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Absolut Photoshop: How about a fence? Thanks to a Michelle Malkin reader for this PhotoShop gem.

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Error Theory Blog

Tom Burnett Sr. called me yesterday and told me that he approved of my efforts to expose the many Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in what was originally called the Crescent of Embrace design. ?I am so happy you are doing this,? he said.

He described his own efforts to stop the crescent design, including letters to the press that were never published. [Update: In a subsequent discussion with Mrs. Burnett, she thought that at least one of the letters was published by the Somerset Daily American. Will update later with what I can verify about who did and did not publish the letters.] With the crescent design still going forward, he has decided that it is necessary to up the ante, and has authorized me to publicize his decision to protest the crescent design by insisting that Tom Jr.?s name not be inscribed on one of the 44 glass blocks emplaced along the flight path, or used anywhere else in the memorial.

?I think we HAVE to,? says Mr. Burnett. ?It?s not that I pull a lot of weight around. I know that. I?m one of forty.?

There were forty heroes on Flight 93, along with four terrorists.

Mr. Burnett was adamantly against architect Paul Murdoch?s design long before he knew about the suspicious glass block count, or the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent, or any of the other Islamic and terrorist memorializing specifics that I have discovered.

He read two letters that he sent to the press back in September 2005, when the unveiling of the crescent design first ignited a national controversy.

Both of Tom Burnett’s September 2005 letters condemn the chosen design in the strongest possible terms. ?It is unmistakably an Islamic symbol,? charged Mr. Burnett: ?The red Crescent of Embrace? bastardizes what my son and others did on Flight 93.?

Incredibly, the newspapers declined to publish these explosive letters from the father of one of the heroes of Flight 93, a man who is also one of only fifteen Stage Two jurors, making him one of the few people who witnessed the design competition from the inside. ?This all went on deaf ears, apparently,? Mr. Burnett told me on the phone. [Before posting, I Google searched several phrases from both letters and turned up nothing, but letters to the editor might not be posted online. Full verification of whether the letters were published is in process. In any case, published or not, they “fell on deaf ears,” according to Mr. Burnett.]

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Mexicans Without Borders: This Sign Isn?t Big Enough
Black Velvet Bruce Li
April 3, 2008

The saga of this community defacement on Prince William Street has taken a severely surreal turn. The MJM is reporting that after being denied a commercial rezoning, and then being cited for improperly altering a structure subject to a demolition order without a building permit, Gaudencio Fernandez has applied for a special use permit in order to construct a replacement for this forty-foot long monstrosity that would make it two hundred twenty feet long and sixteen feet high. I can just imagine what a public hearing for that would be like. Manassas City residents are already spectacularly unimpressed with Mr. Fernandez? efforts to transform the city?s historic district into a demonstration for radical, racist and deliberately offensive screeds based on the philosophy of the Mexica Movement, making the chances a request like this would ever be approved infinitely close to zero.

So is there any indication that Mr. Fernandez has come to the realization that getting approvals from the Architectural Review Board, the Planning Commission and the City Council might be helped had he not gone out of his way to be as offensive as possible? Apparently not:

Fernandez said as long as the city and county back the newly instituted Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) program, he will not take the current sign down.

?As we long as we have not seen any changes, we will not remove our message,? Fernandez said.

That?s quite a demonstration of how committed Mr. Fernandez and his ilk are to helping make the City of Manassas a great place to live. Since he doesn?t agree with the decisions of the City Council, he?s going to take the property he trashed in an attempt to remodel the formerly historic structure to accommodate residential overcrowding and try to turn it into a permanent public eyesore. Fernandez is utterly insane if he thinks the council is going to agree to this, and it will doubtlessly inflame the African-American community that has to put up with this on a daily basis for the past five months. On the astronomically infinitesimal chance that the Council did approve this request, every indication is that Mr. Fernandez and his Mexicans Without Borders buddies would only push harder…..

To read entire article click here.

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My Fox Orlando

ORANGE COUNTY, Florida. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) –The FBI has identified the man they took into custody Tuesday for trying to smuggle pipe bomb parts onto an aircraft.

In a press release the FBI identified Kevin Brown, a Jamaican national, approximately 32 years old. They said he planned to board Air Jamaica flight 80 to Jamaica, until he was questioned by airport authorities.

According to the release, a subsequent search of Browns checked baggage by airport authorities revealed two galvanized pipes, end caps, two small containers containing BBs, batteries, two containers with an unknown liquid, laptop, and bomb making literature.

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“Southern California” is a tongue-in-cheek, campy song parody that spoofs illegal immigration set to The Eagles “Hotel California.” The video features cameos by Jimmy Shubert (King of Queens, The Italian Job), Michael Dean Jacobs (Malcolm in the Middle, Vegas), and Mark “Skippy” Price (Family Ties, Funny Money). It was written by Rick D’Elia and is performed by him and fellow comedian Adam Stone. If you are offended by this video in any way… lighten up!!!! It’s just a goof, amigos.

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Gov. Janet Napolitano urged Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resolve their differences over immigration enforcement Wednesday as Hispanic leaders called for an end to the sheriff’s immigration patrols, claiming they are dividing the community and could lead to violence.

The governor, speaking at her weekly media briefing, said the problems “should be resolved professionally,” adding, “I think law enforcement ought to be focused on how public safety is most enhanced.”

She said the dispute over notification between the city and the sheriff over their operations needs to be settled.

“You run the risk of somebody getting hurt,” she said. “If you don’t know what other undercover operations or other things are going on out there, you really could have people running into each other… The second question is making sure that you are not violating people’s civil rights as you do these activities.”

Meanwhile, Hispanic leaders said the sheriff’s crackdowns on illegal immigrants are creating fear and unrest in the community.

“As a community, we see him going out setting up his troops and stopping people at random — racial profiling,” said Hector Yturralde, president of We Are America. “After they find out they can’t speak English or they have no identification, then they stop them for immigration.”

Yturralde added, “He is causing a division within this community that is not good. And that is not his job.”

He said the sheriff is using his title to grandstand at taxpayers’ expense.

In the past two weeks, Arpaio has conducted patrols at two Phoenix locations where day laborers gather, using some 200 deputies and posse members. Last week, more than 50 people were arrested in the area around Cave Creek and Bell Roads. More than a dozen were illegal immigrants. Arpaio has vowed to continue the operations.

Yturralde, Lydia Guzman with Respect Respecto and immigrants’ activist and former state lawmaker Alfredo Gutierrez expressed concerns that Arpaio’s patrols, which have drawn large groups of protesters and criticism from Phoenix police and the mayor, will end up in violence.

“We’re seeing people come out of the shadows who are very angry because at some point they feel victimized,” said Guzman. “And other people are coming out of maybe the other side of the shadows and saying we want something done.”

Gutierrez said most “decent” people do not believe the sheriff’s operations are accomplishing anything, except dividing the community.

“He chose to take this extraordinary provocative approach,” Gutierrez said, adding that during last week’s operation, “We were able to maintain control, but barely.”

He said more patrols could lead to formal resistance, i.e. civil disobedience on the streets of Phoenix.

“I think that will begin to occur at his next excursion, the next time he brings 200 or 300 people into a neighborhood to arrest people,” Gutierrez said.

Guzman and Gutierrez said everyone believes that immigration reform is absolutely necessary, but it is the responsibility of Congress and the federal government.

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - An Albuquerque jury today convicted a University of New Mexico student who hauled down and ripped apart a Mexican flag flying over the campus last year.

Peter Lynch, 30, had claimed he acted out of patriotism, not racism, but jurors agreed with the prosecution that he committed criminal damage to property, a misdemeanor.

The jury heard testimony on Monday and closing arguments this morning. The verdict was returned shortly after noon.

El Centro de la Raza, a student group that claimed ownership of owned the flag, called it an act of racism. Shortly after the incident Lynch told KRQE News 13 he wanted to replace the flag for them.

However Lynch, who did not testify during the trial, has said it was inappropriate for a foreign flag to be flying alone on U. S. soil. The Mexican flag had been raised with administration permission for a campus event, and it later came out the U. S. flag was missing because of a communication breakdown involving UNM ROTC cadets.

Lynch said he alerted UNM officials that the Mexican flag was alone, but no one did anything.

Today in court his attorney said he was protecting an American symbol.

“I respectfully submit to you if the constitution on the First Amendment permits burning an American flag belonging to another, Peter Lynch’s actions protecting the symbol of the United States is protected activity,” defense attorney John D’Amato said in his closing argument.

But prosecutors said Lynch took it too far.

“There is no reasonable doubt in this case,” assistant district attorney Greer Rose told jurors. “We have two different admissions by the defendant that he ripped this flag in half and testimony he didn’t have permission to do that.”

Lynch is not happy with the decision plans to appeal.

“We were fairly disappointed with the verdict, and we’ll see where it goes from here,” D’Amato said as he left the courtoom.

Immediately after the verdict Metro Court Judge Clyde DeMersseman sentence Lynch to a six-month deferred sentence plus anger management, 48 hours of community service and supervised probation. He also must replace the flag for El Centro de la Raza.

News 13 contacted Centro de la Raza for their opinion on the verdict and sentencing, but a representative did not want to comment.

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The board was to receive an update from the police chief on the county’s crackdown on illegal immigration, but board Chairman Corey Stewart, the architect of the plan, instead was attacked.

A dozen residents, including the head of the police officer’s association, blasted Stewart.

Some focused on the consequences of the illegal immigration crackdown he spearheaded. Others were angry about criticism he leveled at Police Chief Charlie Deane.

Stewart suggested a meeting Deane had last week with the Mexican General Consul and Latino residents was inappropriate and possibly illegal.

“I am appalled that you, Corey Stewart, have publicly attacked our chief,” said former county Supervisor Hilda Barg.

“To you Corey, I say, ‘If you cannot lead us, we must have a leader. Please leave us,’” Barg said.

“Bar none, every single person I talk to was angry, disappointed and very upset at your flippant, arrogant remarks. They do nothing more than add poison to this situation, and it is disgusting,” said resident Skip Brown.

Other speakers begged the board to reconsider the policy implemented last month allowing police to check the citizenship status of those arrested in the county if they think they may be in the country illegal.

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