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Where Are The Democrats?

Illegal Immigration: Where Are The Democrats?
American Chronicle
September 4, 2007
On the matter of illegal immigration, Republicans have been taking a lot of flak for the RINOs in the Senate who seem willing to give away the store. Because of this, the Republican Party is split. Meanwhile, the Democrats have been doing the “dog in the manger” […]

Straitjackets And Helmets For Illegals In Spain
Madrid - Spain’s Interior Ministry will authorise police to dress undocumented immigrants in straitjackets and helmets during repatriation flights, the daily El Pais reported on Monday.
Police may resort to the measures when they deem it necessary to protect illegal immigrants from hurting themselves in attempts to prevent their expulsion.
Police may not drug immigrants […]

“A recent decision that overturned Hazleton, Pennsylvania’s statutes regarding illegal immigration reminds us how power by judicial fiat is becoming a growing problem. FSM Contributing Editor John Armor gives us a refresher course on the powers granted by the Constitution to the courts.”
Enemies of America, in a Courtroom Near You
The Family Security Foundation
September 4, 2007
I […]



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