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Guatemalan invader, Alexander Zacarias

A Westbury man who moonlighted as a children’s party clown was arrested on charges of possessing and promoting child pornography, Nassau police said Wednesday.

Alexander Zacarias, 40, of Sherman Street, was arraigned on nine counts of promoting sexual performance of a child and nine counts of possession of sexual performance of a child in First District Court in Hempstead Wednesday. He was held on bail of $400,000 bond or $200,000 cash, and is due back in court Friday.

Police said there was no evidence that Zacarias ever abused or photographed any children. Attempts to reach Zacarias’ family were unsuccessful Wednesday. He was represented by the Nassau Legal Aid Society, which could not be reached Wednesday.

Zacarias, a Guatemalan national who is undocumented, came to New York several years ago and worked full-time as a truck-washer at a Westbury company, said Det. Sgt. Thomas Reilly at a news conference in Mineola Wednesday.

In January, state and county police were tracking the online distribution of child pornography and found an IP address that identified Zacarias’ computer, Reilly said.

When police went to his home to arrest him last Tuesday, they confiscated six desktop and laptop computers and related accessories in the residence, Reilly said. Zacarias may have used them to upload and download hundreds of pictures of child pornography, some with infants, Reilly said.

Zacarias made “admissions” to police about the pornography, Reilly said.

Zacarias’ side gig came to light when “we were doing a search of the home and we found a pair of clown shoes,” Reilly said.

Investigators learned that he sometimes worked as a clown at private children’s birthday parties in Hispanic neighborhoods, Reilly said.

“He does have access to kids,” Reilly said. Zacarias also lived in a rooming house shared with several children, including infants, but none have reported abuse, Reilly said.

At the news conference, Reilly showed a copy of Zacarias’ business cards for his gigs, festooned with a cheerful smiling clown holding balloons. In Spanish, the cards said that Zacarias was available to host children’s parties.

Zacarias faces deportation if he is convicted, police said.

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East Valley Tribune

Arizona schools whose courses “denigrate American values and the teachings of Western civilization” could lose state funding under the terms of legislation approved Wednesday by a House panel.

SB1108 also would bar teaching practices that “overtly encourage dissent” from those values, including democracy, capitalism, pluralism and religious tolerance. Schools would have to surrender teaching materials to the state superintendent of public instruction, who could withhold state aid from districts that broke the law.

Another section of the bill would bar public schools, community colleges and universities from allowing organizations to operate on campus if it is “based in whole or in part on race-based criteria,” a provision Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said is aimed at MEChA, the Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, a student group.

The 9-6 vote by the Appropriations Committee sends the measure to the full House.

The legislation appears aimed largely at the Tucson Unified School District, whose “Raza Studies” program has annoyed some people. Tucson resident Laura Leighton read lawmakers sections of some books used in classrooms which she said promote hatred.

If the proposal becomes law, however, it would have a statewide reach. And that concerned even some lawmakers who voted for it, saying the language of what would and would not be prohibited is “vague.”

Tucson school officials have said the program under fire has helped Hispanic students improve their academic achievement by building pride and focusing on their cultural heritage.

But Pearce, who crafted the measure, said the program doesn’t stop there. He said taxpayers are funding “hate speech paid for by tax dollars.”

And Pearce said some of the teachings amount to “sedition” by suggesting that the current border between the United States and Mexico disappear, with Mexico - and Hispanics - taking over the American Southwest.

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ivangrohl says:
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Associated Press

KINGSVILLE, Texas ? A truckload of suspected illegal immigrants fled during a traffic stop near the Texas A&M University at Kingsville campus Wednesday, forcing a lockdown of the school for three hours as police chased them, officials said.

The driver of the truck and five illegal immigrants were taken to a Border Patrol station, agency spokesman Daniel Doty said. He did not know about any others who may have also fled the truck or the immigration status of the driver.

The truck driver said he had been forced at gunpoint to take the illegal immigrants to Kingsville, according to Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Eric Hinojosa. University spokeswoman Jill Scoggins had said one person with a gun was taken into custody, but Doty said that had not been confirmed.

Scoggins said no one was hurt.

A state trooper stopped a vehicle for speeding, and about 12 people got out of the truck and fled, Hinojosa said.

“Everybody ran from the vehicle,” DPS spokeswoman Tela Mange told The Associated Press. It wasn’t immediately clear whether all the people who had run from the truck have been caught.

No one was allowed leave campus when the lockdown began, and students and staff were advised to stay inside buildings. Campus activities were canceled Wednesday night, but Scoggins said the school would return to its regular schedule Thursday.

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Policy Adds People Arrested but Not Convicted

Washington Post

The U.S. government will soon begin collecting DNA samples from all citizens arrested in connection with any federal crime and from many immigrants detained by federal authorities, adding genetic identifiers from more than 1 million individuals a year to the swiftly growing federal law enforcement DNA database.

The policy will substantially expand the current practice of routinely collecting DNA samples from only those convicted of federal crimes, and it will build on a growing policy among states to collect DNA from many people who are arrested. Thirteen states do so now and turn their data over to the federal government.

The initiative, to be published as a proposed rule in the Federal Register in coming days, reflects a congressional directive that DNA from arrestees be collected to help catch a range of domestic criminals. But it also requires, for the first time, the collection of DNA samples from people other than U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents who are detained by U.S. authorities.

Although fingerprints have long been collected for virtually every arrestee, privacy advocates say the new policy expands the DNA database, run by the FBI, beyond its initial aim of storing information on the perpetrators of violent crimes.

They also worry that people could be detained erroneously and swept into the database without cause, and that DNA samples from those who are never convicted of a crime, because of acquittal or a withdrawal of charges, might nonetheless be permanently retained by the FBI.

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The Washington Post

Illegal immigration enforcement will cost $520,000 more than anticipated in the coming budget year because of crowding at the county jail, Prince William County Executive Craig S. Gerhart told supervisors Tuesday.

That raises the cost of the initiative to $6.9 million for the budget year that starts July 1.

The Board of County Supervisors directed police to check the residency status of criminal suspects who they think might be in the country illegally, under a policy that took effect last month.

Not mentioning the recalculated cost of the initiative, board Chairman Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large) praised U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which started expediting the removal of illegal immigrants from the county jail last weekend in response to complaints from local officials.

“They are quickly eliminating that backlog. I want to commend them for that. I expect, as time goes on and Prince William sends a message that it will not tolerate illegal immigrants who commit a crime, the numbers will dwindle,” Stewart said, calling the county’s stepped-up enforcement a “nominal success.”

“We need to give this program a chance to work,” he said. “We are blazing a new trail. It’s not easy. We need to define ourselves and not let the naysayers define us.”

Although the illegal immigrant initiative goes forward, other spending is being cut. As part of his budget recap, Gerhart recommended the board contribute $4.8 million less than originally proposed to the county’s “revenue stabilization” reserve fund to make up for its shortfall.

He also recommended tapping into the county’s capital reserve fund to pay for a regional public safety communication system. The county has a separate emergency fund for natural-disaster expenses.

“It’s unfortunate, but true, that we only get to demonstrate our ability to plan and save when times are bad,” Budget Director David Tyeryar said. “Reserve funds are only there once. So when you use them, it limits your flexibility.”

The revenue stabilization reserve is accumulated money set aside each year to use in hard times. The fund has $7.1 million.

“It’s a prudent thing to retain,” Gerhart said. “This is going to get worse before it gets better.”

Prince William’s reduced revenue is attributed to decreased real estate and sales taxes. “Some of our major revenue categories have seen significant changes,” Gerhart said. “We tried to solve for that.”

To add to Prince William’s woes, the state is sending $1.1 million less to the county. Some road projects will have to be scaled back or eliminated because of the loss of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority funding. Work on Route 1 will be reduced, and projects on Route 28 and the Prince William Parkway will be removed from the Capital Improvements Program.

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Latinobarómetro signals that 7 of 10 Latino Americans are against immigrants.

Lima Peru,- Seven of ten Latin-Americans are against, non-citizen people or of different race living in their country, revealed today the survey “Opportunities of Regional Integration” carried out in 18 countries of the continent in 2007.

The poll, an initiative of the Andean Corporation of Promotion (CAF) and the organization Latinobarómetro, was presented today in Lima by the executive president of the CAF, Enrique Garcia, and Peruvian authorities.

Upon taking the issue of the attitude towards immigrants, the study found that only 24 percent are in favor of foreigners of the same race or ethnic group of citizens coming to live to their country.

15 percent are in favor of receiving people of poorer countries and 14 percent are in favor of foreigners of different race or ethnic groups.

The most open countries to the arrival of foreigners of the same race or ethnic group are Uruguay (41 percent) and Nicaragua (39 percent), while Costa Rica is the most against to that possibility (9 percent).

In turn, among the most open nations to the arrival of people of poorer nations, Uruguay appears again (27 percent), followed by Mexico and Nicaragua (both with 22 percent).

The most against this practice is Ecuador (4 percent) and Paraguay (7 percent).

On the possibility that foreigners of different race coming to live to their country, the most receptive are Uruguay (30 percent), Argentina, Colombia and Nicaragua (20 percent).

While the most against is Ecuador (3 percent) and Paraguay (7 percent).

The study affirmed that “Latin America does not seem to welcome immigrants”.

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Dallas News

MEXICO CITY ? In his first trip to Texas as president, Mexico’s Felipe Calderón will make a brief stop in Dallas on Tuesday to talk about an issue that has become more and more contentious in recent months ? immigration.

Mr. Calderón will appear at a conference of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, a 125-member advisory council formed by the Mexican government in 2003 to strengthen ties between Mexico and its sons and daughters working in other countries.

It will be only the second time that the group, which meets twice a year, will meet in the U.S. The first was in Atlanta in 2004.

“The Mexican government believes that protection assistance programs for Mexicans in the United States should be strengthened continuously, and Texas, as the second-largest state with Mexicans, represents the ideal geographic place for these programs,” said a spokeswoman for Mr. Calderón. She added that the president believes it’s important “to personally connect with Mexicans who live and work in Texas.”

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert invited Mr. Calderón to Dallas during a January trade mission to Monterrey, Mexico. Mr. Leppert called Dallas a “culturally diverse city with a strong Hispanic presence.”

Other cities in the region, including Farmers Branch and Irving, have generated controversy by taking strong stands and implementing policies against illegal immigration.

For his part, Mr. Calderón has criticized the “growing harassment” of Mexicans in the United States.

North American Union Summit

Mr. Calderón will travel to Dallas from New Orleans, where he meets Monday and Tuesday in a North American summit with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The topics of the meeting range from prosperity to border security ? issues that will probably follow Mr. Calderón to Dallas.

News of Mr. Calderon’s visit ? he will speak at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas ? was applauded by Mexican immigrants in Dallas on Wednesday.

“This is great news,” said Mario Cesar Ramírez, a Dallas restaurant owner and institute board member. “But we respectfully ask that President Calderón doesn’t come here calling us heroes. We want him to help open the door of opportunities so that we can provide economic development for the Mexicans living in the United States and our families back in Mexico.”

During his visit, Mr. Calderón also wants to strengthen ties with business leaders and Hispanic political leaders. Mr. Calderón is pursuing several key reforms in Mexico, including plans to open the energy sector to increased foreign participation. That proposal has ignited a raucous debate.

Larry Rubin, a business consultant and former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, said the visit offers Mr. Calderón an “opportunity to gauge Texas business leaders on their commitment to invest in Mexico and create jobs. … I hope the level of debate will translate into an energy reform that will allow Americans, particularly Texas because of their oil expertise, an opportunity to do more business in Mexico.”

Tension in Mexico

Mr. Calderón’s visit comes at a tense time in Mexico. His trip received the required approval by Mexican legislators, but an ongoing blockade forced them to meet away from the Congress building for the vote.

Left-leaning lawmakers from the Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, and their supporters had stormed and seized the podiums of both houses of Congress as part of a campaign to force Mr. Calderón to back down on his energy reform plan.

The oil industry was nationalized in 1938, when foreign companies were kicked out of Mexico by President Lázaro Cárdenas.

Over the weekend, PRD lawmaker Cuauhtémoc Sandoval expressed suspicion that the trip was really about oil, telling El Universal newspaper it was an attempt to “tell the U.S. president and Canadian prime minister, ‘Here it is.’ ”

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FOX News

MOUNT PLEASANT, Texas ? Federal agents arrested hundreds of people Wednesday in raids at Pilgrim’s Pride chicken plants in five states, the latest crackdown on illegal immigrant labor at the nation’s poultry producers.

In separate sweeps, authorities also arrested dozens of workers at a doughnut factory in Houston and the operators of a chain of Mexican restaurants in upstate New York.

The arrests at Pittsburg, Texas-based Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., the nation’s largest chicken producer, included charges of identity theft, document fraud and immigration violations. The company worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents ahead of the raid, said Ray Atkinson, a company spokesman.

“We knew in advance and cooperated fully,” Atkinson said.

Julie Myers, homeland security assistant secretary for ICE, confirmed the company is cooperating, though she said the raids grew out of an investigation that produced arrests last year at the company’s plant in Mount Pleasant.

No criminal or civil charges have been filed against Pilgrim’s Pride, which has about 55,000 employees and operates dozens of facilities mostly across the South and in Mexico and Puerto Rico, supplying the KFC restaurant chain and other customers.

ICE said nearly 300 were arrested, but Pilgrim’s Pride officials said about 400 hourly, non-management employees were arrested.

“We have terminated all of the employees who were taken into custody and will terminate any employee who is found to have engaged in similar misconduct. We are investigating these allegations further,” Atkinson said in a statement.

Forty-five people, all illegal immigrants, were arrested in Mount Pleasant on charges of false use of Social Security numbers, ICE said. More than 100 people were arrested on immigration violations in Chattanooga, Tenn., and they could face criminal charges related to identity theft, the agency said. Another 100 were arrested on immigration charges in Moorefield, W.Va.

More than 25 people face immigration violation charges in Live Oak, Fla. They will also face identity theft or document fraud charges, ICE said. More than 20 were arrested in Batesville, Ark., on federal warrants for alleged document fraud or identity theft.

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I haven’t had time to watch much of this documentary, but it seemed to have an open border slant to it. Still, it’s interesting to see how other countries deal with illegal immigration. I’ve been reading about Zimbabwe lately and I feel sorry for what these people are going through, but I still say they don’t have a right to enter South Africa illegally. Read “How Tyranny Came to Zimbabwe.” Jimmy Carter still has a lot to answer for.

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