, but the project is a milestone in another way. Once limited mainly to cities, fencing along the 1,952-mile border is now going up in rural areas, where much of the illegal immigration traffic has shifted in recent years.

Fleets of tractor-trailers loaded with fence posts and steel tubing have been crossing remote highways and deserts. Crews of National Guard troops spend hours welding raw materials under tarps. In some areas, contractors are installing the barriers at a pace of about half a mile per day.

A line of towering steel now slices for about 32 miles through a sea of sand from San Luis to the Tinajas Altas mountains. The fence, built to prevent incursions on the Barry M. Goldwater Range, is now the longest on the border, more than twice as long as the 14-mile fence separating San Diego from Tijuana.

“This is going to be a rude awakening for the crowds [of immigrants] that come in the fall,” said Welby Redwine, a Boeing Co. engineer overseeing work in a canyon crisscrossed by smuggling trails in the Tinajas Altas mountains, 40 miles from the nearest town. “When they see it they’re going to say, ‘Wow, what happened?’ ”

In the vast Altar Valley, where hundreds of immigrants have died of dehydration over the years trying to reach Tucson 70 miles away, a 15-foot-high steel-tube fence is rising. Authorities hope the fence can slow the busiest illegal immigration corridor in the country, where more than 1 million people have crossed in recent years.

In Calexico, Calif., the same style of fencing will block a 7-mile stretch where smugglers have had easy access to launch boats across the All American Canal into California.

Other fencing has been built in the Arizona border towns of Naco and Douglas, and in Columbus, N.M.

And the government plans to break ground in coming months on new projects from California to Texas……

To read entire article click here.


Fence on Goldwater Bombing Range

Where’s the Fence? In the Wrong Place
Most of New Pedestrian Fence Not Needed
American Patrol Report

Chertoff Plays Games
According to press reports, Secretary Chertoff claims to have completed 70 miles of new pedestrian fencing along the border in California, Arizona and New Mexico. This claim is disputed by American Border Patrol who reports that only about 55 miles of new fencing has been completed and of that, 33 miles is in a part of the desert that is nearly impassible on foot. “We have documented hundreds of tire tracks leading from Mexico into the Goldwater Bombing Range, but no one in his right mind would try to walk across that stretch of desert,” said Glenn Spencer of ABP. Temperatures in this part of the desert often reach 115 degrees F. ABP will issue a detailed report of its border survey next week.

Where Is The Fence?
Lou Dobbs

Comments 13 Comments » ‘Mistake’ Costs Illegal Immigrant $59,000
September 27, 2007

The article “Mistake Costs Dishwasher $59,000″ details the trials and tribulations of Pedro Zapeta, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. The article explains that:

Two years ago, Zapeta was ready to return to Guatemala, so he carried a duffel bag filled with $59,000 — all the cash he had scrimped and saved over the years — to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

So an illegal immigrant (who, by the way, doesn’t speak English) tries to leave the country on an airplane with $59,000 cash stuffed in a duffel bag. How could this plan go wrong?

The article goes on to paint Zapeta in the most sympathetic light possible, pointing out that Zapeta, “lived his version of the American dream in Stuart, Florida: washing dishes and living frugally to bring money back to his home country.” The article claimed that Zapeta had worked in this country for 11 years.

But as Zapeta was leaving the country, a customs official discovered the cash.

Zapeta … said he didn’t know he was running afoul of U.S. law by failing to declare he was carrying more than $10,000 with him. Anyone entering or leaving the country with more than $10,000 has to fill out a one-page form declaring the money to U.S. customs.

Customs officials seized the money, and the remainder of the article details Zapeta’s legal struggle to recover his money (not to mention stay in the country). Although he “admits he never paid taxes,” the article cites Zapeta’s statement that “[t]hey are treating me like a criminal when all I am is a working man.” Zapeta later states, “I am desperate. I no longer feel good about this country.” predictably does not point out the irony that Zapeta actually is a criminal - and wasn’t supposed to be in this country in the first place.

For good measure, a sympathetic immigration attorney bemoans: “When you are poor, uneducated and illegal, your avenues are cut.” identifies Zapeta’s “mistake” as being his failure to fill out the proper customs form. The sentiment of the article was that if Zapeta had only filled out the proper one-page form, he would be home free with his $59,000.

At the outset, it is implausible to consider (as the article implies) that customs officials would have approved an illegal alien’s request to exit the country with $59,000 cash in a duffel bag.

But setting that aside, it is an insult to all law-abiding Americans to frame Zapeta’s “mistake” as being his failure to successfully flee the country with his ill-gotten, untaxed cash. Zapeta’s “mistake” was entering this country illegally in the first place. Zapeta compounded his error by failing to pay income taxes - which over 11 years would likely comprise a significant portion of the $59,000. Wouldn’t we all like to keep 100% of our earnings for the next 11 years?

The article further does not reference the “mistake” made by Zapeta’s employer, who presumably paid Zapeta under-the-table and gained a competitive advantage over other businesses who played by the rules. The article also completely ignores the point that aggressive prosecutions of these cases act as a deterrent to others who would seek to illegally enter this country.

But these issues don’t stand in the way of’s weeping sympathy for the poor, uneducated, frugal dishwasher from Guatemala who made the “mistake” of getting caught.

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New York Governor Eliot Spitzerâ??Latest Toast Of The Treason Lobby
September 28, 2007

Move over, Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Make room for New York Governor Eliot Spitzerâ??the newest and scummiest dirtbag on the Treason Lobby block.

Being selected as the worst villain in the Immigration Wars is no small accomplishment. The competition is fierce. But because of Spitzerâ??s recent announcement that illegal aliens in New York will qualify for driverâ??s licenses, the award may be retired in his name forever.

How could anyone top Spitzerâ??s irresponsible and treasonous action? [e-mail Spitzer here]

Ironically, Spitzerâ??s two-term period from 1998-2006 serving as New Yorkâ??s Attorney General included 9/11. His office was a short three-block walk from the Twin Towers.

Spitzer understands as well as anyone that terrorists in 1993 and 2001 used driverâ??s licensesâ??the national de facto identification cardâ??to rent trucks and board planes that murdered 3,000 Americans.

But, despite knowing exactly what driverâ??s licenses in the hands of the terrorists like Mohammad Atta will mean, Spitzer announced that all 500,000 aliens in New York would have access to licenses regardless of their immigration status.

Under Spitzerâ??s new rules, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles will accept a current foreign passport as proof of identity. No visa or other evidence of legal immigration status is required.

Spitzerâ??s new policy does not need legislative approvalâ??he acted by decree.

Idiotically calling driverâ??s licenses for aliens “a common sense change” and absurdly claiming that his new guideline will bring people “out of the shadows,” Spitzer exposed himself as a fool without regard for public safety.

As reported by the New York Times, Peter Gadiel, president of 9/11 Families for a Secure America and VDARE.COM contributor, issued this statement in anticipation of Spitzerâ??s announcement:

“Governor Spitzer will demonstrate abject stupidity and breathtaking disregard for the victims of 9/11 if he hands these powerful IDâ??s to people who sneak across our borders. Terrorists here illegally used licenses to kill my son and thousands of others in the World Trade Center; if they do it again using New York licenses issued by this governor, the blood of the victims will be on Mr. Spitzerâ??s hands.”

Times reporter Nina Bernstein wrote that Spitzer seemed “taken aback” at Gadielâ??s message and said that it was “way beyond” the tone permissible in public discourse.

And, adding insult to Gadielâ??s and the other 9/11 familiesâ?? injuries, Spitzer brazenly responded that people canâ??t ignore the “the reality of illegal immigration.” [Spitzer Grants Illegal Immigrants Easier Access to Driverâ??s Licenses, By Nina Bernstein, New York Times, September 22, 2007].

Is anybody better acquainted than Gadiel with “the reality of illegal immigration”?

As attorney general, Spitzer made his mark with his high-profile prosecution of Merrill Lynch and other Wall Street firms for stock manipulation and fraud.

Would that he were only half so vigorous in his pursuit of illegal immigrants.

Spitzerâ??s grandparents legally emigrated to the U.S. from Austria and were processed at Ellis Island. As a young man, Spitzer was raised in the affluent New York suburb of Riverdale and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, thanks in large part to the real estate fortune his father amassed.

Despite a background that should reflect appreciation for legal immigration and the rule of law, Spitzer is now the symbol of the madness that is at the core of illegal alien pandering.

To learn a sane New York lawyerâ??s take on Spitzer and to see how many codes his unilateral action may breach, I contacted lawyer Frederick C. Kelly who practices in upstate New York.

Hereâ??s what Kelly told me:

“Governorâ??s Spitzerâ??s new executive order is but another demonstration of how hollow the remembrance of 9-11 remains among our elites, even when they are elites from New York.

“After all the talk of marking the day or remembering the dead, we nevertheless find that that the honor, safety and integrity of America all take back seats to politically-correct politicians eager to appease and serve illegal aliens, who are various and many.

“I was taught that respect for the law should be at the very heart of every lawyerâ??s calling. We all know that we can never counsel a client to break the law, much less aid a client in his violation.

â??Yet in a sense that is precisely what Governor Spitzer is doing.

“The irony is that if private Attorney Eliot Spitzer were actively aiding an illegal immigrant client in his attempt to fraudulently obtain papers, he would risk disbarment. But Governor Eliot Spitzer can actively aid the untold millionsâ??who are in fact clients of his Democratic partyâ??s welfare machineâ??in their attempt to circumvent our immigration laws.â?

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Months ago, the headlines and TV news reports read “Minuteman Charged With Beating Disabled Immigrants.” John Monti was charged with seven misdemeanors, including battery, hate crimes, and interfering with a person’s civil rights. It didn’t matter that John Monti wasn’t even a member of a Minuteman group, the biased media was foaming at the mouth; finally they had what they wanted.

Now John has been acquitted of all the charges and the media is refusing to inform the public as to why the jury reached their “not guilty” verdict. Instead, the media is repeating the false charges against him and ignoring all the evidence that showed that it was in fact the six day laborers that attacked John Monti instead of the other way around. The media would like the public to believe that somehow the jury must have made a mistake.

There is no doubt in my mind that if John had been convicted, this story would have become national news.

Five months after John Monti was attacked by six day laborers, he filed a Grand Jury request for an investigation into the San Diego Police Department’s refusal to act on a prostitution ring in McGonigle Canyon. The underage prostitutes are smuggled across the border and forced to have sex with large groups of agricultural workers and day laborers. The police retaliated by bringing false charges against him. They tried to put an innocent man in prison.

The media will not report on how illegal alien activist Claudia Smith conspired with the San Diego Police Department to fabricate evidence against John because she is one of their biggest sources for anti-Minuteman news. Claudia Smith practically writes their stories for them.

Bilingual Educator, John Monti in the classroom.

John Monti - In his own words.

Dear Friends,

I’ve been completely acquitted of the false charges filed against me by City Attorney Michael Aguirre who acted under political pressure by so-call migrant rights advocates. To have been totally acquitted 12-0 means the City Attorney couldn’t convince a single juror I was guilty of any of the charges. Further, it means the judge couldn’t call it a mistrial and retry me. She just thanked the jury and we left victorious. It means alot to everyone over here because it makes a statement that they can’t abuse the system and get away with it.

I want to thank all who donated or wrote back in support. I really appreciated it.


I want to thank Allison Aranda and Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation. They made this all possible. Allison is a sensational attorney.

If you want to donate money, go to their website and donate:

San Diego Purge Trial of 2007

City Attorney Michael Aguirre’s charges against me was barefaced political persecution. It was right out of the Stalinist purge trials of the 1930s. Enrique Morones claims him as a friend so the fact he’d act like a “brown shirt” shouldn’t surprise anyone. As many of you know, I learned of these charges from national television when Claudia Smith, Jose Balzaga (fake victim) and Daniel Gilleon appeared on Hannity and Colmes. Claudia Smith herself uttered it. She beamed with her words - we got you now!

The City Attorney wanted to talk about the SDMM and Jeff Schwilk rather than the facts. He couldn’t impeach me with anything because my story has never changed. He had it on Hannity and Rick Roberts, but it never changed. A little more on facts - the wounds were consistent with me being the victim and I had a broken camera and cell phone. All of the 911 callers collaborated my story - aka the independent witnesses said I was being attacked. Hopefully, we’ll get the calls posted soon so you can listen to them.

Why would they persecute little old me?

1. Brook Young of and I exposed the migrant camps with a video and it started the catalyst that got the shanty town removed from McGonigle Canyon. I was exposed to that place because of the child prostitution and human trafficking that was happening there. A health care worker showed me it and told me what was going on. 2. I filed a grand jury complaint for events related to how the San Diego Police Department responded to us attempting to rescue 3 Mexican girls from the traffickers. They did nothing and left us there with a warning that the traffickers may have guns. Cowards? Sell-outs? Only an investigation will find out. Would these be good reasons to destroy me?

Total Victory

Remember now, the acquittal was total. It was 12-0. The City Attorney and the goonage that concocted this thing were shutout. They didn’t even make the playoffs or get close. When we finished yesterday, the judge just thanked the jury and that was it! There was no split jury or mistrial. They lost big time. They couldn’t convince a single juror!

Why Did I Go There?

The big reason - the day labor site was part of the shanty town by Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. where over 100 men live by the admission of the migrants themselves. This shanty town is also a site of human trafficking/forced prostitution. FBI Agent Josie Regula had investigated it in 2005. I believe the shanty towns are lawless zones like the border. They are the places where girls are brought - I emphasize brought and exploited. I believe the shanty town and the heinous crime of sexual slavery are part of the illegal immigration problem. The shanty towns exist exactly like they do as suburbs of Tegucigalpa or Guatemala City - they are squatter colonies. I believe they were ONCE exclusively agrarian, but now they are Third World colonies. We found one in Capo Beach for example and they are in other places. They are a symptom of a larger problem with secure borders.

Strange Happenings During the Trial

1. My attorney’s car was burglarized and her work bag stolen.

2. A 911 caller surfaced in the middle of the trial and all of a sudden they found the 911 call. She and her children further proved my story. (i.e. I was attacked and they tried to steal my camera.) Her doctor actually called who said that she had told him that she was a witness and that the press was reporting an UNTRUE story. He called and put the court in contact with her! (Quick note on the press - NBC said back in March that I was beating disabled immigrants without checking their facts. The press was highly defamatory because I’m a bilingual teacher and I teach in a completely Latino community. I was told by a student that a friend of her sister said, I kill Mexicans at the border. Libel? Damage to standing in community?)

3. We received a phone call to my wife’s cellphone from our home number when we were asleep in bed. (It was probably the ACLU calling for a donation to fight the Patriot Act.)

4. When our investigator went to serve subpoenas to 3 of the day laborers who were going to prove my story, Claudia Smith showed up and told all of the day laborers to not cooperate and they all left. This is interfering with the serving of subpoenas - a no-no. An inactive lawyer like Claudia should have known better, BUT Claudia topped it off by calling Detective Lenhart to say that our investigator (a neutral guy from the phone book) was pointing a gun to the head of one of the migrants. So, 4 police cars showed up and found out that Claudia Smith called in a false police report - a crime. Of course “the blue gang,” Oh! I mean the SDPD, showed up and their sergeant said that the investigation wasn’t compromised. Speaking of tainting witnesses?

5. It was revealed in testimony that Detective Lenhart received an email from Claudia Smith about John Monti using “racial slurs” so he went to talk to Roberto Pena, my attacker, and so the “dirty Mexicans” myth was born. It was added to the 2 month old investigation so they could more easily charge me with hate crimes. You can see why Lenhart combined with Aguirre create dictatorships. The whole thing made me question whether there are innocent men and women in prison now because of them?

6. Claudia Smith was identified as an attorney in Detective Lenhart’s false police report. I wonder if Claudia is representing herself as an attorney when she is not one - a violation of the law. Moreover, it was found that there were missing notes and police reports. We showed this in open court testimony. Where did all of those notes and reports go?

7. Three day laborers testified in my defense. Now, these guys were just good old fashioned honest people. Nothing more and nothing less. I pray that God will bless them for their honesty.

8. Now, remember people, I’m a teacher and I have my own views. I oppose illegal immigration on humanitarian grounds almost strictly. I had two students and a parent come as character witnesses. The one boy and his mother said on the stand that they were undocumented however he was a great success story from the previous year. He increased in math greatly and had great self-esteem about his abilities that he never knew he had. The girl was another success story who I got to believe in herself. All I can say is that I love my kids!

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The above picture shows Estanislao Gonzales who claimed that he had been struck by me. In concocting their story they decided to put him there so they could make it look impossible that he hit me. Of course, he has a disability, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from committing spousal abuse. He gave his wife a black eye in 2001. Now, this picture shows him LEAVING and it was the evidence that defeated 4 of the counts. His testimony was the epitome of a personal injury attorney’s theater. He used his good arm to hold up his bad arm to swear in. My pictures were time stamped, too, showing it was unlikely he’d be there in time, if he would have walked there and also he wasn’t in any of the later pictures. I later said he wasn’t there and I hadn’t ever seen him - it was the truth.

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This is Jose Balzaga here and his testimony was easily impeached by this series of pictures. Now, I had a high speed camera and it took very detailed shots. We examined the photos and found this sequence. This showed that I had told the truth. Balzaga had been threatening me! Balzaga was ambushed by these pictures on the stand and he lamely replied, “They were taken on another day.” He had a smirk, but his testimony was enough to show he committed assault that day - a crime.

Robert Pena is there wearing a cap and standing on the sidewalk. He said on the stand that there were 2 cameras and if we could find the other we’d see the other set of pictures I took. The jury probably laughed this one off. He was really reaching. I heard he wanted to go back to Mexico and we were concerned he wasn’t going to show up.

The Students Have Their Teacher Back.

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Mexican President: We Are Coming!

Tucson Citizen

PUERTO PEÃ?ASCO, Son. - Mexican President Felipe Calderón told U.S. governors Thursday that immigration is an inevitable, natural phenomenon and he urged the U.S. Congress to approve reforms that would allow more Mexicans to work legally north of the border.

Calderón demanded the United States respect “the right to work wherever one can make the greatest contribution.”

“Immigration is a natural phenomenon that is economically and socially inevitable,” he told the meeting in this Sonora seaside resort town.

In a rare acknowledgment of the costs of migration for Mexico, Calderón said his country “doesn’t celebrate migration . . . our best people are the ones who go.”

Mexico’s finest.

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A terrorist wanting to smuggle radioactive material from Canada into the United States probably would find it easy to do, a new report from congressional investigators said.

Government investigators were able to cross from Canada into the United States carrying a duffle bag with contents that looked like radioactive material and never encountered a law enforcement official, according to a report released Thursday by investigators from the Government Accountability Office.

“Our work clearly shows substantial vulnerabilities in the northern border to terrorist or criminals entering the United States undetected,” the GAO’s Greg Kutz testified Thursday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the topic.

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Indy Star

Jonathan Castillo crossed back into the United States illegally after he was deported last year. Now he is all but certain to die in an Indiana prison.

In January, the woman — who was five months pregnant — awoke to a masked Castillo assaulting her while her 2-year-old son was in the room.

Four months later, Castillo again put on a mask. He slipped into another apartment from the balcony, took the girl from her bed and molested her in his apartment.

Police arrested Castillo, and he confessed in court to the molestation. Police later connected him to the rape.

“We can’t forgive him,” the 7-year-old girl’s father told the judge, speaking through a Spanish interpreter. His daughter spent two hours in surgery and three days in the hospital to repair her injuries. She is seeing a therapist.

“If God can forgive him, then that is OK. But he should not be in this world harming children.”

The Indianapolis Star generally does not identify victims of sexual assault and is not naming the man to protect his daughter’s identity.

Prosecutors dismissed a third case accusing Castillo of domestic battery against his former girlfriend, who also testified during Wednesday’s hearing.

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The Boston Channel

BOSTON — A 12-year-old boy was in stable condition Wednesday morning, recovering after being hit and dragged by a van in Lynnfield.

The driver of that van is an illegal immigrant and doesn’t have a license.

Antonio Montenegro, 52, said he had no idea he hit the child.

Montengro is originally from Costa Rica. By his own admission, he’s been living, working, and driving illegally in the U.S. for eight years.

The van is registered to the painting company he owns.

A loophole in state law allows someone who doesn’t have a license to register and insure a vehicle.

The child is being treated for leg and head injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Montenegro is charged with operating a vehicle without a license and failing to stop at a crosswalk.

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One News Now

FBI raids have netted nine illegal Pakistani aliens and two naturalized U.S. citizens accused of money laundering — one of whom is accused of financing terrorists.

The 11 men were arrested last Thursday in morning raids on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Local law enforcement also participated in the FBI raids. According to the Daily Times (Salisbury, MD), Princess Anne convenience store owner, Muhammad Ashraf, was arrested along with four other people from Wicomico County, and the rest were netted in raids in Worcester County.

The Daily Times also reports that some of the men had paid up to $500,000 in bribes to immigration officials in order to obtain illegal green cards for them and some of their family members. Court documents reported that one cooperating witness posed as a terrorist wanting to send money to al-Qaida and had asked for help in transferring money overseas.

Other charges included the failure to pay back taxes that amounted to more than $1.8 million collectively. Those out of the 11 arrested who owned stores will stand to lose property due to the unpaid taxes.

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MEXICO CITY â?? Federal crimes such as gangland-style murders and kidnappings reached record levels in Mexico during the first half of the year, a new report from Mexico’s Congress found, making Mexico one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

One analyst who worked on the report said Mexico’s murder rate now tops all others in the Western Hemisphere.

“In a global context, we suffer from more homicides, that is to say, violent deaths, than any other region in the world except for certain regions on the African continent,” said Eduardo Rojas, who helped put together the crime report at the Center for Social and Public Opinion Studies, a research arm of the Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies.

The report, made public last week, was a setback for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, whose tough new war on drug trafficking has sent thousands of Mexican Army troops into the countryside and a record number of drug suspects to the United States for trial.

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Mexican Military: Rapes, Tortures, Robberies, And Murders

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