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AZ Central

Changing Phoenix police’s immigration-enforcement policies will create a climate of fear in Phoenix that could lead to multimillion-dollar lawsuits and even riots, speakers said Thursday at a raucous town hall.

From the audience, supporters of drafting a new policy said police need more freedom to enforce the law and said their voices weren’t being heard Thursday night.

About 600 people packed the auditorium at South Mountain High School to address a four-man panel convened by Mayor Phil Gordon to review Operations Order 1.4.

The policy prevents police in most cases from asking about a person’s immigration status. It has led some to brand Phoenix as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

“Don’t let Phoenix become the next Watts, the next LA riots,” Alex Navidad, an immigration lawyer, said in an impassioned plea to the panel. “That’s what’s going to happen. A community that’s fearful, with loads of police, can only lead to tragedy.”

Phoenix police are already overburdened without having to enforce immigration laws, said Lizzette Alameda Zubey, president of the Maricopa County Hispanic Bar Association. She said that eliminating the policy would lead to expensive racial-profiling lawsuits against the city, as well as additional costs for processing and jailing undocumented residents.

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Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

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No doubt the supporters of the invasion are devastated. States all over the country will replicate the anti-illegal immigration effort in Oklahoma.

Tulsa World

“The court is again confronted with plaintiffs bringing a broad array of constitutional and statutory challenges to a similarly broad array of state statutes,” Payne stated in the conclusion of an order filed Thursday. “Again, some plaintiffs ignore the need to describe the injuries actually caused by the challenged statutes, while the illegal alien plaintiffs complain of grievances that could best be remedied by simply compliance with federal law. Both categories of plaintiffs must be dismissed for lack of standing, either on constitutional or prudential grounds.”

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Good Morning America

The former preacher Mike Huckabee has always reminded me of the Cardinal Roger Mahoney. Their eyes, body language, and tone of voice betray them. They are rehearsed and insincere when questioned about their support of illegal aliens, rapists, and pedophiles. They must practice for hours lying to themselves in the mirror.

My Daughter Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Huckabee Camp Admits The Huckster Was Lying About Having Theology Degree

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told the Christian Broadcasting Network he had a theology degree, he told voters in Iowa he had a theology degree, he repeated the claim in last month’s CNN YouTube debate … but, his campaign now says, it was not true.

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September 7, 2001 - Four days before undocumented immigrants flew jets into the World Trade Center, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said NYC Is “Quite Tolerant Of Undocumented Immigration. This shouldn’t surprise you because I’ve been the Mayor a long time.”

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