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About a month ago, Dennis Slater of No More Invasion was attacked by a group of day laborers in the Home Depot parking lot. The police have not made any arrests even though Dennis Slater provided them with photo’s of the attackers and all of them still frequent the Home Depot.

On Saturday, we returned to the scene of the crime. Canoga Park is completely overrun with illegal aliens. They are all extremely hostile and if the police were not on the scene, I am certain there would’ve been more violence.

At the end of part 2, I was surrounded by an angry mob of illegal aliens and anchor babies. If the police didn’t step in when they did, I don’t think I would’ve made it to my car. And if I did make it inside my vehicle, they would’ve trashed it before I had the chance to drive off.

There are lots more videos and photos on this thread over at

Part One

Part Two

Small & Mighty took these photos of me as I tried to walk past the horde of invaders.

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Global Politician

While President George W. Bush, ICE, and Congress act as if the U.S. had no immigration laws and no borders, some heroic local officials and private organizations have nevertheless sought, against all odds, to enforce and uphold immigration law. And every time they have done so, the ACLU has been there to fight them, on behalf of the criminals invading America.

A study of the tactics of local ACLU chapters across the country and the national ACLU reveals a distinct, coordinated strategy of six components:

1. Abusing the English language, by referring to illegal immigrants as ?immigrants? and ?undocumented workers,? in order to make it seem as if illegal immigrants, all of whom are criminals (and in the case of those who have previously been deported, felons), were law-abiding, legal residents;

2. Misrepresenting immigration law, to make it appear as though law enforcement officials were harassing non-criminals;

3. Misrepresenting the duties of local law enforcement, to make it appear as though they were abusing their power, in order to discriminate against ?immigrants?;

4. Misrepresenting the actions of local law enforcement, to make it appear as though they were ?racially profiling immigrants?;

5. Initiating frivolous lawsuits targeting any actions by state or local officials enforcing immigration law, including but not limited to actions which prevented illegal immigrants from enjoying privileges and services to which they were not legally entitled; and

6. Expanding the above five strategies to other types of law, such as election law, in conspiring to rig American elections through flooding them with the fraudulent votes of illegal immigrants.

?The rights and liberties? of illegal immigrants? For make no mistake about it, the immigrants the ACLU is primarily concerned about are illegals. You cannot ?expand? rights that do not exist. The ACLU is acting on behalf of the notion that syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts has called the ?squatters? rights? approach to law. That means that if authorities do not enforce extant laws for a certain period, activists like the ACLU not only act as if the statutes did not exist, but as if the ?squatters? violating the law (in this case, illegal aliens) enjoyed positive rights nowhere existing in law.

Consider the ACLU?s statement that it is fighting ?discrimination on the basis of ?alienage? by governmental and private entities?.? In practice, what that means is that if a state passes a law denying public services or driver?s licenses to illegal aliens, the ACLU will challenge the law as ?discriminatory.? Never mind that it was already illegal, according to federal law, to provide public services or driver?s licenses, or private services such as bank accounts or mortgages to illegal aliens.

The notion that enforcing immigration law in the case of illegal immigrants constitutes ?discrimination? is logically the same as saying that enforcing the laws against stealing cars constitutes ?discrimination? against auto thieves.

?Equal justice under the law? and ?the [other] guarantees under the Constitution? apply only to American citizens. Likewise, civil liberties are those freedoms due to citizens. The ACLU, however, has for years worked to reverse things. The organization seeks to steal the rights of Americans, disenfranchise them, and give those rights to illegal aliens. The ACLU seeks thus to make illegal aliens citizens, and make Americans helpless aliens in their own land. As Carly Simon once sang, ?The world?s just inside out and upside down.?

The ACLU?s name is misleading. The organization supports neither civil liberties nor America.

Even more chilling than the realization of what the ACLU is up to, is the realization that the President of the United States is ? for perhaps different reasons ? up to the same thing.

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BROWNSVILLE ? Federal officials seized $540,000 from four Harlingen motel owners after they were sentenced to probation for conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants, an official said Friday.

Rakeshkumar Bhakta, 40, and wife Alka Bhakta, 35, owners of the Hudson House motel, and Kamleshkumar Bhakta, 32, and wife Falguniben Bhakta, 30, owners of the Country Side Inn motel, forfeited a total of $540,000 in equity from their businesses, said Nina Pruneda, spokeswoman for the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Antonio.

The motel owners? convictions stemmed from room rentals to human smugglers, the press release said.

At the Hudson House, a 36-room motel at 500 Ed Carey Drive, Rakeshkumar and Alka Bhakta rented rooms at inflated rates to human smugglers, the press release said. The couple falsified information on registration cards, offering smugglers rooms at the motel?s rear to help shield smuggling, the press release said.

The couple also bought and delivered food to help smugglers shield themselves from law enforcement, the press release said.

At the motel, rates jumped from $40 to $400 as part of a scheme to harbor illegal immigrants, according the indictment used to convict the motel?s owners.

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This is the same POS that lost control in the courtroom earlier this week. This time they handcuffed him and put a mask on his face so he wouldn’t spit on anyone. The good news is he was found guilty. The bad news is that taxpayers will be paying for this maggot for the rest of his worthless life.

Invader Forced To Wear Bizarre Mask After Outburst


Antonio Rosales is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl. Before court could even begin Thursday, a judge had to decide if Rosales was competent to stand trial after a violent outburst Wednesday.

After a brief hearing Thursday, Rosales told a judge he wanted to be left out of the courtroom because he said he might lash out again. Initially, a team of deputies brought 41-year-old Antonio Rosales into the courtroom wearing a bizarre mesh head-covering and a mask. Authorities said they put it on him after he threatened to spit at people.

It was the second strange scene in two days. Wednesday afternoon, Rosales erupted in the courtroom as prosecutor Anna Valentini made her closing argument.

The illegal immigrant from Guatemala is on trial for the attempted murder and sexual battery of a 10-year-old girl in Casselberry in 2003. A court appointed doctor said Rosales was insulted by the allegation he’s a child molester.

“This is someone who told me that was he is insulted,” court-appointed doctor Jeffrey Danziger said.

Despite the outburst, the judge found Rosales competent to continue his trial. During that hearing, extra deputies surrounded Rosales, who promised to behave.

But, before the jury returned, Rosales asked to stay out of the courtroom so he wouldn’t hear the same disturbing details of how prosecutors say he pulled a girl into the woods and tried to kill her four years ago.

“He strangled her so much it left bruises on her face and insect bites all over her body,” Anna Valentini said in court Thursday.

Late Thursday afternoon, the jury returned a guilty verdict against Rosales on charges of kidnapping, attempted murder and sexual battery after deliberating for around two hours. Rosales faces a mandatory life sentence, but has to stand trial for murder in Arizona.

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Hal Netkin has been a longtime opponent of illegal immigration. He runs the website. He used to live in my neighborhood, although I didn’t know it at the time. Even though I am surrounded by suspected illegal aliens, I guess it wasn’t enough for Hal Netkin because he’s since moved his family to Arizona. I thought you might like to read his latest from the “Ask Hal” page.

Click here to read more, “Ask Hal.”

12/07/07 Email exchange

Dear Hal,

I am an illegal alien MS 13 gang member from El Salvador, and I’m sick and tired of being harassed by Republican candidates for president. Tom Tancredo is even running negative propaganda ads about my friends and me. What should I do?
Li’l Putito.

Dear Li’l Putito,

You should move to criminal friendly Los Angeles with as many of your home boys as possible so that you all will become a powerful voting block in L.A.’s neighborhood councils in order to be able to influence the mayor and city council to protect your gang members (not that they need influencing). In case you didn’t know it, you and your criminals pals can vote yourselves into office even if you are illegal alien criminals — you can even run for office in your own neighborhood council. You should also complain to MALDEF and the ACLU about how you are being harassed and profiled just because of your skin color — they will sue anyone who wants to put you in jail.

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Readers bombard Newsweek with evidence after adverse story on Ron Paul


A Newsweek story critical of Rep. Ron Paul and labeling the NAFTA Superhighway a baseless conspiracy theory has generated approximately 250 adverse reader responses on the “comments” section of Newsweek’s website, many citing hard evidence that the proposed transcontinental trade corridor is quite real.

“There is a broad coalition of Americans developing across the United States who are opposed to a North American Union and know that Ron Paul is right and we need to take action now before it is too late,” Jesse Benton, national press secretary for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign 08 told WND.

Particularly interesting among Newsweek’s reader comments were citations of Canadian government websites that openly discuss and declare plans to create a NAFTA Superhighway.

Several readers pointed to a Canadian government video clip gaining wide circulation on the Internet. It involves a Nov. 20 “Speech from the Throne,” in which John Harvard, lieutenant-governor of the Province of Manitoba, Canada, opened the second session of the 39th assembly of the provincial legislature with comments proclaiming support for the development of a “Mid-Continent Trade Corridor.”

“Manitoba is also taking a major role in the development of a Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, connecting our northern Port of Churchill with trade markets throughout the central United States and Mexico,” Harvard told the legislature.

“To advance the concept,” Harvard continued, “an alliance has been built with business leaders and state and city governments spanning the entire length of the Corridor. When fully developed, the trade route will incorporate an ‘inland port’ in Winnipeg with pre-clearance for international shipping.”

A video posted on YouTube shows excerpts from Harvard’s speech juxtaposed with clips of President Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the press conference of the third summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership in Montebello, Quebec, on Aug. 21, ridiculing the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway as baseless conspiracy theories.

Read more.

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The median household income for Arizona immigrants is 30 percent below the national average for immigrant families.

Sixty percent of adult Mexican immigrants have less than a high school degree.

More than two-thirds of Arizona immigrant households living in poverty are headed by an illegal immigrant.

Tucson Citizen

The litany of Arizona’s supposed inadequacies is by now depressingly familiar.

Arizona has a poverty rate above the national average. We have one of the highest percentages of population without health insurance.

Fewer of us have high school educations and college degrees. Per-capita income lags behind the national average.

Occasionally, there’s a reluctant concession that immigration contributes to these rankings, but it’s almost always dismissed as a minor factor.
Arizona’s allegedly low-wage economy is inevitably fingered as the primary culprit.

A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies, however, indicates that immigration is nearly the entire explanation for these rankings.
CIS has an agenda. It believes there is too much immigration in the United States, legal and illegal.

However, I’ve always found its research to be first-rate. The base information for this study (”Immigrants in the United States, 2007″) comes from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.

Its top-line numbers comport with those from other research organizations that don’t share its agenda, such as the Pew Hispanic Center.

The poverty rate in households headed by the native-born in Arizona does slightly exceed the national average for such households, 12.5 percen vs. 11.4 percent.

The poverty rate for immigrant-headed households in Arizona, however, is 22.4 percent, well above the national average of 16.9 percent for immigrant households.
Nearly a third of all Arizonans living in poverty are in immigrant households.

Immigrants are an even larger share of Arizona’s uninsured population.

Again, the uninsured rate in Arizona native households is slightly above the national average, 15.1 percent compared with 13 percent.

Arizona immigrant households, however, have an uninsured rate of 44.5 percent, well above the national average of 30 percent. Immigrant families constitute more than 40 percent of the uninsured in Arizona.

Just 8.7 percent of native adults in Arizona don’t have at least a high school degree, not appreciably above the national average of 8.4 percent.

However, 46 percent of adult immigrants in Arizona have less than a high school degree, far above the immigrant national average of 30.6 percent.

The starkest contrast is on income, a statistic constantly wielded to indict Arizona’s economy.

As it turns out, native Arizona households actually have a median income that is 4 percent above the native national average. The median household income for Arizona immigrants, however, is 30 percent below the national average for immigrant families.

On a per capita basis, Arizona native income is slightly above the national average, while that of immigrants is a third less than the immigrant national average.
Arizona has the largest gap between native and immigrant income, 2 1/2 times the national average.

That is because so much of Arizona’s immigration comes from Mexico. Sixty percent of adult Mexican immigrants have less than a high school degree.

And undoubtedly because so much of Arizona’s immigration is illegal. More than two-thirds of Arizona immigrant households living in poverty are headed by an illegal immigrant.

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Buck Young of Phoenix, a member of Riders Against Illegal Immigration, carries a sign that equates immigrant-rights activist Salvador Reza with revolutionary Che Guevara during what has become a weekly protest and counterprotest.

“The confrontation has now become essentially a do-or-die situation for both sides, with implications far beyond illegal day labor,” wrote Danny Smith of the American Freedom Riders motorcycle club, in a recent message rallying supporters. “This is no longer a mere skirmish, it is a major battle which we cannot afford to lose. We have succeeded in taking it to a national level of visibility, and now there is no turning back - WE MUST WIN.”

Outside Phoenix store, border debate rages on
Emotional protests at local battleground mirror national fight
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 9, 2007

Watch video of Pruitt Furniture protest.

On East Thomas Road in Phoenix, the national shouting match over immigration unfolds week by week in a neighborhood that has changed in the same ways Arizona has.

Sheriff’s deputies patrol the parking lot at M.D. Pruitt’s Home Furnishings each Saturday, ensuring that no day laborers trespass on the property. Day-labor advocates mount protests nearby, blaring Mexican folk music while children dressed in traditional garb dance on the sidewalk.

Pruitt’s opened 57 years ago, but only recently did day laborers gather in large numbers to seek work on the sidewalks and parking lots of nearby businesses. The subdivisions that stretch back from Thomas Road have seen more and more Hispanic families arrive, changing the character of the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the country’s roiling debate over immigration continues unabated.

A compromise that would have given illegal immigrants a way to become citizens fell apart in Congress earlier this year amid angry protests.

Since then, the battle has only grown angrier. Citizens furious over government inaction have called for the border to be sealed and for more illegal immigrants to be deported. The battle lines have been drawn.

In Phoenix, those lines lead straight to 35th Street and Thomas, where the owners of a family furniture store say they struggle to understand how such a divisive battle ever erupted in front of their showroom.

After weeks of keeping his distance, Phoenix’s mayor now says he’s prepared to enter the fray. He wants to sit down with the Pruitt’s owners and the laborers’ spokesman to develop a solution to the escalating conflict.

But until a compromise is reached, some involved in the protests worry the conflict could boil over into violence…….

The Reason For Pruitt’s

The mayor weighs in

From the start of the conflict, people hoping to resolve the dispute have sought the help of the mayor.

But since helping to broker the truce last year, Gordon has largely kept his distance. His perceived lack of action drew criticism from all sides, including threats of a recall by the conservative Washington think tank Judicial Watch.

The pressure to act was one of the factors that pushed Gordon to reverse himself last week on Operations Order 1.4. On Thursday, Gordon said he was prepared to enter the fray at Pruitt’s as well.

“Enough is enough,” he said.

Gordon told The Republic he would offer to meet with the Sensings and Reza jointly in an effort to hammer out a long-term agreement.

“I’m asking both sides to provide me, in advance, with a specific list of what it is that each of them want - what benchmarks we’re working toward,” Gordon said. “I will sit down with them as soon as they can get here and work long days, evenings and weekends to help them end this.”

If the sides can’t reach an agreement, Gordon said, he will ask them to enter into binding arbitration with an independent hearing officer.

As the conflict escalates, Gordon is determined to prevent Phoenix from experiencing the racial strife that has plagued New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and other major American cities.

“We’re not going to end up with the history other cities have had,” Gordon said. “We have to get through this. We have to do everything we can to remember that this is a caring city that doesn’t tolerate hatred and extremism.”

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Chertoff: Allow fencing or lose land
Seattle Times
December 9, 2007

WASHINGTON ? The Bush administration has warned landowners along the southern border that it will seize their property if they refuse to cooperate with federal efforts to build a fence meant to slow illegal immigration.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he would give landowners 30 days to indicate if they will allow federal officials on their land to survey whether it is suitable for fencing. If they decline, he said Friday, he would turn to the courts to gain temporary access.

If the agency determines the land is appropriate for fencing and landowners refuse to cooperate, the department will turn to the courts to get title.

“The door is still open to talk, but it’s not open for endless talk,” Chertoff said of the time-frame landowners have in which to respond.

He added, “We won’t pay more than market price for the land.”

Chertoff said access to 225 miles of noncontiguous land, most of it in Texas and Arizona, was essential to meeting the administration’s goal of building 370 miles of border fencing by the end of 2008.

Reaction was swift.

“I tell you, on this one issue, the Farm Bureau, the United Farm Workers, Democrats and Republicans, white, black, brown, everybody is against the border fence. It just doesn’t make sense,” said Juan Salinas, the county judge of Hidalgo County in Texas.

Salinas, chief administrator of the local government, said objections stem from economic, cultural and environmental concerns. “We’ve been trying to talk to them about using other ways,” he said. “It’s a disappointment that, again, the Department of Homeland Security is not listening to local taxpayers.”

Chertoff also said his agency has given conditional approval to an experimental, 28-mile combination of technology and physical fencing in Arizona that allows border agents to detect intrusions and to see what or who has crossed onto U.S. land. Cameras in the system are so powerful that they can distinguish between cattle and people from 10 miles away and can show whether those people are toting packages or guns……

To read entire article click here.

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