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This guy is slicker than slick Willie!

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Here at Immigration Watchdog, we report the good news and the bad.

Polls In Super Tuesday States Show McCain Has It Made
Talking Points Memo
February 1, 2007

Yesterday we brought you a roundup of Super Tuesday polls for the Democratic primaries. Today, we bring you the same for the Republicans.

The bottom line: McCain has it made. He leads in nearly every state, with Romney only having clear advantages in Massachusetts, Colorado and of course Utah. Huckabee runs well in some Southern states, but even then he’ll probably lose a bunch to McCain. Compounding the trend for McCain, Rudy’s former support will probably go almost entirely to him.

A complication: Republican primaries don’t use uniform rules of delegate apportionment, like the Democrats do. Quite a few contests are winner-take-all, but many others are not. They do not use a proportional system, but instead distribute delegates by district (usually the same as House districts) and then accord all the district’s delegates to the plurality winner.

What does that mean for the race? The Northeast ? where McCain is strongest ? is mostly winner-take-all. And where Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee do manage some strength, it’s often in states that distribute delegates either by district or even proportionally, meaning that the map alone gives McCain a big advantage.

In short, expect McCain to rack up a lot of delegates on Tuesday. He won’t clinch the nomination outright, but he may build up an advantage so large that his nomination becomes a foregone conclusion…..

Key Super Tuesday States Highlighted

Arizona ? McCain Way Ahead: McCain will easily win his home state’s winner-take-all primary. Total Delegates: 50, WTA.

California ? McCain Ahead: Recent poll has given McCain leads of around ten points, though the most recent one shows the race against MItt Romney to be a bit tighter. However, McCain should get a huge boost from the support of Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Rudy Giuliani, who himself had been previously running strong here. Total Delegates: 170, by district.

Colorado ? Romney Way Ahead: The most recent poll shows Romney ahead of McCain by 19 points. This makes sense in the context of right-wing opposition to McCain on immigration ? after all, this state is the land of Tancredo. Total Delegates: 43, proportional.

Illinois ? McCain Narrowly Ahead: John McCain has taken a single-digit lead in recent polls here, aided by a combination of his momentum and the support of such prominent Illinois politicians as former Gov. Jim Edgar. Former Speaker Dennis Hastert, a longtime McCain antagonist, is aggressively backing Romney. One variable: The special election primary in Hastert’s district may cause higher turnout relative to the rest of the state. Total Delegates: 67, by district.

Massachusetts ? Romney Way Ahead: ? Mitt Romney should have no trouble winning a strong majority in his home state. But there’s one problem for Mitt: The primary here is proportional, not winner-take-all. Thus John McCain will get some delegates in Massachusetts, while Romney won’t get any from Arizona to balance it out. Total Delegates: 40, proportional.

New York ? McCain Way Ahead: McCain was ahead of Romney 2-1 even before Rudy Giuliani dropped out, and Rudy’s support has boosted him to a lead of nearly 35 points. The state Republican committee has also come in line, switching its endorsement from Rudy to McCain. Total Delegates: 98, WTA.

All Super Tuesday states click here.

Snapshot Of Most Recent Poll In Each State

Alabama Hucakbee 27%, McCain 27%, Romney 15% …Jan 25
Alaska No recent polls
Arizona McCain 40%, Romney 23%, Huckabee 9%… Jan 26
Arkansas No recent polls
California McCain 32%, Romney 28%, Giuliani 14%… Jan 30
Colorado Romney 43%, McCain 24%, Huckabee 17% … Jan 27
Connecticut McCain 54%, Romney 31% … Feb 1
Delaware No recent polls
Georgia Romney 32%, McCain 31%, Huckabee 24% … Jan 31
Illinois McCain 34%, Romney 26%, Huckabee 16% … Jan 31
Massachusetts Romney 57%, McCain 34% … Jan 31
Minnesota McCain 41%, Huckabee 22%, Romney 17% … Jan 31
Missouri McCain 34%, Romney 30%, Huckabee 28% … Feb 1
New Jersey McCain 48%, Romney 25% … Jan 31
New York McCain 55%, Romney 21% … Feb 1
North Dakota No recent polls
Oklahoma McCain 37%, Huckabee 28%, Romney 19% … Jan 28
Tennessee Huckabee 30%, McCain 26%, Romney 22% … Jan 29
Utah Romney 78% … Jan 10

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MEXICO CITY ? Mexico has formally requested the United States investigate recent incidents in which Border Patrol officers fired tear gas onto the Mexican side of the border, the government said Thursday.

After being upbraided by the country’s top human rights agency for failing to press Washington enough on the issue, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department issued a statement calling the tactic “unacceptable.”

The Border Patrol says the tactic is necessary to protect its officers from increasing attacks by people hurling rocks and other objects at them from Mexico.

“Independently of whether these incidents are a response to hostile acts against Border Patrol agents by private citizens on the Mexican side, the Mexican government considers these actions by U.S. federal authorities to be unacceptable,” Foreign Relations said in a statement.

The department said it sent a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City on Jan. 15 requesting “a thorough investigation.” It added that a Mexican boy was injured in one of the incidents, but did not give details.

The Border Patrol reported 987 attacks ? many with rocks ? on its agents during the 12-month period that ended Sept. 30, the most since it began keeping track in the late 1990s.

U.S. officials say they have talked to Mexican authorities about the issue. The Border Patrol recently equipped agents in California and Arizona with a pepper-spray launcher that has a range of more than 200 feet, and says they are only used defensively.

On Wednesday, Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission urged the government to do more to stop the incidents and take “urgent and decisive action.”


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SV Herald

SIERRA VISTA ? A Buena High School student is in jail on narcotics charges, and his family has been deported to Mexico, after the student was arrested on campus Monday.

Hector Romero Salazar, 18, is being held without bond at the Cochise County Jail in Bisbee, Cochise County Sheriff?s Office spokeswoman Carol Capas said.

Sierra Vista police Sgt. Daryl Copp said police responded to the high school, 5225 E. Buena School Blvd., Monday afternoon after school security reported a problem needing police attention.

On Wednesday, police would not say what the situation at the school was, but did say Salazar was arrested on ?charges of a possession of narcotic drugs for sale on school grounds? on Monday.

According to records at the county jail, Salazar is charged with possession of a narcotic drug, possession of paraphernalia, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of a narcotic drug with intent to sell.

A U.S. Border Patrol hold is in place pending Salazar?s release from the county jail in order to officially sort out whether or not Salazar is in the country legally, Tucson Sector Border Patrol spokeswoman Dove Haber said.

Salazar?s arrest also led to police requesting a search warrant for his family?s home at 728 Four Winds Circle, which they received.

Salazar?s family has been deported to Mexico following the execution of a search warrant at the residence Tuesday, which turned up forged and illegal I-9 immigration paperwork, said Vincent Picard, a U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement spokesman in Phoenix.

?We did take the members of Mr. Salazar?s family into custody, and they?ve been returned to Mexico,? Picard said.

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The Stute
Why McCain Is Not a Conservative
by Tim Garner

It seems that there is a good chance Senator John McCain will win the Republican nomination for President. He won the Florida primary on Tuesday and will most likely win a number of large states next week. McCain has been a U.S. Senator for many years. While McCain is a Republican, he is no conservative. His record in the Senate clearly illustrates this.

John McCain voted against President Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, although he now says he voted against them because they were not accompanied by spending cuts. He also does not support the repeal of the estate tax. In 2002, the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act was passed, which restricts free speech 30 days before a primary or 60 days before a general election. It does this by prohibiting organizations from running advertisements about issues that mention a candidate.

Last year, McCain coauthored an immigration bill with Senator Ted Kennedy, which would have given amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States. McCain vehemently denies that his proposal would have given amnesty. He has claimed that because his bill would require illegal aliens to pay a small fine, that his bill would not have given amnesty. However, McCain’s bill would have done exactly the same thing as complete amnesty - providing people without a right to be in the United States a pathway to citizenship. Thankfully, the bill was stopped in the Senate before President Bush could sign it.

John McCain is a proponent of expanding the power of government to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to fight the imaginary threat of global warming. He and Senator Lieberman introduced a bill in 2003, which would have required the EPA to regulate the emission of carbon dioxide. His proposal would have put a cap on the emission of greenhouse gases and fined companies that exceeded the limits. Doing so would greatly increase energy prices and negatively impact consumers.

John McCain has been portraying himself as a conservative now that he is running in the primaries, but a quick look at McCain’s record shows that he is not a conservative.

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Diggers Realm

Mitt Romney has appointed Immigration Warrior Kris Kobach to his advisory staff.

Who is Kris Kobach? Well you may remember Kris as the lead attorney in defending Hazleton, Pennsylvania’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act. Kris has been a leader in the fight against illegal immigration in this country and his addition to the Romney team shows that he is deadly serious about ending illegal immigration.

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The only candidate willing to eliminate NAFTA and CAFTA is Ron Paul. The Mexican farmers need to be able to support themselves so that they won’t have to come here looking for work.

Associated Press

MEXICO CITY (AFP) ? Tens of thousands of farmers on foot and on lumbering tractors clogged Mexico City Thursday to protest the lifting of corn tariffs under a free trade agreement, which they say is hurting their pockets.

“No corn, no country” was the byword of the protest plastered in signs on tractors and buses, as the angry farmers, some of them leading herds of cattle through the streets, demanded equal treatment with farmers in the United States and Canada.

While it was mostly peaceful, there was some tension late Wednesday when a column of slow-moving tractors ground to a reluctant halt before a phalanx of anti-riot police that barred access to the Zocalo, the city’s main square.

By late Thursday, however, the protest was allowed to move on Zocalo, where organizers said some 50,000 people congregated, while police put the crowd estimate taken by helicopter at between 20,000 and 25,000.

Some 1,500 police fanned out across the city to prevent any unrest stemming from the protest. Farmers from across the country have made their way here, some on foot for 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles), since January 18.

A provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) lifting tariffs on corn — Mexico’s staple food — and other products kicked in on January 1, 14 years after the agreement between the three neighbors came into being.

Many farmers in Mexico have been against NAFTA from the start, but their protest has escalated as the date for lifting corn tariffs approached.

The National Peasant Confederation (CNC), Mexico’s chief farmers’ union with more than five million members, has also warned against NAFTA regulations lifting tariffs on milk and sugar cane products.

Farmers say that government subsidies their counterparts in Canada and United States receive are unfair. CNC said farmers get some 20,000 dollars in annual subsidies in the United States compared to only 700 dollars in Mexico.

They also complain of mounting fuel, fertilizer and electricity prices which they claim represent 60 percent of the average cost of running a farm and place them at a severe disadvantage to their northern competitors.

The farmers and opposition politicians are insisting that some NAFTA provisions be renegotiated, but the three NAFTA governments refuse to do so.

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?I?m going to break out that old saw of growth again today for those who may have forgotten what the real problem is,? Folkerth said. ?The U.S. economy and your paycheck are based on this outfit growing every year in relation to what it grew last year. The term for this type of growth is ?exponential? or ever expanding. In a world that stays the same size, the other word for our growth model is: impossible!”

Frosty Wooldridge
January 28, 2008

In this second of a three part interview, Michael Folkerth?s book: ?THE BIGGEST LIE EVER BELIEVED? exposes America?s greatest crisis?growth. He epitomizes a humorous economist and the ?King of Simple.?

Folkerth states this nation resembles a group of people boarding an airplane that expects a six hour flight to the destination, but the ground crew only pumped in four hours flying time of fuel. Everything will ?appear? normal until the fuel runs out two hours before destination. From that point, all hell breaks lose and sheer terror overwhelms the passengers?with an unknown crash ending.

Last week, Dr. Condi Rice, much lauded cerebral administrator in the Bush administration gave a speech in which she said, ?The American economy is solid, vital and growing?it moves forward with healthy growth.?

In reality, that means adding 3.1 million people to the USA annually of which 2.1 million arrive via immigration.

Rice like McCain, Obama, Romney, Edwards, Giuliani, Huckabee and Clinton predicate their campaigns for the presidency on population growth to gain economic growth. What they don?t admit nor will any of them come to terms with–stems from the fact that ?growth? creates our ominous unsustainable future.

Walter Youngquist said,?As we go from this happy hydrocarbon bubble we have reached now to a renewable energy resource economy, which we do this century, will the ?civil? part of civilization survive? As we both know there is no way that alternative energy sources can supply the amount of per capita energy we enjoy now, much less for the 9.2 billion expected by 2050. And energy is what keeps this game going. We are involved in a Faustian bargain?selling our economic souls for the luxurious life of the moment, but sooner or later the price has to be paid.?

?I?m going to break out that old saw of growth again today for those who may have forgotten what the real problem is,? Folkerth said. ?The U.S. economy and your paycheck are based on this outfit growing every year in relation to what it grew last year. The term for this type of growth is ?exponential? or ever expanding. In a world that stays the same size, the other word for our growth model is: impossible!

To paint a vivid picture of this misguided venture, shall we take a look at a microcosm of the U.S. economy?

?Once upon a time, a small town was founded on the banks of a large lake,? Folkerth said. ?A stream fed the lake that averaged 100 gallons per minute of water flowing in. On the other end of the lake, a stream flowed out and the trees and critters downstream benefited from that outflow…….

To read entire article click here.

Part 1 America’s Greatest Problem: Growth

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