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Richmond News

The lawyer for a man charged with killing a Kenosha County sheriff?s deputy says he should not be convicted of intentional homicide.

Frederick Cohn told a jury yesterday that Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero, 45, was so drunk the night of the killing he could not remember what happened.

That was part of Cohn?s opening statement in what?s expected to be a week-long trial in Racine.

Deputy Frank Fabiano was shot to death about 3 minutes after he stopped Lopez-Quintero for a traffic violation last May.

The jury heard Fabiano?s radio transmission to his dispatcher.

Cohn said his client was upset that night, because he thought his wife was cheating on him. So he had cocaine and two bottles of tequila, and his level of intoxication was twice the state?s minimum.

Cohn said Lopez-Quintero was ?bombed out of his mind? and there?s no way he should be guilty of intentional homicide.

Cohn said the defendant concedes what happened, and he would do little to cross-examine the state?s witnesses.

Lopez-Quintero is an illegal immigrant with up to seven aliases. He did not have a driver?s license the night he was stopped.

Lopez-Quintero Laughing, “Taunting” Officers


A man on trial for the killing a Kenosha County sheriff’s deputy was laughing and taunting authorities after being arrested a police officer testified Wednesday.

RACINE - The trial of Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero continued Wednesday. He’s accused of gunning down Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Fabiano. Wednesday, the prosecution took the offensive. They are blasting the defense theory that Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero was so drunk, he couldn’t be found guilty of intentionally killing deputy Frank Fabiano. Kenosha police officers testified Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero was laughing hours after allegedly killing Fabiano. “He was coherent. At one point he smiled, he laughed. I said ?I can’t believe he’s laughing,?? Kenosha Police Department?s Booker Bennett said.

The defense already admitted Lopez likely killed Fabiano, but they are claiming he had an “alcohol blackout” and doesn’t remember what happened. The prosecution tried to shoot that down by having an officer read a statement Lopez allegedly made after his arrest. “I?m mad at the police because my girlfriend called the police on me, and I?ve been drinking. I’m mad at the police,? Kenosha Police Officer Ernan de la Rosa said. Lopez had a blood alcohol level of .17 a few hours after the shooting.

The defense says no one can know whether or not he had blacked out during the crime. “You don’t know if he was blacked out at 11:44, do you?” “I have no idea,? Kenosha Fire Department?s Kristi Kaminski said. Just before court ended, one of the jurors was dismissed for an illness, but there are two alternates, so the trial will continue. Testimony was scheduled to continue Thursday, with the defense expected to begin presenting its case in the afternoon. The case could go to the jury Friday afternoon

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Parents are pulling students out of school. Construction workers are abandoning their jobs. Families are hastily moving out of apartments. Two months after Arizona enacted a law punishing employers that hire illegal immigrants, the law is already achieving one of its goals: Scores of immigrants are fleeing to other states or back to their Latin American homelands.

Gaby Espinoza, who has been unemployed since November, is among those affected. She gave up looking for a job because of the law and may have to return to Mexico.

Espinoza’s husband works here legally, but the law means that employers must ask her for papers, and she faces the daily fear of being deported.

‘There’s no work over there in Mexico,’ said Espinoza, who has three U.S.-born children. ‘People there live so poorly. Here, my kids have health insurance and Medicare. Over there, there’s nothing.’

Jose Perez Leon, a laborer in Phoenix who wants to return to his home in Mexico City, said jobs were plentiful when he came to Arizona about 18 months ago but began to dry up in the last three months.

‘I don’t like it here anymore because of everything that’s happening,’ he said. ‘There’s no work.’


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Shut The Fuck Up

Associated Press

Carpentersville, IL (AP) — When officials in this suburban Chicago community began proposing hardline anti-illegal immigration policies last year, pro-immigrant rights activists rallied.

Council meetings overflowed with thousands, mostly people who wanted to protest the proposed measures. Neighborhoods were canvassed with fliers. Coalitions formed to fight the policies.

But months and many primaries later, pro-immigrant activists fear the attention paid to immigration reform has faded in Illinois and other non-border states, even in communities like Carpentersville ? where more than 40 percent of 37,000 residents are Hispanic.

‘All political candidates are avoiding the issue. They talk about getting the vote of immigrants and Latinos, but they haven’t touched the problems of immigration reform,’ said Jorge Mujica, an activist supporting immigration rights. ‘Something has to happen. We are still here.’

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The Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol continues to lead the nation in illegal immigrant arrests. Now, there’s a new high and it’s connected to sex crimes committed in the United States.

Every single man, woman and child inside a detention facility in the Tucson Sector is an illegal immigrant who just crossed the border. “They’ll come in get sorted out depending on whether they’re children, women or males. And once they get finger printed we know the outcome we place them in to specific cells,” said Agent Jose Gonzalez.

It’s busy today: you can see belongings are piled high. Every illegal immigrant apprehended comes here to this processing center and it’s a guarantee that once a week, agents see at least one sex offender.

“The Tucson Sector gets a lot of sex offenders and we average at least one or two a week throughout the sector.” Gonzalez references a man wearing a blue t-shirt. “He served 2 1/2 years in jail for sexual conduct with a minor.”

Agents knew that because they ran his fingerprints. “He could have told us whatever we wanted and that’s what we have to go on. But with his fingerprints you can’t hide that,” said Gonzalez.

And he’s not the only illegal immigrant with a criminal record. Every man here walking out in shackles has a past, Gonzalez said. “Ten percent of the people we encounter have criminal records somewhere in the United States.” And they’ll now face federal charges for reentry as aggravated felons.

Agents in Southern Arizona tell News 4, they arrested 378,000 illegal immigrants in 2007. 41,000 of those had criminal histories and of those crimes, sex offenses were in the top three.

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Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) introduced the ?Complete the Fence Act? that will require the completion of 700 miles of reinforced pedestrian fencing along the nation?s southern border by December 31, 2010. The bill also requires the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to report to Congress by June 2009 on fence construction progress and how it plans to complete the full fence by the 2010 deadline.

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TUCSON, Ariz. ? Jurors deliberating the case of a U.S. Border Patrol agent charged with fatally shooting an illegal immigrant from Mexico said Thursday that they are deadlocked.

The jury had spent about 11 hours deliberating when they sent a note to the federal judge hearing the case late in the morning.

The jury’s note said they were split between acquitting agent Nicholas Corbett and convicting him, special prosecutor Grant Wood said.

Corbett is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide in the January 2007 death of 22-year-old Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera of Puebla, Mexico. The jury can convict on only one of the charges.

Dominguez was crossing the southern Arizona desert along with his two brothers and a woman when Corbett spotted them, raced up in his Border Patrol truck and the fatal confrontation took place.

Dominguez’s brothers testified that he was going to his knees to surrender when Corbett shot him.

Corbett testified that Dominguez was getting ready to heave a rock at his head and he fired in self-defense.

The case is unusual because it involves state criminal charges but is being tried in federal court because Corbett is a federal law enforcement agent.

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LA Weekly

Drew Street, with its long, straight rise, offered the perfect viewing base from which to espy approaching cop cars. It turned out to be just the thing for Maria “Chata” Leon, a young toughie from a rough, lawless Mexican village who settled there and gave birth to 13 children ? a half-dozen of whom became criminals. With a new baby on her hip every year or two, Leon dealt drugs and staked her claim on Drew Street, in a Bleak House stocked with guns and explosives.

She regularly did stints in jail and prison, and her growing brood, the extended Leon crime family, which has close ties to the Avenues gang that controls the area, slowly turned Drew Street into a hellish microcommunity that L.A. cops, politicians and code enforcers could not turn around. But hope materialized last year, when the city announced it was shutting down the Leon home and banning most of the Leon brood from their longtime family compound.

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Sister Cristina Angelini has been called the heart and soul of Shreveport’s Renzi Center, an early child development center run by the Catholic church.

But the federal government might be getting ready to tear that heart out. In a country where there are millions of illegal aliens — and a shortage of Catholic sisters — the feds are threatening to make her leave and return to her native Italy.

Exactly why, the government couldn’t tell KTBS News today. It might be a bureaucratic mixup.

Sister Cristina got a letter from the government last week, telling her she must leave the U.S. by the end of the month.

She had applied to extend her visa and thought she was approved.

Then the letter from immigration officials arrived.

“I was very shocked and confused,” Sister Cristina said today. “I don’t know why this happened.”

Angelini would not discuss specifics pending a conference with immigration officials later this week. But the reason for the deportation could have something to do with Hurricane Katrina and delays in processing her paperwork at immigration’s New Orleans office.

But she and her lawyer are having a hard time maneuvering through the government’s red tape.

Sister Cristina came to Shreveport six years ago. The Renzi Center’s children and their parents have become like family.

“If it’s God’s will, I’m leaving, but I will carry Shreveport in my heart forever,” she said.

Parents got a letter from the center this week telling them about the situation.

“I know how much she loves working with the children. I know what it means for her to be at that school,” said Joey Presley, a Shreveport firefighter whose daughter attends Renzi. “I’ll have to explain to her why Sister Christina isn’t here.”

Sister Cristina is finding out what’s it’s like to be a “number” in the U.S. bureaucracy.

“I still have three weeks to fight, so I’m ready to do so,” she said.

A spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in New Orleans said today that two different agencies handle deportations and resident aliens. It could be that the two aren’t aware of what the other is doing, he said. He said ICE will look into her case.

Parents of students at the Renzi Center are also contacting U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery of Shreveport and U.S. Sens. David Vitter and Mary Landrieu, asking them to get involved.

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Mario Alexander Paramo


Prince William police arrested 28-year-old Nicaraguan native, Mario Alexander Paramo after he inappropriately touched and then assaulted a Woodbridge woman he met at a park.

The assault occurred around four in the morning on March 1st near Putnam Circle. After Paramo assaulted the victim, he drove her to an unknown location and left. The victim was able to call police after the attack. During the investigation, police received information that Paramo could attempt to flee the country. Paramo was located at Dulles Airport, attempting to purchase a plane ticket. He was taken into custody and was charged with Rape and Abduction With Intent to Defile.

Paramo has been held without bond and has been scheduled to appear in court on April 6.

Paramo overstayed his visa and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has been notified.

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