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Multiple Jim

Jim Gilchrist uses his full name when he talks about himself, like he’s talking about an imaginary character in a story. For example, most people would say something like, “I walked across the street.” Whereas, Jim would say, “Jim Gilchrist walked across the street and 250 million Americans supported him!” [video]

Multiple personalities.

What’s even more strange is that Jim Gilchrist assumes different personalities when he talks about “Jim Gilchrist.” His two favorite characters are Perry Emerson and Jack Sharpe. He uses these make believe characters to attack other Patriots and to wax poetically about the accomplishments of his other make believe character, “Jim Gilchrist.”

He took on the personality of Jack Sharpe to write this attack piece on William Gheen of ALIPAC. The bottom of the story states “Jack Sharpe is a freelance journalist who writes for the Minuteman Express News.” There is no such thing as the Minuteman Express News! He did it again here, “Hypocrites, Liars and Charlatans: Is the minuteman movement doomed?”

Fraud, perjury and embezzlement.

It appears that when Jim Gilchrist is under extreme duress he assumes the personality of Jack Sharpe to lash out at others. Jack Sharpe has made numerous appearances on the web bashing the MMP Treasurer Deborah Courtney who is suing Gilchirst. Jim is accused of fraud, perjury, and embezzlement. The trial begins May 27th, 2008.

Paid shill for open border, pro-amnesty candidate Mike Huckabee

On January 2nd, Jim assumed the personality of Perry Emerson in a press release to the Minuteman Project national e-mail list that contained many supposed quotes by Mike Huckabee that appear to answer all criticisms of the Huckabee immigration plan and record.

It’s laughable that a fraud like Mike Huckabee would hire a fraud like Jim Gilchrist to lie about his horrific record on immigration, and then Jim Gilchrist would have one of his multiple personalities do the lying for him in a press release!

It would appear that the multiple personalities of Jim Gilchrist only occur in print and online. Jim hasn’t yet been able to change his voice or appearance when he assumes the roles of Perry Emerson or Jack Sharpe. Otherwise he would have become “Jack” or “Perry” when he lied to Reporter Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times about Mike Huckabee’s stance on ending birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. Jim got caught in a lie and he ultimately blamed the Reporter for what he called miscommunication.

Short term memory loss.

Another Gilchrist oddity is that he apparently suffers from short term memory loss. Jim sent out an email on January 29th asking for money. Jim stated “While the Minuteman Project cannot and will not endorse any candidate, we are traveling to battleground election states to promote our immigration enforcement agenda and make sure the candidates do more than pay lip-service to this critical issue!” Either Gilchrist forgot that he’s on the Huckabee payroll or he thinks we didn’t notice all the media appearances he’s given endorsing the pro-amnesty candidate Mike Huckabee.

[Watch video: Adios Jim Gilchrist]

The Huckabee campaign even sent out flyer’s with a photo of Gilchrist stating that “Minuteman Founder Endorses Huckabee.” How strange that on the MMP website (dated January 5th) Jim claimed “The Minuteman Project will not endorse any candidate.” But then the MMP website also has an article (dated December 11th) titled “Jim Gilchrist Gives Major Endorsement to Mike Huckabee.”

Soliciting money for border watches that don’t exist.

The January 29th email asking for donations also made fraudulent claims about MMP volunteers conducting border watches.

“As the Minuteman Project enters its 4th year of watching our nation’s borders, I wanted to take just a minute to Thank You for all of your support over the past year and for making all of our work possible… Our Minuteman volunteers continued to prove that if the border is carefully monitored, we can dramatically reduce illegal border crossings… We will continue to shine a spotlight on America’s unsecured border through our citizen patrols… We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the understaffed Border Patrol, we had a positive impact in reducing illegal immigration.”

Obviously Jim wants people to believe that if they send him money it will go to patriotic Minutemen on the border. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jim Gilchrist has only been involved in two border watches in the past four years. He took part in the very first border watch with Minuteman co-founder Chris Simcox (April ‘05) and then again in Laredo Texas (September ‘06).

Jim Gilchrist spends 3 days on the border

The border watch in Loredo Texas was dubbed “Operation Sovereignty” and it was over shortly after it began. Jim talked the founders of the Texas Minutemen, S. Beene and Shannon McGauley into moving their already scheduled border operation from El Paso to Laredo, seven hundred miles away. Jim promised them that he would bring lots of money, volunteers, and media to the event. Jim also promised that he would do the prep work before hand to make sure the event went smoothly. Jim Gilchrist did nothing. He didn’t even get permission from ranchers along the border for them to conduct their watch. According to S. Beene, Jim spent at the most 2 or 3 days in a hotel doing interviews before he left. The watch in Laredo ended abruptly. S. Beene and Shannon McGauley took the financial hit and went back to El Paso where they concluded their border watch operation with their volunteers as they had originally planned.

Jim Gilchrist fraudulently solicits money for a downed helicopter.

During the short lived Laredo border watch, a Minuteman volunteer by the name of Tom Bishop crashed his helicopter. The chopper was in bad shape but Tom Bishop was okay and his helecopter was insured. Much to everyone’s dismay, Jim Gilchrist began soliciting money on his website to purchase a new chopper. For weeks Jim was sending out emails soliciting money for a chopper that wasn’t even his. Tom Bishop was rightfully furious and worried that his insurance company would accuse him of fraud. S. Beene, Shannon McGauley, and Tom Bishop eventually got Jim to stop asking for money. They have no idea how much money Jim Gilchrist collected and they never saw a penny of it.

Shannon McGauley and S. Beene have requested that Jim Gilchrist remove the Texas Minuteman name from the list of MMP chapters. Like most everyone I know, they despise Jim Gilchrist and want nothing to do with him. In December, 84 pro-immigration enforcement leaders denounced Jim Gilchrist. One has to wonder how many other organizations listed as MMP chapters feel the same way and have also requested Jim remove their name from his website.

Threats from Jim Gilchrist.

After Jim reads this, he’ll no doubt threaten to sue me again like he did January 2nd after he called me a pedophile in a nasty email. As erratic and unconscionable as he is, Jim Gilchrist is quite predictable. He calls everyone a pedophile and then threatens to sue them. He’s done this to so many others that people have begun to to wonder if Jim was abused as a child himself. Where does he get this pedophile stuff from? I’ve heard that when children are sexually abused they sometimes develop multiple personalities to deal with the trauma. Perhaps this is how “Perry” and “Jack” came about? I’m not sure, but it’s something to think about.

All I know is if Jim does sue me, I’m going to subpoena Perry Emerson and Jack Sharpe to testify in court just for laughs! Unfortunately as much fun as that would be, I know it will never happen. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the Jim Gilchrist embezzlement trial on May 27th for the real fun.

Brook Young

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This is very scary foreboding stuff folks. Is anybody listening? Take the time to watch these videos. In three parts that last a total of about 30 min.

A towns entire identity and culture are changing to accommodate strangers. Immigrant Muslims, who for the most part have no intention of integrating or assimilating into the community they have been lucky enough to be invited into. Many don’t even want to communicate with non Muslims. They say it’s against their religion. What a mess we are making all in the name of multiculturalism. Stop the madness. GuardDog

Britain’s growing ethnic division
May 7, 2007

Panorama visits Blackburn in Lancashire to investigate how increased separation and segregation between Muslim Asians and whites is dividing communities.

Blackburn presents a stark example of a difficult, national problem.

For all the hopeful talk about “integration”, “multiculturalism” and now “cohesion”, the reality on the ground appears to be that Britain’s Muslim Asian community and its white community have few points of contact, and that the white majority often feel they share little in common with the growing Muslim Asian minority.

Panorama - “White Fright” Part 1

Panorama - “White Fright” Part 2

Panorama - “White Fright” Part 3

Of course there are hopeful exceptions, but Blackburn - where Muslim Asians on the last census made up 24% of the population and whose local council takes the issue very seriously - demonstrates clearly what the problem is.

Anyone who goes to Blackburn’s town centre, and takes a look around, will see that whites and Muslim Asians are sharing the shopping centre and that everyone is behaving perfectly courteously to each other.

So what’s the problem? Well, look a bit more carefully, and you’ll see that they are both here doing their shopping - but they’re not shopping together.

They’re nearly always shopping separately. And that’s the typical pattern here……

‘Small pockets’

And, as Ted Cantle makes clear, separation and segregation is not just a problem for places like Blackburn.

“It exists as a problem, to some degree or other, throughout the country, and it may be in small pockets and neighborhoods within larger cities like London and Birmingham and therefore not quite so evident.

“It might be whole boroughs or whole cities, but to some degree or another it exists. There is some degree of separation or segregation in most towns and cities.”

Panorama deals openly in this programme with a topic many in both communities have been too nervous to discuss, although it’s a discussion which the local council in Blackburn has itself promoted with its “100 Voices” dialogues.

The prospect, otherwise, is of even greater separation. A white Blackburnian says, regretfully: “You’ll end up with Muslim Asian towns, you’ll end up with white British towns.”

An Asian Blackburnian agrees: “I fear that my children will end up living like apartheid in South Africa.” …..

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Enrique Morones “I Was Born In Mexican Territory, San Diego, California.”

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