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Harvard student addresses Mexican president Felipe Calderon about immigration and human rights in Mexico.


Central American immigrants heading north face many hazards?and many crossings?in their risky trek to the ?land of marvels.?

Mexico’s Other Border
National Geographic Magazine
February 2008

The following are excerpts from the article. I recommend clicking on the link and reading the entire article. GuardDog

“It is at the southern Mexican border where the perils begin?the thugs, the drug runners, the extortionists in official uniforms, the police and migration agents who pack undocumented migrants into detention facilities before forcing them onto buses to be deported. The Tapachula migration station was recently rebuilt, to hold 960 migrants and process them more quickly; the southward-bound buses roll out every morning before dawn.”

“They had remarkably good luck. No one assaulted them with machetes or rifles or handmade pistols fashioned from PVC pipes stuffed with gunpowder; no one beat Armando and dragged Jessenia into the weeds; no one forced them to undress so that their body cavities and secret sewn-in clothing pockets could be examined for hidden money. No passing taxi driver decided to collect a payoff that day by alerting muggers or immigration officials that a vulnerable-looking couple was approaching on the road.”

“A Mexican shop owner in Tapachula described the trouble with the Central Americans in town: The Guatemalans are too servile, he said, the Hondurans too gang-inclined, the Salvadorans too hotheaded. And all of them?simply because they?re isolated, vulnerable, and likely to be carrying money?attract assailants whose toxic presence alarms everybody in town. ?I suppose I?d hire a Guatemalan over a Honduran, and a Honduran over a Salvadoran,? the shop owner said.”

“Then he came home and went back to making trouble, publicly denouncing the mistreatment of migrants. He believes that the desperation of the poor is scattering death along the length and breadth of the Mexican migration routes. ?There are crosses here without names,? Rigoni told me. ?There are cemeteries here without crosses. Some of the people in the Casa say to me: ‘For us, all of Mexico has turned into a cemetery without crosses.”

“We believe in the right to migrate, but we do not believe in the right to force people into migration. Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala?they share the responsibility for what is happening. I?ve been in these countries. I have seen clearly the division between levels of society.”

“The grim calculus of risk?greater likelihood of deportation around Tapachula, greater likelihood of assault in eastern Chiapas and Tabasco?had been carefully considered by every migrant I met. In Tabasco whole swaths of arid countryside had been ceded to assailants after dark; even police did not go near them at night. On one bleak stretch, officials found a tree decorated with women?s undergarments: trophies, each from a different rape.”

“Aceves handed out booklets instructing migrants that even if they have no documentation, no one is supposed to rob or abuse them. He held one of the booklets up and cleared his throat. ?Remember the worst is still ahead of you. In some parts of where you?re going, the days can go above 50 degrees??Celsius, he meant, or 120 degrees Fahrenheit. ?There are thieves on these roads, and rapes happen not just to women. Don?t get on trains while they?re moving. It?s better to wait for the next train than to lose a leg.”

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What Che Guevara Thinks about Barack Obama and his Staffers
Red State
Feb. 12, 2008

You might have heard that Barack Obama?s campaign office in Houston hangs a Cuban flag with a picture of Che Guevera (you know, the communist killer that liberal idiots where on their t-shirts?) on the wall.

Little Green Footballs took notice ? from news reports ? that flag appeared in more than one place throughout the office. Despite the outrage this has received from the conservative blogosphere, the Left has taken pains to justify it.

Hmm interesting. Glancing over the liberal blogs, I saw little in reference to this clear promotion of communism. It doesn?t outrage them that their main man ? Barack Obama ? is promoting a mass murderer? That?s interesting because here?s what Guevara himself would have said about Obama and some of those who working in his campaign offices:

(via Humberto Fontova)

?The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolity and drink, whereas the European is intelligent and forward looking.”

And this:

“Mexicans are a rabble of illiterate Indians. South American peasants are nothing but animalitos (little animals)”

You can read more about this man, who somehow earned legend status in the eyes of some idiots in Humberto Fontova?s “Exposing the Real Che Guevara (and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him.”), in which these quotes are documented.

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I love this guy and I’m not even an atheist. :) GuardDog

Man in a bubble…

Archbishop shocked at reaction…

Polygamy comes to Britain…

Don’t call Islamic terrorism by its name…

Don’t eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan…

Nurses told to move Muslims’ beds to face Mecca

Three little pigs too offensive…

You can download an audio version of this video at

Sharia Fiasco

Puzzled voices among Bradford’s Muslims
BBC News
Feb. 8, 2008

Bradford’s Muslims generally seemed puzzled by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s suggestion that Sharia laws should be adopted in Britain.

Stand on any one of the hills overlooking Bradford and across the skyline you can see the domes of mosques.

About 75,000 Muslims live here and many of them have been following the reaction to the comments by Dr Rowan Williams.

But the view over the mosques tells its own story. The people who attend each place of worship believe in their own interpretation of Sharia Law.

What one group believe to be Sharia is likely to be disputed by others just down the road.

The president of one mosque on Leeds Road in the city, Dr Bary Malik, is also a magistrate.

Shortly before Friday prayers he explained that he could foresee problems with the Archbishop’s suggestion.

“There are so many different sects in Islam, which version of Sharia Law are we going to have?” he said.

“If we introduce some sort of Sharia Law in this country and if it clashes with the British legal system, how do we resolve that issue? The British legal system, for me, already addresses most of the things that are in Sharia.”

There are already informal Sharia councils in Bradford, who advise people on issues of marriages and finance. It seems this is a system which works here and is accepted by those who approach the councils.

If Sharia was to be formalised, this is one city where the effects would be widespread.

But I found it impossible to find anyone who advocates such a move. In Canada similar proposals were abandoned following protests that women’s rights would be affected.

So what do Muslim women in West Yorkshire think?

Rihana Basharat, a mosque welfare secretary, said: “To me Islam, as we’ve been taught, is equal in divorce for women and men. Bringing it into this legal system is going to be totally confusing for everyone.”

Her friend Maria Ahmad told me: “We are striving for integration but I’m worrying that something like this will breed division rather than integration.”

Dr Williams has said the adoption of Sharia law in some circumstances “seems unavoidable” if social cohesion is to be maintained.

In Bradford, the idea seems to be creating anything but social cohesion with the reaction from Muslims in the city being bemusement over how any such arrangement could ever be integrated into English law.

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KVIA has video

EL PASO — A pilot working for a civilian illegal immigration watchdog group claims he was recently harassed by a pair of Air Force F-16 fighter jets.

Glenn Spencer said he flew from Fabens to San diego last month to record the progress that has been made on the border fence when he was confronted by the two fighter jets.

“I thought it was some kind of military maneuver,” said Spencer. The dangerous incident happened while he was flying over Douglas, Arizona in his Cessna 206. “[The jet] was less than a 100 feet away, made a sharp bank and then hit its afterburners. I thought I was in a mid-air collision.”

Spencer is a member of the American Border Patrol, a non-profit group that patrols the border with Mexico. “We fly along the border at least once a month, usually in two hops,” said Spencer.

Air Force officials confirmed the incident, saying the two fighter jets responded to “unknown or threatening airborne objects.” Captain Gabe Johnson said several Air National Guard units have been tasked with monitoring the border since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Still, Spencer said there is no reason for F-16 fighter jets to be flying so close to civilian aircraft. “If they thought I was somebody that should not have been flying through the area they could have called me on the radio … they did not,” he said.

Related story:
Border critic gets buzzed by F-16s on recent flight

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