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The new Huckabee immigration plan that convinced Gilchrist to endorse him is nothing new. It’s similar to the Pence “touch back” plan where invaders go home for, in Huckabee’s words, “a few days or weeks” before they all come back legally! It’s an open borders revolving door amnesty plan. I wonder how much money they paid Jim Gilchrist to support this Amnesty scheme?

The Washington Post reports that Huckabee’s people went over this plan with Gilchrist last week.

“It was a plan I myself could have written,” said Gilchrist, who noted the Huckabee campaign reviewed the proposal with him before it was released.

The following video was recorded on Sunday December, 9th. At 3:00 minutes in the Huckster talks about his shamnesty plan. This guy is as open borders as any Reconquista.

Huckabee Hispanderd At LULAC Brown Supremacist Convention In 2005

Not only does Huckabee want an open border, amnesty for all invaders, and the Dream Act. He is also against local immigration law enforcement. He also feels that citizenship shouldn’t be a requirement to vote in our elections! I guess Jim Gilchrist will do anything for money and attention.


Although he never actually talked about the U.S. or Arkansas immigration policy, Huckabee made it very clear where he stood on the issue. In his opening remarks, he said the nation will need to address the concerns of the Hispanic community because of its growing influence and population base.

“Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,” Huckabee said jokingly as the crowd roared in laughter.

He told the LULAC delegates that their presence in the state’s capital city was very important because Arkansas has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the nation.

“Your gathering is so very significant for our state,” Huckabee said. “We are delighted to have you.”

Despite several light moments, Huckabee did not stray away from several controversial issues that made him a target of criticism during the recently ended 85th General Assembly. He said Arkansas needs to make the transition from a traditional Southern state to one that recognizes and cherishes diversity “in culture, in language and in population.”

“This is an issue that is going to require extraordinary efforts on both sides of the border, particularly those coming from Mexico,” Huckabee said of verifying the status of illegal aliens. “But I am confident that our government will recognize that we should accommodate people who wish to provide the best opportunities for their families (and) employers so that we can make sure our economy has the necessary work force.”

During the legislation session, Huckabee criticized an immigration bill by Republican senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith as un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life.

Senate Bill 206, which died in the Senate, would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and also force state agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally. Holt, R-Springdale, replied later to Huckabee’s comments that Christian charity does not include turning a blind eye to lawbreaking.

The Republican governor, who many believe will run for president in 2008, also backed legislation that would have opened the door for illegal immigrants in Arkansas to receive college scholarships.

House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, was approved by the House but eventually failed in the Senate. Huckabee reiterated Wednesday that he believes every child, regardless of their parent’s immigration status, should have an opportunity to receive an education in the U.S.

Huckabee Compares Illegal Aliens To Black Slaves In 2006


Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday the nation is being given a chance to make up for past racism by the way it handles the influx of Hispanics (illegal aliens).

Huckabee said Arkansas has made progress on racial justice and has a fresh opportunity to do the right thing in the way it welcomes the growing Hispanic (illegal alien) population.

“One of the great challenges facing us is that we do not commit the same mistakes with our growing Hispanic population that we did with African Americans 150 years ago and beyond. We’re still paying the price for the pathetic manner in which this country handled that,” Huckabee said at a meeting of the Political Animals Club in Little Rock. The club meets monthly to hear from political figures and experts.

“I think frankly the Lord is giving us a second chance to do better than we did before,” Huckabee said.

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These are the only videos that I can find from this debate.

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

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WASHINGTON (Map, News) - Rudy Giuliani says he wanted to deport all 400,000 illegal immigrants from New York City when he was mayor, but ended up welcoming most of those who were ?causing me no trouble.?

In an interview for the new book ?Meet the Next President,? Giuliani lamented that the Immigration and Naturalization Service deported only 700 to 1,500 of the city?s 400,000 aliens each year during his mayoralty. Giuliani said it was obvious the INS was not about to increase deportation ?from 700 or 1,500 to 400,000.?

?If they could, I would have turned all the people over. It would have helped me. I would have had a smaller population. I would have had fewer problems,? the Republican presidential candidate told The Examiner in an interview. ?But the practical reality was, they were going to make an infinitesimal, statistically insignificant contribution to the problem. I was stuck with it. And no matter what their promises, they weren?t going to do anything about it.?

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WASHINGTON ? A key U.S. senator wants Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to explain why he ordered environmental studies on a planned border fence in Texas, but bypassed such a study in Arizona.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee, also is questioning Chertoff’s decision to waive environmental laws to build a stretch of fence in the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area on the Arizona-Mexico border.

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You may or may not have noticed this, but in the two and a half years of running this website, I never discuss Jim Gilchrist. It’s because he’s an idiot.

FOX News

Noting that he might not agree 100 percent on immigration with Huckabee, the firebrand illegal immigration opponent said Huckabee’s recently released immigration plan won him over.

“The governor has a plan and I appreciate his plan. That’s why I’m supporting him. He’s one of the few who’s actually brought forth a plan and gone public with it. It shows to me that he’s willing to engage in the tough love necessary to fix this problem,” Gilchrist said.

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He’ll serve maybe a year, get deported, and then he’ll be back to rape again.


LITCHFIELD, Conn. — A 40-year-old Morris man has been sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with a 12-year-old girl in his home.

Luis E. Torrez, a native of Guatemala, is also facing deportation after serving his time for first-degree sexual assault.

Torrez has been in custody since his arrest in April.

Police said Torrez had two sexual encounters with the victim, in September and November 2005, when she slept over at his home where he lived with his girlfriend.

According to court documents, the victim’s mother discovered her daughter’s infatuation with Torrez when she read the girl’s journal entries.

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Robert Menendez
Race baiter, Robert Menendez
317 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
202.228.2197 fax

Hispanic PR Wire

Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–December 10, 2007–The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), today applauded U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) for calling on an updated study of a 1993 congressionally-mandated report on the relationship between the use of electronic communications and media communications to encourage acts of hate crimes or to spread messages of hate. In a letter addressed to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez

?In November of this year, the FBI released a report showing that in 2006 hate crimes against Latinos increased by 25% since 2004,? said David C. Lizárraga, USHCC Board Chair. ?We are seeing that anti-immigrant sentiment has quickly become anti-Hispanic sentiment. It is in the economic interest of the U.S. that its largest minority group and fastest growing business sector not be a target of anti-Hispanic rhetoric through media coverage.?

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