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Whenever one of these invaders is killed the press likes to portray them as spiritual and Christ-like. It is most likely that the only reason Diego frequented St. Peter’s church is to get free stuff and hang out at the illegal alien hiring/day care center. The San Diego Minutemen have protested at this location numerous times. Back in July, one of the illegal alien supporters attacked one of the Hispanic Minutemen.

The Village News

A young father of two was the latest victim at an apartment complex known for its frequency of law enforcement calls.

Nicholas Raymundo-Diego, 23, perished from stab wounds received in an attack at the property located in the 1100 block of Old Stage Road on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, at approximately 9 p.m.

Law enforcement officials say in the past two years (since November 2005), there have been some 86 calls for service at the 18-unit apartment complex, the majority of which have been reported as disturbances and suspicious individuals on the premises.

What happened in the November 22 incident continued to remain unclear as of Monday, when Sheriff?s Lieutenant Dennis Brugos explained that authorities have been told several different versions of what happened that night by witnesses.

?It?s very confusing,? Brugos admitted. ?We?re hearing a lot of different stories.?

Some witnesses say the young man was ?jumped? by another group of Latinos as he made his way through the complex en route to his home after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with his cousins. Others say the stabbing was the result of alcohol and two groups that have a long history of dissension.

?We heard that one group came over to the apartment complex and confronted the [other] group there,? Brugos said. ?Some people have reported that these groups contain individuals from Guatemala or other parts of Mexico, and they do not get along.?

Diego, known to attend St. Peter?s Catholic Church, has been remembered by friends as ?happy, always giving, an individual who loved to dance.? (Especially when he was drunk)

?His wife and children live in Guatemala,? one friend from church said. ?He worked hard to support his family.?

Some of the witnesses reported that they knew the identification of the individual who stabbed Diego and say a photograph of the individual has been provided to law enforcement authorities. There is, however, a concern amongst witnesses and the Sheriff?s Department that the perpetrator has already fled the country.

?We have some information that indicates he may have already crossed the US border,? Brugos confirmed.

Read the entire story.

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The pro-illegal alien rag, NC Times purposely leaves out the immigration status of criminals. You can easily find out this information by going to this website and entering in their last names. Once you find the man you are looking for, fill out the form, and have them email you the criminal charges. These two have immigration holds on them.

NC Times

ESCONDIDO — Police added 35 counts of felony theft Wednesday against two people alleged to have stolen personal property from garages throughout Escondido and North County in September, October and November.

The two suspects, Salvador Martinez Saavedra, 29, and Estrella Maria Bautista, 24, both of Escondido, also are accused of at least six thefts of exotic birds, Escondido police Lt. Craig Carter said.

The garage break-ins occurred between Sept. 12 and Nov. 27 in neighborhoods throughout Escondido, with a few elsewhere in North County, Carter said. The suspects are alleged to have stolen a wide variety of items including at least one car, he said.

Saavedra and Bautista were arrested Nov. 27 and have been in custody since. Police, working in conjunction with the Regional Auto Theft Task Force, tracked them down using tips from victims about the car used in the thefts.

The pair is alleged to have targeted detached garages associated with apartment complexes, Carter said.

The investigation is ongoing and police are asking that anyone with information on these cases call (760) 839-4722 or Detective Bode Berreth directly at (760) 839-4773.

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Washington — With little time left in the Congressional calendar, high tech companies are scrambling to get an increase in H-1B visas this year, but the prospects are fading.

‘Time is short and it is a bit of a long shot, but the urgency of our situation necessitates us continuing to walk the halls of Congress, ‘ said Robert Hoffman, a vice president for government and public affairs at Oracle and co-chair of Compete America, a coalition of high-tech companies that includes Microsoft Corp. and Google, Inc. ‘As long as they continue to talk to us, we have reason to be hopeful.’

Hoffman said he is in discussions with House leaders and other key lawmakers, hoping to attach an H-1B amendment to a larger measure. But the task is difficult because Congress is facing a heavy agenda in the final weeks of the year, including 11 ‘must-pass’ spending bills to fund various government agencies.

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Chicago Tribune

A group of day laborers filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against Chicago police alleging false arrests and harassment, the latest confrontation between the immigrant workers and city officials facing a growth in street-corner hiring.

The workers accused police of various schemes they argue were meant to chase them off the corners they and contractors have used for more than a decade in Albany Park, Back of the Yards and other areas.

In one instance, undercover police officers posing as contractors lured workers away from a public sidewalk in Back of the Yards and on to a Home Depot parking lot, asking them if they knew about drywall construction. When the laborers crowded around, they were arrested for criminal trespassing, the complaint says.

City officials declined to comment, saying they had not yet read the complaint.

‘To arrest one just for looking for work is not right,’ Quintin Moran, a Honduran immigrant, contended during a news conference Wednesday in front of the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse.

‘It’s not good because all the people who look for work on the corner are doing it to live, to survive, because lamentably we have no other way,’ he said.

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WANTED: Jose Espinoza, seen in this booking photo provided by Orange Poice, is wanted for several property crimes including residential burglary. He has been seen recently in the 800 block of North Olive, in the City of Orange. Espinoza is a laborer who is believed to frequent day labor hiring sites.

OC Register

The Orange Police Department is asking for the community’s help in locating a 28-year-old day laborer suspected of several property crimes, including residential burglary.
Jose Espinoza is accused of committing residential burglaries and other property crimes over a six-month period, said Sgt. Dan Adams of the Orange Police Department.

“He needs to be put in jail and right now we haven’t been able to find him,” Adams said.

Espinoza, also known as Jose Luis Nieto, has recently been spotted in the 800 block of North Olive Street near Collins Avenue. He is a laborer who is believed to frequent day labor hiring sites such as Home Depot, Adams said.

“He doesn’t have a permanent address and it’s hard for us to locate him when he is in the day labor realm,” Adams said.

Espinoza is described as Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes, as being 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds. Espinoza has several tattoos including praying hands on his abdomen, a skull on his left arm, a lady on his left forearm, a lady on his right arm, a cross on his right forearm and an image of the Virgin Mary on his chest.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the Orange Police Department at 714-744-7555 or 714-744-7456.

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Antonio Rosales

Orlando Sentinal

SANFORD - Antonio Rosales, accused of raping a child, had sat silently through his trial, and it was nearing its conclusion Wednesday when he suddenly lashed out.

As a prosecutor gave her closing argument about 10 feet away, Rosales grabbed a computer keyboard, smashed it against its monitor, then toppled the 200-pound table on which it sat.

Two Seminole County deputies grabbed him, pinned his arms behind his back and quickly wrestled him to the ground, but he continued to struggle.

“I need a deputy,” Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson yelled down a hallway.

Other officers rushed in, and Rosales was handcuffed and hauled out like a sack of feed. No one was hurt during the two-minute outburst.

Rosales, 41, is charged with dragging a 10-year-old girl off her scooter and into a patch of woods in Casselberry, raping her and choking her nearly to death Nov. 1, 2003. If convicted, he faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

It’s not clear what set him off Wednesday. About 20 minutes earlier, his attorney, Assistant Public Defender Tim Caudill, had rested his case without presenting any evidence.

The judge had asked Rosales, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, if he wanted to testify.

“I do not want to say anything,” he answered in Spanish.

Assistant State Attorney Anna Valentini then began her closing argument. Rosales had confessed to sexually abusing the child, she said, and he had intended to do worse.

“He choked her so hard, she lost consciousness,” Valentini said.

Rosales said something in Spanish, “Something to the effect of, ‘I didn’t do that’ ” said Etienne van Hissenhoven, his translator.

Rosales then picked up the keyboard and slammed it twice into the monitor, knocking it to the floor.

The seven-member jury - six jurors and an alternate - watched from across the room, then huddled near the closest door. The judge provided them with lunch and sent them home until 1?|p.m. today, telling them they would hear the rest of the case and begin deliberations.

What she did not tell them was that she had ordered a psychiatrist and a psychologist to evaluate Rosales Wednesday evening at the Seminole County Jail to determine whether he is mentally competent to proceed. She is to hear the findings 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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Washington Post

Under a program to create jobs in rural America, the U.S. Department of Agriculture guaranteed $1.6 million in loans to Aztec Environmental Inc., an asbestos-removal company in Panama City, Fla.

Aztec did create jobs — for hundreds of workers from Guatemala. “Locals didn’t want the work,” said Debbie Livingston, one of the owners.

“You know, some people could argue a job at minimum wage is better than no job at all,” said William Hagy, the USDA’s deputy administrator for business programs. (By Ricky Carioti —

Three years later, in February, Aztec went out of business after a federal investigation into allegations of environmental abuses and the hiring of illegal immigrants. Now, the USDA could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on the loan.

The Aztec case is one graphic example of the scores of troubled loans that the USDA has backed in a little-known part of the agency’s vast system of farm subsidies. Since the 1970s, the loan program has endured nearly $1.5 billion in losses while backing almost $14 billion in guarantees to private banks, a Washington Post investigation found.

Actual losses are almost surely higher, according to a Post analysis of thousands of USDA loans and grants. USDA officials refuse to disclose losses on loans to individual companies, even after they go out of business, arguing that it “could substantially harm” the companies’ competitive positions.

More than three decades after the loan program was created, USDA officials still don’t know whether it works. Funds have gone to firms that have hired foreign workers instead of Americans. Millions more have gone to failing and bankrupt businesses. Most of the jobs are not new. Many are low-tech and low-wage.

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By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles,

Today the L.A. Times reported the results of a poll it conducted on illegal immigration. The newspaper’s bias — political and financial — shows when you compare the article to the poll itself, and when you look at the wording of the poll.


Let’s start with the headline: “1 in 3 would deny illegal immigrants social services.” The headline makes it sound like only 33% would deny illegal aliens welfare, “free” education, etc. Hidden message: if you want to deny them benefits, you’re in some kook minority.

But the actual poll results are quite the opposite. Here are the percentages of people who said they would DENY the following specific benefits to illegal aliens:

In-state college tuition 82%
Food stamps 76%
Driver’s licenses 72%
Public schools 56%
Emergency medical 48%

Quite a difference from the “1 in 3″ proclaimed in the headline, huh? If you were writing the headline, what would it say? How about something like, “Majority favor denying all social services except emergency medical.” Wouldn’t that be more accurate?

So where does the “1 in 3″ figure come from? That’s the number of people who chose “none of the above” when asked which services they would let illegal aliens receive.


Let’s move from the headline to the “lying pie.” The article also features a pie chart showing that only 36% of the respondents said illegal aliens have had a negative impact on their communities. The key words are “on their communities,” because the survey included people all over America, not just here in the “Ground Zero” of the illegal invasion. Have illegal aliens ruined Bangor, Maine yet? Probably not. Key West? Ditto.

The results differ dramatically when the question shifts from respondents’ “communities” to the nation as a whole. When asked about problems “facing the country,” 81% said illegal immigration is an important problem. Specifically, 54% said it was important, and another 27% said it was one of the most important problems facing the nation.


Other examples of bias abound. The questions are, for the most part, rigged to minimize the problem of illegal immigration. For example, the poll did not ask people whether they support more border security, sanctions against employers, AND more arrests and deportations, etc.

Instead, respondents were asked on which item the government should focus. Result? You make the percentages for each look smaller than otherwise by forcing people to chose one or the other, rather than “all of the above.” Oh, and get this: people were allowed to support UP TO two items, but they weren’t told that in the question, and they could not support three or more.


Another way to see the bias in this poll is to compare its wording to the wording of another, objective poll. In October, CNN — unlike the L.A. Times — asked some straightforward questions, and got straightforward responses.

CNN asked, for example, “Would you like to see the number of illegal immigrants currently in this country increased, decreased, or remain the same?” The number of people who said “decreased” was 69%. Quite a different image from the L.A. Times poll, huh? The CNN poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans — 69% — want the number of illegals in this country reduced. Do you remember reading about THAT poll in the L.A. Times? Me, neither.

CNN also asked a question about “sanctuary cities,” like ours. Here is that question: “When state or local police forces encounter illegal immigrants who have not broken any state or local laws, do you think the police should or should not arrest those people and turn them over to the federal government?” The number of people who said the police should turn them over to the feds was 55%. So a majority of Americans oppose “sanctuary city” policies. Shouldn’t the L.A.
Times have made that a headline?


Why is the L.A. Times so biased about illegal aliens? In a word: money. The L.A. Times is owned by the same company that owns Hoy, a Spanish-language newspaper. The financial success of Hoy depends on having large numbers of people here in California who cannot speak English. So the last thing the L.A. Times wants to do is stir American citizens into enforcing our immigration laws.


What should you do about all this? Don’t bother writing letters to the editor — they don’t care. Instead, write a check to the Committee to Elect Walter Moore. We need to start replacing the corrupt career politicians in this country. It’s easier to write a check than organize and attend a mass rally. Go ahead: take action.
You’ll be glad you did. Just go to and click on the “contribute” button.

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As the debate heats up over whether or not the U.S. Government should provide benefits to undocumented immigrants, most Americans agree that it is not good for the country, according to the American Pulse(TM) Survey of 4,069 respondents. The majority of respondents said “No” when asked if they think undocumented immigrants should be given the following:

Driver’s License (81.7%)
Business License (89.3%)
Housing Assistance (82.8%)
Educational Benefits (76.7%)
and Job Training (73.7%)

Read more.

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The article doesn’t mention his immigration status, but he is an illegal alien for Guatemala.

Antonio Rosales (center), 41, sits with his attorney, Tim Candill (left), and
translator, Etienne van Hissenhoven, in Seminole County court.

Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD - The 10-year-old girl was on her way to the store. It was dusk, and she was on an errand — to buy macaroni for dinner.

She had borrowed her brother’s scooter, the old-fashioned kind, and was gliding down the sidewalk. She had decided against taking a shortcut through the woods.

“It was starting to get dark,” she told jurors Tuesday.

A man stepped out of the woods, a stranger. He said “Hola,” hello in Spanish, then put his arm around her shoulders and began pulling her into the woods. She resisted, she said, and he grabbed her by the ponytail and dragged her backward into the dark.

That, according to prosecutors, is how the attack began, and the attacker, they say, was Antonio Rosales, 41, a fugitive suspected in a murder in Arizona. Rosales is on trial this week, charged with kidnapping the 10-year-old, raping her and trying to murder her.

The girl, now 15, was the trial’s first witness.

She tried to fight him off, she told jurors, but he leaned over and wrapped his hands around her throat.

“I remember kicking him . . . trying to get air for a few seconds,” she said. “I don’t remember much after that.”

She blacked out.

When she came to, she was alone, she said. Her shirt had been pulled up, her pants were around her ankles, and she was covered with hundreds of fire-ant bites.

The girl told her story in a soft voice but without emotion. She also told it without identifying her attacker. No one asked her if the man who hurt her was in the courtroom even though Rosales sat just 40 feet away, a Spanish-language translator whispering in his ear.

The girl described her attacker in general terms, as a Hispanic man of average build and with dark hair.

The attack happened Nov. 1, 2003, in Casselberry. At the time, Rosales, an undocumented worker in construction from Guatemala, was homeless, according to authorities.

Two years earlier, he had disappeared from Tucson, Ariz., where he was accused of raping and strangling his 74-year-old landlady, whose body was found Aug. 9, 2001, in the home they shared. He is named in a warrant but has not been charged.

Tucson police Sgt. Fabian Pacheco said the 74-year-old also had been sexually assaulted and choked. Rosales confessed to both crimes, Pacheco said. Once Rosales’ Florida trial is over, he will be extradited to Arizona, Pacheco said Tuesday.

That could be soon. The Sanford jury is expected to begin deliberations today.

The seven-member panel Tuesday heard an English translation of what Rosales told detectives he did with the 10–year-old. He had been drinking, he said, and pulled the girl into the woods. She fought and yelled, he said. He pulled down her clothing and touched her.

He let her go, he said, because she was so young and because she was screaming.

A state DNA expert testified that he found Rosales’ DNA on the girl’s breast. The analyst, Tim Petree with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, said none of the samples he processed included semen.

A nurse practitioner who performed a rape exam on the girl testified that she found evidence consistent with a sexual assault.

If convicted, Rosales faces a sentence of life in prison.

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Washington Times

Des Moines, IA — Rep. Tom Tancredo says his fellow Republican presidential candidates are aiding immigrants in breaking the law by taking part in this weekend’s Spanish-language debate in Miami.

‘What all my colleagues ? what the other candidates are doing ? it’s encouraging violation of the law because it’s saying, ‘Don’t worry about the fact that you have to know English to earn citizenship,’ ‘ said Mr. Tancredo, the only Republican to turn down the invitation from Univision for Sunday night’s debate and who said the other candidates’ participation was worse than pandering.

For the Colorado congressman, it’s a matter of principle: He said the other candidates are contributing to the Balkanization of the country by joining the debate, in which the candidates will speak English, but their answers will be translated into Spanish for broadcast on the nation’s largest Spanish-language network.

And it’s one of the few areas left to Mr. Tancredo, the original anti-illegal immigration candidate in the Republican field, as he struggles to set himself apart from the others who have adopted many of his stances on the issue ? so much so that he said he is being ‘out-Tancredoed.’

New Tancredo Ad

Yesterday, he released a stark television ad here that shows photos of bloody bodies, including those of children, lying in a street, victims of gang violence. The ad warns that the violent criminals behind those kinds of attacks are sneaking into the U.S., and calls for deportation of illegal aliens ? something most other candidates have shied away from, calling for attrition through better enforcement instead.

The ad blames ‘gutless politicians’ for not acting to secure the borders and remove illegal aliens.

Mr. Tancredo said he has a little money and a short period of time before the caucuses, so he figured he needed to make as much of an impact as he could. But he said he wasn’t going for shock value in order to try to regain territory.

Read more.

These are some of the loaded, biased questions Univision will be asking.

Questions for Republicans:

1. The American economy is dependent upon the labor and consumer buying power of undocumented workers in order to sustain growth. Many American families include a Wife, Husband, Mother or Father who is undocumented while the other spouse and children are US Citizens. In light of these facts, what will you do to stop American Families from being torn apart? Will you support a path to citizenship for these much needed workers and family members who have strong ties to our community?

2. Given that we have nearly 50 million people in the US with no health insurance, and that people with insurance are being squeezed by HMOs and out-of-pocket expenses, what will you do to resolve the health care crisis in America?

3. Billions of dollars are wasted every year in America on administrative costs for health insurance paperwork. People and businesses are sick of the inefficient system, skyrocketing costs, and profit-taking by private corporations getting rich off of sick Americans. What will you do to reform our broken health care system?

4. Many anti-immigrant measures being applied in the US involve racial profiling which puts all Hispanics, including citizens, in jeopardy. Anti-immigrant sentiment also hurts the businesses of Latino citizens. With the exception of John McCain, why have the republican candidates taken such a hostile stance against the Hispanic community and chosen to use undocumented immigrants as a political punching bag for political benefit?

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Attrition works. It took years for the illegal immigration problem to become as serious as it is today and it will take a few years to solve it. There’s no need for a mass roundup and deportation. They will go home on their own after we take in the welcome mat. We’re going to see a lot more of this in the next few years as states and local communities begin to enforce immigration laws. By the time the federal government takes another crack at “comprehensive immigration reform” the whole atmosphere will have changed. The feds will be pulled along by law enforcement at the local level. We’re taking our country back!

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