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Dobbs: Beware The Lame Duck

Dobbs: Beware the lame duck
October 17, 2007
NEW YORK (CNN) — Diehard GOP faithful, the dwindling number of Bush loyalists and political pundits of every stripe and medium seem obsessed these days with defining or discerning the “legacy of George W. Bush.”
Frankly, I spend more time worrying about whether or not the United States can […]

7 Year Old Sings National Anthem. Wow!!

7 year old Anthony Gargiula sings National Anthem
at a Siena College Basketball game in Albany New York.

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Tina Jillings Has Her Kid Melody Herrera Do Her Dirty Work

Tina Jillings is an illegal alien advocate in Vista, CA. The North County Times prints all of her lies against the San Diego Minutemen with as much biased unwavering support as you can imagine.
Not long ago, while Tina Jillings was running for a seat on the Vista City Council, she pulled an […]

Anti-Immigration Hispanics Speak Out

This is another one of those articles that lumps legal immigration together with ILLEGAL immigration. I think most Americans, no matter what their ethnicity, favor limited legal immigration as long as the number of immigrants are kept to a reasonable level.
Star Telegram
At an anti-deportation march in Irving on Saturday, one of the leaders told […]

Jorge Boosh Assures Safety Of Mexican Trucks

Unimpressive dog and pony show.
Washington Times
Bush administration Cabinet members joined Mexican officials yesterday to assure the public that Mexican trucks are safe to drive on U.S. highways and to promote increased trade between the two countries.
Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters, appearing alongside U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Mexican Transportation Secretary Luis Tellez, sought to […]

Farm Companies Accused Of Illegally Hiring Foreigners, Denying Jobs To U.S. Citizens

The Monitor
EDINBURG ? Isidro Aguilera-Zuniga traveled hundreds of miles from Central Mexico on the promise of a good job packing vegetables for $8.75 an hour. Instead, he was saddled with physically demanding work for lower wages.
Rosa Luna grew up on the promise of bountiful employment for hard-working U.S. citizens, but found agricultural companies doing anything […]

The Myth Of The Latino Voting Bloc

LA Times
When President Bush’s immigration reform bill collapsed this summer, largely because of objections from his own party, open-borders advocates warned that the GOP would pay a harsh political price for killing the bill. Latino support had been crucial in electing Bush, the argument went, and Latino voters represented a rising electoral tide that Republicans […]


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