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MADD vs. Mothers Against Illegal Aliens

Washington Times
Watch just released CNN video MADD against MAIA.
Michelle Dallacroce was hopping mad when she received a letter from Mothers Against Drunk Driving demanding she change the name of her organization, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Mrs. Dallacroce said. “I don’t know who would be confused by this. We don’t even have the […]

800 Pounds Of Pot Found In Truck Of Man Shot By Agent

I wonder if Johnny Sutton will prosecute the Border Agents for violating the civil rights of the drug smuggler.
AZ StarNet
The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office on Friday identified a suspected drug smuggler who was shot and injured by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer Thursday afternoon.
Ramon Davalos-Lopez, 41, an illegal entrant, was shot east of Douglas […]

Invader Accused Of Driving Into Diners Now Faces Indictment
ST. LOUIS — A man who accidentally drove his SUV into an outdoor dining area of a Clayton restaurant - leaving three diners injured - now faces federal charges for being in the country illegally.
In fact, authorities said Friday that Sergio Lopez-Luna, 23, has twice previously been deported to Mexico.
U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway said Lopez-Luna […]

375 Pounds Of Illegal Cheese Seized

Central Valley
A Southern California couple is facing criminal charges after allegedly being caught with 375 pounds of ?bathtub? cheese at an open-air market in San Bernardino County, the California Department of Food and Agriculture says.
The illegal soft cheese products are known to cause serious illness such as listeria, salmonella or E. coli.
Floribel Hernandez Cuenca, 29, […]

Mexican Invader Arrested On Suspicion Of Fire Looting

SAN DIEGO ? Border Patrol officers arrested a man on suspicion of looting a fire area Thursday afternoon in Jamul, the Sheriff’s Department said.
Officers stopped the man, who was carrying a backpack, and found he had a woman’s purse filled with costume jewelry, a sheriff’s spokesman said.
The suspect was identified through fingerprints as a Mexican […]



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