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Vast US Military Base Near Border Relies On Mexican Labor

Raw Story
This sprawling US Army base located at the edge of El Paso and skirting the border with Mexico is undergoing a major expansion that heavily relies on Mexicans for its construction.
Amid growing controversy in the United States over immigration — legal and illegal — the military is using foreign labor to build the base.
The […]

“There is no law that requires average American workers to file or pay direct, un-apportioned taxes on the fruits of their labor.”
We The People Foundation
Around noon on Monday, September 17th, a Las Vegas federal jury returned its verdict refusing to convict nine defendants of any of the 161 federal tax crimes they had been charged […]

My Little Jamerican Anchor Baby Bundle Of Joy

This article makes my blood boil. I am also astonished at how the author and the main subject in this article treat this utter abuse of our Constitution with such little regard. The birth mother acts as if it’s a badge of honor to cheat and lie in order to make sure her child is […]



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