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Appeasing Islam

Europe’s cultural suicide.

Two excellent books on the appeasement of Islamic extremism in Europe

While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer

Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

Free speech and radical Islam

More respect for Islam?

Islam-West rift widens

Danish art show re-opens after Muslim threat

Dutch government’s cowardice in the face of violent threats

Muslims rioted in Denmark because they were “bored”

European Union covered up attacks on Jews by young Muslims

Britain’s dhimmi West Midlands police

Bradford police may have to learn about sharia law

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AVONDALE, Ariz. — In the past four days, police agencies have been called to five drop houses and found a total of 174 illegal immigrants.

Most of the human smugglers who were holding them against their will still have not been found, police said.

Law enforcement officials cite the milder weather as the chief reason for the uptick. Officers said they always see an influx of illegal immigrants in the spring.

In the most recent case, authorities said 80 people were inside a suspected drop house near 125th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Neighbors said they don’t think they had been there long because they saw moving vans there just a few days ago.

One neighbor said the people inside may not have had any running water or electricity because she said she hasn’t seen any lights on.

“We came home last night and the garage was up and it was just filled with them,” said Elizabeth Finnemore. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Avondale police got a call Saturday evening about suspicious activity at the house. As officers pulled in, they stopped a car leaving the home and found 13 people inside.

When they entered the home, they found another 67 people inside the house, police said.

On Saturday morning, police responded to a shooting near 59th Avenue and Broadway.

As officers arrived, they found eight illegal immigrants being held by three smugglers. One of the immigrants tried to climb out a second-story bathroom window and was shot in the chest by one of the smugglers, police said.

The smugglers fled, but officers assisted the wounded man who was rushed to a local hospital in critical but stable condition.

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5 Investigates Deportation Problem
News 5 Phoenix
March 1, 2008

PHOENIX — Illegal immigrant sex offenders sneaking across the Mexican border into the desert Southwest revealed a problem with the way criminals are being deported, a CBS 5 investigation uncovered.

When an illegal immigrant commits a crime in Arizona he or she is sent to jail or prison and then deported back to Mexico. However, 5 Investigates uncovered that instead of dropping the offenders deep into Mexico; they are being dropped off right at the border.

5 Investigates videotaped an Immigration and Customs Enforcement van carrying two illegal immigrants, who just finished serving prison, to the border.

Upon arriving at the border, the offenders stepped out, were handed their belongings and set free.

Investigates interviewed the men on what they planned to do next; one man said he planned to turn around and attempt to go back to California where his family lives.

Federal officials, such as Katrina Kane from ICE, said they face difficulties as their ways of deportation are limited.

“It’s not the only way that we’re deporting them. It’s one of the ways we are deporting, you know, individuals to Mexico,” said Kane.

Others disagree and believe there are better ways to ensure people charged with sex crimes do not re-enter society.

Scott Berkowitz of RAINN, an organization that lobbies Congress of behalf of rape victims, said he believes prison may be the best way to deal with those charges with sex crimes.

“The best thing we can do is keep them in prison for a much longer time,” Berkowitz said.

Border Patrol agents report seeing illegal immigrants every night attempting to cross the border, many of them sex offenders.

Last year, on a small sector of thoroughfare near Nogales, Border Patrol caught nearly 400 offenders trying to sneak across in this one area alone.

Border Patrol Agent Mike Scioli revealed to 5 Investigates just how frequent these convicts enter back into the country.

“Within just the last week, we caught three major sex offenders and it was anything from lewd acts with a minor to child molestation; I believe one was a rape victim or sexual assault,” Scioli said.

Agents said they identified sex offenders from North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and California that were deported to Mexico and then turned around and re-entered the U.S. at the Arizona border.

Police said the Chandler rapist was one of these offenders.

The Chandler rapist is an illegal immigrant who was deported twice from California to Mexico.

Sex offenders and other ex-cons caught re-entering the U.S. face new prison terms up to 20 years.

However, the convicts 5 Investigates interviewed said the consequences of getting caught will not stop them from attempting to re-enter the U.S.

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Jose Salvador Alcantar-Ruiz

The 39-year-old Anderson man accused of accidentally running over and killing a 3-year-old boy on Thursday was being held Friday without bail in the Shasta County jail on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant.

California Highway Patrol spokesman J.D. Womack said Jose Salvador Alcantar-Ruiz gave officers a driver’s license belonging to someone else when he was questioned about running over Christian Luna.

Although he first identified himself as Miguel Alvarez, Alcantar-Ruiz was later identified through his fingerprints, Womack said.

He’s being held on suspicion of false impersonation, vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and obstructing an officer, and on an illegal immigration hold.

Womack said Alcantar-Ruiz was a friend of Christian’s family.

CHP officer Jeff Patton said Alcantar-Ruiz was backing down the driveway at Christian’s Hornbeck Lane home in Anderson when the boy ran between Alcantar-Ruiz’s pickup and another truck that also was backing up.

The unidentified driver in front of Alcantar-Ruiz tried to warn him by hitting his horn, but Alcantar-Ruiz didn’t stop in time, Patton said.

Christian was taken by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center in Redding, where he died.

Officers say that alcohol doesn’t appear to have been a factor in the incident.

Shasta County District Attorney Jerry Benito said Friday that the charges against Alcantar-Ruiz — including the vehicular manslaughter charge — are likely to be a misdemeanors.

Alcantar-Ruiz could be deported after court proceedings, Benito said. A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office said Alcantar-Ruiz was scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

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PHOENIX — An illegal immigrant was sentenced Friday to 10.5 years in prison for running a red light and killing a 20-year-old.

Jocabed Dominguez-Torres pleaded guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault on Jan. 31.

The charges stemmed from an accident on March 4, 2007 in which Dominguez-Torres ran a red light at a Peoria intersection and struck another vehicle.

A passenger in the second vehicle, Chris Miller, died at the scene. One other person in the car was seriously injured.

According to a blood test, Dominguez-Torres had a blood alcohol content of .20.

She was indicted for manslaughter and aggravated assault on March 20, 2007.

On Friday, Protesters gathered to support Miller’s family and protest Phoenix’s immigration-enforcement policies.

“It was their only son,” said Buffalo Rick Galenner. “He’s gone and the illegal aliens seems to be walking free. I’m tired of it. American citizens are tired of paying for illegal aliens. Period.”

Outside court, Miller’s parents said the sentencing was about closure and justice for their son.

“We can start over again. We can go forward. We truly feel this is Chris’s day,” said his mom.

Protesters held signs and even walked with the Millers as they entered court. They blamed Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris and Mayor Phil Gordon for the city’s controversial immigration enforcement policy and called for their resignations.

“Well, obviously nothing will ever replace Chris but if anything can come out of the fact that he was killed by a drunk driver who was illegal, we’re hoping to fight both battles at this point,” said Scott Miller.

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A federal judge ruled in favor of the defendant and has stopped deportation proceedings against a Danbury family.

The judge said that deporting Tereza Pereira and Carlos Lima would result in an exceptional hardship on their two American-born sons, one of which is an honor student at Danbury High School.

“Thank God it’s over, now we can return to peace,” Pereira said immediately after the decision.

About a dozen supporters of Pereira and Lima were in the court room. The room erupted in cheers when the judge ruled in favor of the defendant.

They are expected to receive their green cards within the next few weeks

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Two men apparently trying to steal back dozens of cockfighting roosters from a Bakersfield shelter were caught with bags of feathers, but no birds.

LA Times

Two men intent on stealing back a flock of cockfighting roosters from a Bakersfield animal shelter Friday had their middle-of-the-night plan interrupted by California Highway Patrol officers, authorities said.

The men were apprehended near the Bakersfield Animal Shelter carrying burlap sacks containing feathers, said Lt. Brad Wahl of the Bakersfield Police Department. A check of their vehicle turned up cockfighting videos but no roosters, so the vehicle was impounded and the men were released, Wahl said.

The CHP officers were unaware that a day earlier 45 roosters had been removed from a home by a police task force that was serving search warrants on a different matter, Wahl said. However, the CHP officers did notify animal control officials of the suspicious activity. When animal control officers counted the impounded cocks, they discovered that 13 were missing, said Denise Haynes of Kern County Animal Control.

The cages were not locked so it would have been easy to retrieve the roosters once the thieves got over a barbed-wire fence around the shelter, Haynes said. A pair of bolt cutters was found near the cages.

“My guess is the CHP caught them on a return trip. They were coming back for more,” Haynes said.

The suspects are at large but detectives with the Police Department were investigating the thefts, Wahl said.

Read more.

Another cockfighting story.

FOX Reno

Raid Targets Illegal Cockfighting Breeding Farm

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Santa Cruz County animal welfare officials have busted a farm filled with some 200 fighting cocks “pumped full of steroids” — the latest Bay Area raid targeting the illegal industry.

Animal Services field manager Todd Stosuy said the fighting cocks along with several hens and 12 chicks were seized Wednesday from a property on the 600 block of Calabasas Road outside of Watsonville.

Authorities stumbled onto the illegal operation when they visited the farm to investigate a complaint about cattle neglect. The cattle were discovered in good condition, but the rooster pens were spotted nearby.

The property owner, 53-year-old Felipe Ramirez Lopez, was arrested on suspicion of possession of fighting cocks, a possible felony since he has a prior 1994 conviction on the charge.

Stosuy said the bird will likely be euthanized.

“These birds are so conditioned, pumped full of steroids, pumped full of vitamins,” Stosuy told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “They’re super athletic, super aggressive. Most can’t be adopted out to the general public… Most do have to be euthanized due to their aggressive nature.”

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The liberals have come up with a clever way of ratifying dangerous treaties, which now require a two-thirds vote (67) to pass in the Senate. They will introduce them as legislation, requiring only a majority vote to pass. The model for this new approach is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which President Bush mistakenly refers to as a treaty.

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been portrayed by our media as being opposed to it. In fact, they want to make NAFTA stronger. They want to renegotiate the pact and attach binding commitments and strong enforcement mechanisms on labor and environmental issues. In effect, the Democrats are calling for NAFTA to assume even more supranational authority over economic activity in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This could be the next step on the road to a proposed North American Union.

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Vail Daily

Intelligent debate

Too often, debates about immigration dissolve into anger, hostility and misinformation, says teacher Stephanie Gallegos. She especially see this on web comments on the Vail Daily?s Web site and letters to the editor.

While the students are respectful of each other in class, the subject is still uncomfortable. They know some students are here illegally. They know many students have fathers who are day laborers, never knowing what their next job will be.

At the same time, some students might come from families with hostile feelings toward immigrants, who might be instilling racism and the ?Deport ?em all? attitude in their children.

Those two sides meet every day in the valley, and it?s sometimes hard to find intelligent conversation on the topic, Gallegos said.

So, that?s why they?re taking a slow, historical, academic approach to immigration. By the end of the year, the students can have an intelligent debate on immigration, Gallegos said.

Understanding cultures

Before they even talked about Mexican immigration, they spent weeks studying why, in the 19th century, the Irish came by the millions to America. Today, talking about the potato famine is not at all controversial, but it carries the same themes ? people leaving their homes for a better life in the Unites States. Some people didn?t mind them coming here, many others hated it.

With Mexican immigration, they?re starting from the beginning, following history through the Mexican Civil war and the industrial revolution; through World War II, when Mexicans came to fill in the shortage of agricultural workers; to the situation here in Eagle County, where illegal immigration has obviously affected our schools and job market.

At the beginning of every class, students read a book called ?Lupita Manana,? which is about a 13-year-old girl and her 15-year-old brother who lose their father in a fishing accident, and need to cross the border to get jobs and send money back to their families.

?By looking at the history of immigration, our hope is sort of take away our fear of the unknown, so we can understand other cultures and why they come here,? teacher Noel Falk said.

While the students learn why people leave their homes to come to the United States, they?ll also learn about some of the negative impacts immigration has had on us in the past, and the impacts being seen today.

?It?s so personal, and a lot of people come here for jobs, but we are a nation of laws, and we have to show that to the kids,? Gallegos said.

It will be perfectly fine for students to believe, after all this study, that the U.S. needs to become exponentially tougher on illegal immigration. Falk just hopes that students would come to those conclusions with some understanding of and respect for a different culture.

?We will present both sides, and they?ll make their own decisions,? Falk said. ?But they?ll at least have compassion, they?ll agree to disagree instead of being angry.?

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It’s time to impose big fines on these employers and send repeat offenders to jail.

Seattle Times

A year after one of King County’s biggest work-site raids, fully two-thirds of the 51 illegal immigrants arrested have either been deported or told to leave the country.

But no charges have been brought against Spherion, the employment agency that hired the immigrants, or UPS Supply Chain Solutions, the UPS subsidiary that operated the two Auburn warehouses where they worked.

The results are consistent with an ongoing enforcement pattern: Even as the Department of Homeland Security talks big about cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants ? grabbing headlines in some high-profile cases ? it’s generally the workers who take the hardest hit. Actions against employers are still relatively rare.

Read more.

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