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Sonoran News

PHOENIX ? First the city of Phoenix painted a crosswalk across Thomas Road, leading right to the front entrance of Pruitt?s Fine Furnishings, so Salvador Reza?s illegal alien protestors wouldn?t be cited for jaywalking, and possibly deported, by Maricopa County Sheriff?s Office deputies.

A complaint from Pruitt?s got the crosswalk promptly blacked out.

When the tide turned and citizens began protesting the Macehualli Work Center, the day labor center for illegal aliens operated by Salvador Reza at 16801 N. 25th Street, the city came out and painted the curb red on both sides of the street so protestors couldn?t park in front of or across from the center.

Now the city has threatened the protestors with sign ordinance violations, citing all signs must be carried and may not be placed on stands.

Protestors were also told they could only have one table.

Meanwhile, citizens have filed formal complaints with the city regarding the center?s continued operation with a long-expired temporary use permit.

Mary Hindman filed a complaint last November and Sharon Ferguson filed one in February.

While the city has a code compliance tracking page on its website, neither complaint has ever been entered.

Without even delving into federal immigration laws, at best, Salvador Reza would appear to be in violation of A.R.S. §13-2908.2 criminal nuisance, which states: ?A person commits criminal nuisance by knowingly conducting or maintaining any premises, place or resort where persons gather for the purpose of engaging in unlawful conduct.?

It may only be a class 3 misdemeanor but it is still a criminal offense.

Besides the fact that the Macehualli Work Center?s specific function is to assist illegal aliens with procuring illegal employment and employers with procuring unauthorized workers, no taxes are paid by anyone ? not by Salvador Reza?s nonprofit organization Tonatierra, not by the illegal aliens working for cash and not by the employer who pays them cash.

A plethora of state and federal employment laws are simply ignored.

Let?s go back to May 1, 2002 when Phoenix City Council passed Ordinance No. S-29021, authorizing the city manager, who was, and still is, Frank Fairbanks, ?to expend up to $75,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for capital improvements for a day laborer employment center, to enter into a lease agreement for up to $45,000 for 16801 N. 25th Street, to waive CDBG Enhancement Program criteria, to initiate application for a temporary use permit and variance, to solicit a non-city operator, to effect such other tasks as are necessary to establish a day laborer employment center; and authorizing the city controller to disburse the necessary funds.?

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Newton Grove, N.C. ? A head-on, two vehicle crash Saturday night on U.S. Highway 701 in Sampson County claimed the lives of a Campbell University pharmacy professor and a second driver and injured a third person, the Highway Patrol said.

Lewis M. Fetterman Jr., 58, of Clinton, was driving a Chrysler minivan south when a northbound 1992 Ford crossed the highway and they collided head-on, troopers said. The Ford driver, Alejandro Antonio Rivas, also died.

Joni-Fay Watts Fetterman, 56, a passenger in the minivan, was taken to Sampson Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, the patrol reported. She was released from the hospital Sunday.

The crash happened about 1.7 miles south of Newton Grove.

Troopers said Rivas, of 264 Preston Lane, is thought to have had alcohol in his system. Toxicology reports have not been released yet. The 46-year-old was not a licensed driver, troopers said.

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Gustavo Arellano makes a living being an anti-American racist smart ass. He writes the “Ask a Mexican” column in the OC Weekly.

Here is his YouTube page.

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HOUSTON ? Civil rights activists say “anti-immigrant hysteria” helped lead to the arrest of a Hispanic truck driver after a car accident that killed a Harris County sheriff’s deputy who was driving drunk.

Jose Jesus Vieyra, 57, a Mexican immigrant, is accused of causing a crash that killed sheriff’s deputy Craig W. Miller on Feb. 21. Authorities say Vieyra caused the crash by crossing three lanes of traffic in his commercial truck and veering in front of Miller.

But autopsy results released Thursday show that Miller, 43, had a blood-alcohol level between 0.27 and 0.32 when he died ? more than three times the legal limit.

Miller had been off-duty when he was called in to work the night of the accident. He was driving to an undercover surveillance assignment.

Harris County assistant district attorney Bill Hawkins said allegations that Miller was drunk don’t affect causation in the collision. Vieyra remains jailed on a $35,000 bail, charged with criminally negligent homicide.

“This rush to judgment, this anti-immigrant hysteria, it clouds the truth. It really does,” said Randall Kallinen, president of the American Rights Association, a civil rights and civil liberties group based in Houston.

The League of United Latin American Citizens is calling for an independent agency, such as the FBI, to investigate how the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Harris County District Attorney’s Office have handled the case.

“We don’t feel the sheriff’s office and DA’s office can do a fair and unbiased investigation on this case,” said Francisco B. Rodriguez III, director of LULAC’s local office. “They have done minimal work because they thought they had a scapegoat.”

The sheriff’s office declined to comment on Rodriguez’s comments.

The sheriff’s department has said it is still interviewing witnesses and hasn’t completed an accident report.

Hawkins said he will wait for the sheriff’s investigation to finish before taking the case to a grand jury.

Federal immigration officials have said Vieyra is in the country on a visitor’s visa that has expired. If released, Vieyra will likely be deported.

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OpEd News

You say Rivera, I say Riviera; you say Gerald, I say Geraldo.

The wonder boy who has never resolved his identity crisis appeared on The Colbert Show Tuesday night to tout his new book His panics. With one foot on the ?his? and the other on the ?panics? Geraldo seemed not to get how much the title defines his own dilemma.

A child of a mixed marriage, Gerald/o changed his persona on demand depending on which relatives were visiting. It wasn?t until ABC drafted him to boost their roster of nonwhite males at a time when corporations actually counted ethnic surnames to ensure their claim to diversity that the name Geraldo took root. The young law school grad had had no prior journalism training or experience, but what he did have was the right kind of name and a spirit of opportunism that has become sharper and more focused over the years.


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The Enquirer

HAMILTON ? After three Butler County car dealerships were accused of selling fake ID?s to help illegal immigrants buy cars, a state lawmaker is planning legislation that would add another step to block illegal immigrants from getting temporary license tags or registrations for those vehicles.

?I can?t stop you from buying a car. I think that would be unconstitutional; you have a right to buy anything you want, as long as you have the money.

“But what I can do is stop you from obtaining a tag or license to put on that car,? said state Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Fairfield.

Combs said Friday that his office has asked the Ohio Legislative Services Commission to research and draft a proposal that would require vehicle purchasers to prove U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status before obtaining a temporary tag or license plate for their vehicles. Combs said he hopes to introduce the measure sometime in April.

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The death of an injured woman raised the number to seven, the number of dead people who where gunned down by supposed hit men of organized crime at a law firm in Guadalajara, in the western part of Mexico, reported official sources.

The victims were found inside their office on Thursday, all with their hands tied, gagged and some shot in the head.

According to the local press, the office that was attacked belonged the lawyer Raúl Garcia Valencia, who presumedly was the defense attorney of Archibaldo Iván Guzmán, a.k.a ‘el Chapito’, son of the leader of the cartel of Sinaloa, Joaquín ‘Chapo’ Guzmán, one of the most sought bosses by the American and Mexican authorities

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FOX news

MEXICO CITY ? Mexican officials said Saturday that 36 bodies were found buried in the backyard of a house in a city across the border from El Paso, Texas, and they believe that number represents the final tally.

Mexican federal agents began digging behind a Ciudad Juarez house allegedly used by the Juarez drug cartal two weeks ago after receiving an anonymous tip, officials said.

In the raid, investigators found 3,740 pounds of marijuana in the house. They initially found six dismembered bodies, but as excavations proceeded the tally rose.

On Saturday, the Attorney General’s office said in a statement that a total of 36 bodies had been found in 16 pits in the house’s yard. The previous estimate had been 33. Officials did not provide details on the three new bodies.

The statement said investigators are done excavating behind the house in La Cuesta neighborhood and they believe there are no more remains to be found.

The remains date back about five years and all but three apparently are males. The statement said investigators were still trying to determine how the victims died and who buried the bodies.

Ciudad Juarez has been plagued by violence as Mexico’s crackdown on powerful drug cartels stokes turf wars among traffickers that have been linked to hundreds of killings in the past two years.

Cartels frequently use “safe houses” in border cities to store drugs, house gunmen and dispose of dead rivals.

In January 2004, police unearthed a grave containing 12 bodies in a Ciudad Juarez backyard.

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The state Department of Motor Vehicles has shut down a Stratford driver training school whose owner is the target of a state and federal investigation into whether he helped hundreds of undocumented immigrants obtain driver’s licenses.

DMV officials revoked the business license for Express Driving School and also the individual business license of its owner, Henry Kruszewski, after receiving a tip that Kruszewski was helping undocumented immigrants get licenses through the department’s Bridgeport and Danbury branches.

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