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The Washington Times

Pope Benedict XVI commanded the American stage for the first time yesterday, welcomed by thunderous cheers and a rare presidential airport greeting after declaring that he was “deeply ashamed” by the sex-abuse scandal that rocked the church. The pontiff vowed to do all he can to ensure that priests never harm children again.

“It is a great suffering for the church in the United States and for the church in general and for me personally that this could happen,” he told reporters aboard his plane before arriving at Andrews Air Force Base.

“We will do everything possible to heal this wound. I am deeply ashamed, and we will do what is possible so this cannot happen again in the future. … We will absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry,” he said.

His six-day visit was expected to be dogged by questions about the 5,000 priests who sexually abused thousands of boys and cost Catholic dioceses more than $2 billion in settlements.

Gary Bergeron, who was molested by a priest in the 1970s in Massachusetts, called the pope’s comments “a step I’ve been looking for,” Mr. Bergeron said he was disappointed that Benedict did not plan to visit the Archdiocese of Boston, the scene of a case that sparked the greater scandal.

The pope arrived aboard “Shepherd One” just before 4 p.m. at Andrews Air Force Base to kick off a whirlwind U.S. tour that will take the 80-year-old pontiff to a pair of massive Masses at Washington’s Nationals Park and New York’s Yankee Stadium, a stop for prayer at the World Trade Center site in New York and an address to world leaders at the United Nations.

Mr. Bush and Benedict each used both hands to greet one another; Mr. Bush did not kiss the pope’s ring, but bowed slightly.

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Save Brenda Martin

Brenda Martin is a Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in a Mexican jail without due process for over 2 years and at this point, her fate is in the hands of the Mexican Government. Brenda’s family and friends have been desperately attempting to raise awareness of her plight, calling on the Canadian Government to ensure that she receives a fair trial.

Hope grows as Mexican media tell Martin’s story

The man spearheading a legal fund DONATE to free former local riding resident Brenda Martin from a Mexican prison is encouraged her situation has finally made it into mainstream Mexican media.

“This could be very helpful,” Hamilton Township resident and former Northumberland-Quinte West riding MP Paul Macklin said after a story under the headline “The Brenda Effect” appeared in the Guadalajara newspaper Mural on April 2.

Ms. Martin, 51, is incarcerated in a Guadalajara jail. She has been behind bars since her arrest in February 2006 for allegedly being part of her former employer’s Internet scam that bilked people of millions and landed him in a U.S. jail. After years of no movement in the court process on money laundering charges, Ms. Martin is awaiting a decision from the judge for her case. It includes an affidavit from her former boss, Alyn Waage, stating she was nothing more than his chef.

Another local member of the Save Brenda Fund movement, Cobourg’s Peter Cleary who is now studying at an Ottawa university, obtained an English translation of the recent Spanish newspaper article through the editor of Mural.

The article began by telling Mexican readers that “Canadians are being warned of the dangers of travelling to Mexico” and that media attention on Ms. Martin’s court case is negatively impacting Canadian tourists thinking of going to their country.

It stated a “civil movement” is demanding Ms. Martin’s release because she’s been in jail for more than two years without a judgment in her case. Part of that is pressuring Canadian politicians to advise Canadians “not to visit Mexico until the case is solved,” the translation of the newspaper article stated.

CBC was quoted as reporting “Independent MP Bill Casey” corresponded with the Mexican ambassador in Canada threatening to tell his constituents “their safety is at risk in Mexico” if the country doesn’t react to the pressure being exerted to bring justice to the Martin case.

It also cited the National Post as warning Canadians with travel plans to Mexico that six Canadians have died there in the past two years.

The article quoted Mr. Macklin, who previously held the position of parliamentary secretary for the federal justice minister when the Liberals were in power, as stating Canadians won’t accept this type of treatment of its citizens “particularly by a government that benefits from millions of Canadian tourism dollars every single year.”

Mexico acknowledged the pressure in the article when Puerto Vallarta’s economic promotions director, Hugo Rojas, stated: “The Brenda Martin Case could affect the tourist flow in the area.”

While this might be the first mention of Ms. Martin case in Spanish newspapers in Mexico, the Guadalajara Reporter’s English newspaper published a story on December 15, 2007. It reported the work of Ms. Martin’s lawyer to get her out of jail. The headline was ‘Jailed Canadian Brenda Martin’s Defence Takes Aim At Consular Officials.’

Mr. Macklin maintains Canadian consular officials in Mexico did not do their job properly when Ms. Martin was first incarcerated and that the Conservative government has been lax too.

The current MP for this riding, where Ms. Martin’s mother still resides in Trenton, went to Mexico and visited with Ms. Martin several weeks ago. Conservative Rick Norlock said he met with consular, Mexican and judicial officials, together with Canada’s Multicultural Minister Jason Kenney, and received assurances prosecution officials would push the judge for an early decision. The government has worked through quiet, diplomatic channels on the file for months, he said.

If Ms. Martin is not able to prove her innocence to the judge and is found guilty, a prisoner exchange process is to be initiated between the two countries, Mr. Norlock said in a telephone interview from Guadalajara on March 20.

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FOX news

LOS CABOS, Mexico ? Gunmen held up a family of U.S. tourists in Mexico on Tuesday and made off with their small plane, police said.

The robbers attacked the plane as the American couple and their two daughters, ages 6 and 8, were about to take off from a hotel airstrip in the Baja California beach town of Mulege.

Detective Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez said the thieves pulled a car in front of the six-seat Cessna Stationair, knocked out one of its windows and forced the tourists out at gunpoint. They then set fire to the car and flew off in the plane.

U.S. officials said they had heard reports about the incident but had not yet been in contact with the victims. The plane’s identification number matched a craft registered to a company in Boise, Idaho.

Small aircraft are commonly used by Mexican drug cartels to smuggle narcotics.

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We haven’t posted a B4B video in a while, so it’s definitely time. Thanks to the Freedom Folks!

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SV Herald

SIERRA VISTA ? The U.S. Border Patrol?s Tucson Sector agents have arrested five illegal immigrants with criminal sex offense records in recent days. One of the arrests was made Friday in Cochise County at the Douglas Border Patrol station.

Honduras national Dennis Melgar-Mejia, 23, had multiple sex-related charges including aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency and sexual contact with a child, and is a convicted sex

Also on Friday, at the Nogales immigration processing center, Ramiro Lopez-Enriquez, 39, who is a Mexican national, was determined to be a registered sex offender through criminal history record checks, according to the Border Patrol. His record includes a conviction for sexual battery.

Over the weekend, three other Mexican nationals were arrested at border stations in Ajo and Nogales with charges ranging from sex offenses to endangerment of children. All of these illegal immigrants are in ?service custody? pending prosecution and formal proceedings to remove them from the United States.

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by Phyllis Schlafly

Ever since Hillary proclaimed the Clintons as the victims of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” conspiracy has been the hot word used to ridicule your opponents. When President Bush wanted to avoid answering questions about whether the Security and Prosperity Partnership is the prelude to a North American Union connected by a three-country superhighway, he accused SPP critics of believing in a conspiracy.

By definition, conspiracies are usually secret. There’s nothing secret about right-wingers organizing to criticize the Clintons and their goals, and there’s nothing secret about plans to morph the United States into a North American Union.

The elites, however, must be feeling the heat. Following the Hudson Institute’s helpful suggestion to change the name of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the fourth annual SPP meeting to be held in New Orleans on April 21 will now be called the North American Leaders Summit, and the promoters of the TransTexas Corridor are trying to change its name to “regional loop.”

To see what the elites are planning, you don’t have peek through keyholes or plant a spy under the table. Just read their published reports.

The words most frequently used to describe their goals are “economic integration,” “labor mobility,” “free movement of goods, services and people across open borders,” and “harmonization” of regulations.

The Council on Foreign Relations published a major report on May 17, 2005, only two months after the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) was announced by President Bush, Mexico’s Vicente Fox, and Canada’s Paul Martin in Waco on March 23, 2005. The CFR document explaining SPP’s goals and methodology was posted on the U.S. State Department website, thereby confirming its authenticity.

The CFR report explains that the three SPP amigos at Waco “committed their governments” to “Building a North American Community” by 2010 with a common “outer security perimeter,” “the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico,” allowing Mexican trucks “unlimited access,” “totalization” of illegal aliens into the U.S. Social Security system, and “a permanent tribunal for North American dispute resolution.”


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Daily Bulletin

MONTCLAIR - A 42-year-old Montclair man has been arrested on suspicion of lewd acts and sexual penetration involving a 4-year-old Ontario girl.

Hilario Sanchez Velez was arrested about 4:15 p.m. Friday in the 4800 block of Canoga Street, according to a Montclair Police Department news release.

Velez was also charged with use of a counterfeit United States citizenship document in March.

The lewd acts allegedly took place March 10, according to the news release. The Police Department’s detective bureau was able to confirm the girl’s statements through a physical examination at the hospital.

Velez is the husband of the girl’s babysitter, according to the release.

He is being held in lieu of $2 million bail at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, said Montclair police Detective Deborah Camou.

“We’ve since had additional victims report similar abuse, and an investigation is ongoing,” Camou said.

While the possible victims have been from various areas, the alleged acts were committed in Montclair, Camou said.

San Bernardino County court records also list Velez as being charged in Dec. 3, 2003, for annoying or molesting children under the age 18. He was convicted on those charges the following April and served 30 days in county jail, according to the court records.

He was to have been on summary probation until 2009, but in May 2007, Velez had his probation revoked for not filing proof of enrollment/completion for child abuse treatment classes.

Camou said Velez’s case information would be turned over today to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

A search of the state of California’s Megan’s Law registered sex offender Web site resulted in no listing for Velez.

Camou said Velez is a day laborer who has been living in Montclair.

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LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, on April 4th, told a largely African-American audience in Compton that when Latino gangs are at war with black gangs over drugs and turf they are sometimes satisfied to kill any young black living in their rival?s territory in order to flex their criminal muscle. In other words, Baca asserted innocents are being targeted for death by gangs just because of their race. Sounds like a hate-crime to most of us.

Fox 11 News obtained a videotape of the remarks Baca made to the National Association for Equal Justice in America; those remarks, taped by Lonzo Williams, a cable TV talk-show host, were included in a Fox 11 story that aired Friday (April 10) as part of our continuing coverage of the murder of Jamiel Shaw, a promising LA High School football player, allegedly killed by an 18th Street gang member on March 2.

Shaw lived in a neighborhood identified as the turf of the Black P-Stones (BPS), an African-American gang that has had a long, deadly feud with the predominantly Latino 18th Street gang. But Shaw was not a member of BPS, and the evening he was murdered Shaw was not wearing attire that might have caused him to be mistakenly identified as a gang member. Immigration and police officials say Shaw’s accused murderer, Pedro Espinoza, 19, is an illegal alien who has been an 18th Street gang member since he was 12 years old.

Here is exactly what Baca told the African-American audience in Compton: ?I don?t say it?s all but there is a percent of these Latino kids killing blacks because of a race-related motivation. That is my opinion.?

Pretty explosive stuff. And then Baca went a step further, claiming his deputies had overheard jailed Latino gang bosses (so-called ?shot-callers?) telling their followers on the outside that, in a feud with a black gang, it was okay to kill any blacks to make their point. ?We?ve heard when the person out there can?t find African-American gang member to shoot, the shot-caller says: ?Then shoot any African-American you see.?? (Jamiel Shaw’s father was in the audience that day and Baca looked him straight in the eye when he made these remarks; but the sheriff did NOT specifically say if he believed Shaw?s murder was racially-motivated).

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