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Republican Presidential Debate 9-5-07

Republican Presidential Debate on Immigration

More On Illegal Immigration At The GOP Debate In New Hampshire

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Fundraiser And Phoenix Rally For Ramos & Compean

Patriots are headed to Pheonix for a big rally on Saturday for Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who are political prisoners of the open border Bush regime.
If you cannot attend the rally, please consider a donation to help the families of the Border Agents.

Send a check or money order directly to the Ramos […]

US Terror Law ‘Unconstitutional’

BBC News
Victor Marrero said Congress exceeded its authority by allowing the FBI to keep requests secret under the Patriot Act, passed after the 9/11 attacks.
He said the act offended constitutional principles of checks and balances, and violated the guarantee of free speech.
The requests were mainly for financial, telephone and internet records.
Judge Marrero said his ruling […]

Border Checks Limited To Speed Traffic

Washington Times
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Texas have been ordered to abbreviate national security checks at one of the nation”s busiest ports of entry to speed up travel between the United States and Mexico, according to official documents and multiple interviews with agents.
An Aug. 16 memorandum from CBP El Paso field office Director […]

Audit Says Homeland Security Not Making Progress And Not Preventing Another Attack

WASHINGTON ? Congressional auditors gave a stinging assessment of the Homeland Security Department’s progress and said the department could not take credit for the absence of a terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001.
The department’s primary mission is to prevent such a strike to and minimize the damage should an attack occur. Auditors […]

Herndon To Shut Down Invader Day Care Center

Washington Post
The Town of Herndon announced yesterday that it would close its 21-month-old day-laborer center next week instead of complying with a judge’s ruling that the site must be open to all residents, including those who might be illegal immigrants.
The decision to close the site, which became a flash point in the national debate over […]

New Jersey Police Begin To Check Suspects Immigration Status

News Transcript
The Freehold Borough Police Department has already had an opportunity to comply with a recent directive issued by New Jersey Attorney General Anne Millgram regarding suspected illegal immigrants who commit indictable crimes.
On Aug. 22, Millgram ordered all police officers in New Jersey to inquire about the immigration status of any person who has been […]

Invaders Prompt Local Police To Learn Spanish

Gee, I’m surprised they don’t fire the police and hire illegal aliens to do their job.
As illegal immigrants are detained across the Valley at an increasing rate, some local law enforcement officials are going through a new kind of training: learning Spanish.
About 30 officers and deputies are going through a three-day class in […]

1,952 Mile Border Fence ‘Very Doable’ Say Engineers

CNS News
Building a fence across the entire 1,952-mile border of the United States and Mexico can be done, with only two requirements needed, according to engineers.
‘All it takes is time and money,’ said Brian Damkroger, senior manager for border security and exploratory systems at the New Mexico-based Sandia National Laboratories.
A newly completed section of the […]



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