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This guy was well intentioned but what he did was dead wrong, just plain stupid, and illegal. He may be in a lot of trouble cause of his actions. Let this be a warning to others. Don’t do what this guy did. GuardDog

Store owner asks to see Social Security card
The Providence Journal
March 12, 2007

PROVIDENCE ? All José Genao planned to do at the heating equipment supply store was buy a spare part for his boiler.

While the owner began searching for the part, Genao and his friend began speaking to each other in Spanish.

As owner David C. Richardson was ringing up Genao?s $18 purchase, he demanded to see their Social Security cards.

What followed was a telling encounter underscoring the tensions in this country over immigration and ethnicity.

When Genao told Richardson ?he did not have the right to ask all those questions,? Richardson pulled out a membership card for Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, a group that seeks curbs on illegal immigration.

Then, he lifted the phone receiver and threatened to call immigration authorities, Genao said.

?He [Richardson] grabbed the phone and said, ?I can call ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] anytime I see an illegal immigrant,??? said Genao. ?He also said, ?I can make a citizen?s arrest.???

Genao, a Rhode Island state employee, is a native of the Dominican Republic and a U.S. citizen. He speaks fluent English. He said his friend ? who declined comment ? is also a Dominican native and U.S. citizen. ?There is no problem with his status,? said Genao. ?He is legal.? State records list both as registered voters……

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Proof positive crime pays if your an illegal alien in the USA. Insane!! But some including certain media are turning it around and saying ICE was trying to deport an American citizen. Boo hoo hoo! The only reason ICE was going to deport this guy was because he kept telling them he was an illegal alien from Mexico. Why? So he could get out of certain criminal charges. He would voluntarily self deport and come right back. Essentially getting away with the crime. UGH!! He’s being treated like a victim but in reality he’s a criminal who has nobody to blame but himself for the mess he is still in. GuardDog

Saul Espinoza, 36, claimed to be an illegal alien from Mexico. Now his attorney says he is an American citizen.

Man who posed as illegal immigrant released
Houston Chronicle
March 11, 2008

SAN ANTONIO ? A man who says he posed as an illegal immigrant for years to dodge criminal charges was back at home with his family in Central Texas.

Saul Espinoza, 36, was detained for nearly two months in San Antonio before being released Monday night. He was allowed to join his family in Boerne pending a final decision in his case.

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “I’m going to go to church, stay out of trouble, get a job and rebuild my life.”

Immigration officials still haven’t recognized him as a U.S. citizen.

“Due to his extensive deceptive history, ICE is carefully reviewing his latest claim of U.S. citizenship,” said Nina Pruneda, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman.

Espinoza said he duped authorities for years and avoided criminal charges by telling officials he was Joel Garza, an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

But Espinoza’s attorney said the father of five was actually born in Brownsville and has the school records, baptismal certificate, and U.S. birth certificate to prove it.

Espinoza has been arrested several times for theft and drug charges. On several occasions, he gave authorities an alias and told them he was a Mexican national. After being deported or voluntarily returning south of the border, he simply headed north and claimed U.S. citizenship.

ICE tried to deport him to Mexico after his latest legal trouble before officials decided to take another look at Espinoza’s case.


A Man Without A Country: What Will Happen To Saul Espinoza?
Feb. 22, 2008

It almost sounds unbelievable. A San Antonio attorney says the United States is about to deport an American Citizen to Mexico.

But unless U.S. Immigration officials step in, there’s a good chance it will happen.

The 36-year-old man was convicted in federal court years ago of being in the country illegally. The only problem is, his attorney says he was born in Brownsville.

As a young boy, Saul Espinoza was really no different than any other boy living America.

“He was born 2 years before my birthday. That’s why I remember. Because I held him in my arms when he was just a few days old. And where was that? Brownsville, Texas,” explained Espinoza’s aunt, Esther Ontiveros Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said she helped raise her nephew.

“I don’t really think about him being deported, because I can’t conceive it,” Rodriguez told News 4.

That’s because Espinoza has certified records from his grade school in Brownsville, a baptismal certificate from a church there, and a U.S. birth certificate.

“Immigration authorities believe he is in fact, that he is here without documentation,” said attorney Josue Martinez, who represents Espinoza.

According to Martinez, the problem is partially Espinoza’s own fault. Espinoza has been arrested several times for various theft and drug charges and in a couple of cases, he gave the court aliases and told them he was a Mexican national. He was deported, but came back to the U.S.

His attorney says once a judge has ruled on nationality, he’s barred by case law from bringing the documents in front of a judge again.

“This is one of those instances. There is not a legal remedy,” said Espinoza’s attorney Josue Martinez

Martinez believes the only way for Espinoza to stay in the U.S. is for Immigration officials to withdraw the charges. I.C.E. spokesperson Nina Purneda asked why they would do that if he’s already been convicted in federal court.

“We don’t go around arresting people at random, said Purneda. “There has to be a reason we are going after this individual.

News 4 called Mexican immigration officials Friday to ask them what would happen if Espinoza is deported. They said if he had no legal documents to prove he is from Mexico, they’d deport back to his country of origin, which his attorney says is the United States.

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