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Lou Dobbs - John Culberson: Criminals Are Laughing at Us

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The local enforcement laws that Chertoff feels are too extreme are completely in line with the federal immigration laws that this jackass is supposed to be enforcing right now. We don’t need to deport everyone. Enforce the law and they will deport themselves. I’m so tired of this game they play about how we can’t deport them all so we have no choice but to legalize everyone that enters the country illegally.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. –A failure to enact comprehensive federal immigration reform has led to extreme measures at the local level around the country on both sides of the contentious issue, the nation’s homeland security secretary said Monday.

Michael Chertoff, who spoke at Yale Law School, was asked about New Haven becoming the first city in the nation last year to issue identification cards to illegal immigrants.

“New Haven is probably at one extreme of the approach to the issue of illegal immigration,” Chertoff said.

He said the other extremes were some parts of Pennsylvania and Virginia that have tried to make it illegal to rent to illegal immigrants.

Chertoff said warnings last year that a failure to deal with the issue nationally would lead to a patchwork of local laws have proven accurate.

“I think in the end until we deal with the whole problem comprehensively you’re going to see fitful and perhaps in some cases inappropriate ways to deal with the issue on both ends of the spectrum,” Chertoff said. “I would like to see us get to the point where we can have a comprehensive solution to the whole problem.”

Chertoff also said deporting millions of illegal immigrants was not realistic.

In a wide-ranging talk, Chertoff said progress has been made against the al-Qaida terrorist organization, in part because atrocities by the group has turned many in the Middle East against it. He said the progress shows the threat is not insurmountable and predicted a time when al-Qaida will be rejected by the vast majority it seeks to win over.

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Excuse the poor translation. Me no peeky panish.

El Universal

The politics of Mexico towards “the migrant brothers of Central America is barbarism. There isn’t another description!”, indicated the priest Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, upon being referred to the beating that federal agents gave to the undocumented migrants last week. “They hit us as they hit the seals in Canada”, Rose Elba said yesterday, illegal foreigner that testified what took place in the community Las Palmas, Niltepec.

Upon boarding the bus that transferred them to the capital of the country to meet with the agent of the National Institute of Migration (INM), Cecilia Romero, the priest emphasized that “the brutality against the illegals has grown this year”.

Solalinde, appointed defender of the undocumented Central American migrants by the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM), recalled that the last operation to stop the flow of migrants have been carried out with cruelty”.

“The testimony of the migrants that escaped the beating and the pursuit from the last operation carried out in Las Palmas is serious and very delicate. They related that they were struck with sticks and submitted to the hot land”, he added.

This operation, performed on Monday of last week in the most absolute stealth, “as if it was a matter of fighting terrorists, is not the first one, because in this year, Migration (INM) increased its abusive and violent actions”, he detailed.

Yesterday, before going to Mexico City, Solalinde officiated a mass in the House of the Migrant one built in Ixtepec City. In the ceremony, several central americans related how they were struck with cruelty that day, which this newspaper published the photos on Saturday’s paper.

“My brother, who could not run towards the hill, was struck, they threw him in the hot land and they crushed his head and face against the floor, then they freed him only until he bled from the mouth and the nose”, related Rosa Elba.

“Why is Migration and the police officers treating us worse than an animal?”, he asked. He immediately compared: “They hit us as they hit the seals in Canada”, he said.

It is with shame and sadness that Mexico, whose authorities demand a worthy humane treatment of our contrymen in the northern border, to apply that politics of barbarism in the southern border, questioned the priest.

The priest, who has received death threats on the part of people who kidnap and extort central americans, reported: “On Friday we meet with the secretary of Government, Juan Camilo Mouriño”.

He explained that the leaders of the Pastorale of Human Mobility of the Mexican Episcopate, headed by the archbishop of Tijuana, Rafael Romo Muñoz, asked that they cease the abuses against the migrants.

“We presented him a report where we document that the abuses against the central american brothers have grown”, indicated. And emphasized that “not even children that travel alone have been saved from the brutal beatings”.

The interviewed added that due to the violent actions of the INM, “many migrants, that have taken the train, have fallen out of exhaustion”.

The leader for the Pastorale of Human Mobility of the region of the Mexican southeast said that today he will meet with the agent of the INM, Cecilia Romero, to invite her to travel along the train that migrants use.

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CBS News

(CBS) It was 5 a.m. and CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts is with a woman who is nine months pregnant. She’s rushed to a south Texas hospital to undergo a C-section - a $4,700 medical procedure that won’t cost her a dime. She qualifies for emergency Medicaid.

She gave birth to a healthy, 8 1/2 pound baby boy - born in America. His Mexican mother gave him an American name: Eliot.

Eliot is one of an estimated 300,000 children of illegal immigrants born in the United States every year, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. They’re given instant citizenship because they are born on U.S. soil, which makes it easier for their parents to become U.S. citizens.

That’s because those babies can eventually sponsor their parents - when they turn 21 years old.

As for Eliot’s mother, no longer as fearful of deportation, she told CBS News her name, Fabiola, and her story.

“So your son is an American citizen. What does that mean to you?” Pitts asked.

“I am very glad that he was born. That’s why I came here - so my children, my husband and I could have a better life,” she said through a translator.

Back in December, when she was six months pregnant, Fabiola, her husband and their two daughters - ages 4 and 11 - crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into the U.S.

Once on the other side of the river they walked for two hours in search of a better life and free medical care for their unborn child.

“Do many women in Mexico make the choice to have their children in the United States?” Pitts asked.

“Yes,” she said through a translator. “I know people who have done that. Things are much better here in the U.S. because they help children so much more.”

It’s a “better” life … that American taxpayers help pay for.

Take healthcare for example — an estimated $1.1 billion per year for undocumented men, women and children, according to the Rand Corporation.

Joe Riley is the CEO of the McAllen Texas Medical Center near the Texas-Mexico border. Forty percent of the children born there, nearly 2,400 last year, were the babies of illegal immigrants.

Riley has seen and heard it all.

“Mothers about to give birth that walk up to the hospital still wet from swimming across the river in actual labor ? dirty, wet, cold,” he said.

But here to have a child?

“Here to have a child in the U.S.,” he said.

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