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Patrich J. Buchannan

The neocons may yet get their war on Iran.

Ever since President Nouri al-Maliki ordered the attacks in Basra on the Mahdi Army, Gen. David Petraeus has been laying the predicate for U.S. air strikes on Iran and a wider war in the Middle East.

Iran, Petraeus told the Senate Armed Services Committee, has ?fueled the recent violence in a particularly damaging way through its lethal support of the special groups.?

These ?special groups? are ?funded, trained, armed and directed by Iran?s Quds Force with help from Lebanese Hezbollah. It was these groups that launched Iranian rockets and mortar rounds at Iraq?s seat of government (the Green Zone) ? causing loss of innocent life and fear in the capital.?

Is the Iranian government aware of this ? and behind it?

?President Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders? promised to end their ?support for the special groups,? said the general, but the ?nefarious activities of the Quds force have continued.?

Are Iranians then murdering Americans, asked Joe Lieberman:

?Is it fair to say that the Iranian-backed special groups in Iraq are responsible for the murder of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians??

?It certainly is. ? That is correct,? said Petraeus.

The following day, Petraeus told the House Armed Services Committee, ?Unchecked, the ?special groups? pose the greatest long-term threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq.?

Translation: The United States is now fighting the proxies of Iran for the future of Iraq.


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The Oklahoma Political News Service

The Oklahoma Political News Service reveals a coordinated effort by the plotters to stack the March 30th Flashpoint program, which hosted guests Randy Terrill, HB 1804 author, and Sen. Harry Coates, chief opponent of HB 1804.

Shockingly, a review of the program indicates that Turpen did not declare at any point in the program that he works for Chesapeake, a glaring conflict-of-interest that viewers are entitled to know under any journalistic standard. ?If KFOR management knew but chose not inform their viewers, this revelation will kill the program,? one media observer tells OKPNS. ?But if Turpen withheld the information, he?s got to be removed immediately if there is any hope of salvaging the program?s reputation.?

The station?s management has not returned OKPNS calls regarding this explosive revelation, but OKPNS is told that it is common knowledge that Turpen works for Chesapeake.

To his credit, the other Flashpoint panelist, Oklahoma City businessman and former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphries did declare his ties to repeal efforts by virtue of his leadership positions in the city chamber of commerce.

A review of the program reveals Turpen continually engaging Terrill with questions our documents reveal to be concocted from the repeal group, which appears to be headed by Chesapeake employee Tom Price. Price, who observers tell OKPNS group is arrogant and rude but has been unmasked this session as none too bright when it comes to political strategy, at one point insultingly writes that Terrill?s ?family tree? ought to be subject of questions. ?The man is basically all hat, no cowboy, and his screw-up?s are really hurting Chesapeake?s reputation,? a capitol insider recently told OKPNS a few days ago before these damaging revelations.


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The Washington Times

Two of Sen. John McCain’s top advisers and fundraisers are among several Republican and Democratic presidential campaign officials whose lobbying firms have been paid more than $15 million by foreign governments since 2005.

The firms of McCain senior adviser Charlie Black, who until recently was the chairman of Washington-based BKSH & Associates, and campaign co-chairman Thomas G. Loeffler, who heads the Loeffler Group in San Antonio, received millions of dollars lobbying the White House, Congress and others as agents of nearly a dozen foreign clients in recent years.

“At no time have I discussed my clients with John McCain, and there have been many occasions where he has voted against my clients’ interests, but that doesn’t change my belief that John McCain is the best candidate to lead our nation,” said Mr. Loeffler, a former Texas congressman, whose firm has received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia.


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The Revolution March in Washington, D.C.

Our goal is to organize a peaceful, non-violent march on the streets of Washington DC followed by a rally in support of The Revolution that is happening in America.

We stand in unison with planners of other mobilizations in the movement and offer planning and logistical assistance for mass mobilizations.

We tried very hard to secure the date of June 21st with both the National Parks Service and the Capitol Hill Police. Of course, while we agree with Ron Paul and many of you that June 21st would be optimal, it is just not logistically possible due to the popularity of this summer date. With that in mind, we are once again reaching out to our fellow members of The Revolution to find out how best to serve you, and our common cause


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A Minnesota teacher who substituted for two fifth-grade classes at a publicly funded school located in the same building as an Islamic mosque says religion appears to be a significant focus of the education.

Amanda Getz of Bloomington, Minn., told a columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune her duties at Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy in Inver Grove Heights included taking students to the bathroom, four at a time, to perform “their ritual washing.”

Then, the teacher told columnist Katherine Kersten, “teachers led the kids into the gym, where a man dressed in white with a white cap, who had been at the school all day,” was preparing to lead prayer.

Beside him, another man “was prostrating himself in prayer on a carpet as the students entered,” the teacher said.

The Star-Tribune previously documented that the charter high school for kindergarten through eighth-grade students is named after a Muslim warlord, shares the address of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, is led by two imams, is composed almost exclusively (99 percent) of blacks and has as its top goal to preserve “our values.”

And it’s all funded by the taxpayers of Minnesota.

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Imperial Valley News

Los Angeles, California - A Beverly Hills man who operates two schools that teach English to foreign students was arrested this morning on federal charges for allegedly running a visa fraud scheme that allowed foreign nationals from around the world to obtain student visas to enter the United States, even though they had no intention of attending the schools or were fraudulently trying to remain in the United States.

Behzad “Ben” Zaman, 50, was arrested without incident this morning by special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at Concord English Language Center, one of the two schools he operates. Zaman is expected to make his initial appearance this afternoon in United States District Court in Los Angeles.

The indictment, which was returned by a federal grand jury here yesterday, lists payments for “tuition” from “students” from Uzbekistan and Latvia. According to the affidavit in support of the search warrant, some of those who benefited from the scheme were Russian prostitutes, who obtained student visas after claiming to attend Concord, even though an earlier investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department showed the women had never attended classes at the school.

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Washington Times

More than 37 million immigrants in the United States, both legal and illegal, cost the federal government more than $346 billion last year, twice as much as the nation’s fiscal deficit, according to a report released yesterday.

“This is another nail in the coffin of economic growth,” said Edwin Rubenstein, director of research and president of ESR Research, which released the report. “There is absolutely no reason immigration policy shouldn’t be discussed on its economic merits.”

Mr. Rubenstein, a former director of research at the Hudson Institute, a nonpartisan policy research organization, said U.S. taxpayers paid more than $9,000 for each immigrant in the country, a third of whom are believed to be in the U.S. illegally.

The report, which analyzed costs based on 15 separate federal agencies, estimated that the departmental impacts ranged from a high of $146 billion at the Treasury Department to a low of $300 million at the Defense Department.

The loss estimates, the report said, included $100 billion in federal taxes lost “from the reduction of native incomes caused by immigrant workers.”

While a total of 15 federal departments were examined in terms of the fiscal impact of immigration, Mr. Rubenstein said the federal budgets never provided a comprehensive analysis to the public.

And even programs that are not usually associated with immigration, he said, have actually added financial burdens to the taxpayers.

For example, Mr Rubenstein said the Bureau of Land Management, a unit of the Interior Department, spends millions of dollars to clean the trash left behind by illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

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Judicial Watch

The U.S. border state leading the battle against illegal immigration with unprecedented tough laws has received complaints from Mexico?s government that too many Mexicans have been repatriated and the country is overwhelmed with demands for housing, jobs and schools.

Fed up with the devastating effect of illegal immigration, Arizona has enacted the nation?s toughest laws to curb the problem and evidently its working. State legislators have passed laws barring illegal immigrants from receiving government services, posting bail for serious crimes and winning punitive damages in lawsuits. This year a new law makes it illegal for businesses to hire undocumented workers and those that do can be shut down.

The state legislator who sponsored the work bill, Representative Russell Pearce, says the law?s undeniably positive effects include smaller class sizes, shorter emergency room waits and an overall huge savings to taxpayers. The Republican congressman drafted the bill because studies revealed that illegal immigration cost Arizona taxpayers over $2 billion annually, not including the toll of crime and destruction.

It turns out that enough illegal immigrants have either fled the U.S. or been deported that officials in the Mexican state of Sonora, which shares an extensive border with Arizona, have complained that too many of their fellow countrymen have returned. They miss the remittances sent from the U.S. as well as smaller class sizes in local schools.

Mexican government officials knew Arizona?s tough employment verification law would become their worst nightmare, which explains why they tried blocking it. Earlier this year a delegation of nine legislators from Sonora toured Tucson and held a news conference to say that their beloved state cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools resulting from illegal Mexican workers returning home.

One baffled Mexican legislator, Leticia Amparano Gamez, asked in Spanish ‘how can they pass a law like this?’ She went on to explain that Mexico is not prepared for the ‘tremendous problems’ it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and sending money to their families return to hometowns in Sonora without jobs. Another member of the Mexican delegation, Representative Florencio Diaz Armenta, asked ‘what do we do with the repatriated?’

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The U.S. Homeland Security department has launched an ambitious nationwide effort that would cost $2 billion to $3 billion a year to identify and deport the estimated 300,000 to 450,000 illegal immigrants locked up each year in jails and prisons.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation was denounced by immigrant rights groups and received cautiously by those favoring tighter enforcement.

”We can do something few law enforcement agencies can do: Not only ensure criminals are off the streets, but ensure they are removed from the country,” said ICE spokesman Tim Counts. ”Removing hundreds of thousands of criminals from the country is sure to have a positive impact on community safety.”

ICE has a presence in only 10 percent of the nation’s 3,100 local lockups. Last year, it filed deportation charges against 164,000 illegal immigrants in jail, and removed 95,000, Counts said.

”It’s a broad-stroke outline for a plan to locate more of the illegal aliens located in jails and prisons throughout the country,” Counts said.

The recently announced ICE effort, known as “Secure Communities,” will upgrade computer technology in jails and allow local jailers to access ICE’s fingerprint database to quickly identify prisoners with immigration violations as they are booked. The $200 million in funding already allocated for the program this year would also add an unspecified number of ICE detention and removal officers, Counts confirmed.

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