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The Washington Post

When Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart dressed down the police chief for hosting a public meeting with the Mexican consul to discuss the county’s controversial immigration policy, Elena Schlossberg-Kunkel was appalled.

Schlossberg-Kunkel, a Haymarket activist who had supported Stewart since 2006, and several other county residents showed up at a recent board meeting and demanded Stewart apologize to Chief Charlie T. Deane. Her voice pleading, Schlossberg-Kunkel admonished Stewart for his harsh rhetoric on immigration, which she said threatened to ruin the county’s reputation.

“You were in my home for a fundraiser. I felt like I knew you,” she said. “I don’t know the person you are anymore, Corey.”


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Warning! The main stream media often refers to these individuals as “immigrants,” “undocumented workers,” and “members of the Latino community.” However, these are the filthy foul mouthed racist anchor babies and violent illegal aliens that are flooding our country. Watch these videos and prepare yourself for the ugly reality the MSM won’t show you.


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Laguna Journal

Quoting anonymous federal and local officials the Mexico City newspaper El Universal, reported in Saturday’s editions that Friday’s bomber intended to plant the homemade device in the 12-story police headquarters but accidentally detonated it 200 yards away.
The massive explosion blew out windows in apartment buildings, damaged several cars and caused panic in the American La Rosa area of Mexico City.

El Universal identified the Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and the Beltrán Leyva brothers, as the “intellectual authors” of the botched attack.

Suspicion is that this was a type of terrorist attack by a possible suicide bomber and the dead man was the cause of the explosion. Mexico City Police Chief Joel Ortega, during a television interview late Friday, said the man killed in the blast was wearing a dress suit over a sweat suit. He said the bomber probably planned to plant the device and then take off the dress suit to fool people monitoring security cameras.

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Good stuff. Ron Hinton hangs with the vatos in Chicano Park (San Diego). Tina “The Tuna” Jillings even makes an appearance. I was there last year, but this year the Aztlan Buster has taken my place. One of these days I’m going to have to hang out with Ron. I like his style. At 2:58 a girl that’s harassing Ron says “I’ll see your video… it’ll pop up somewhere, Immigration Watchdog, SOS.” Nice to know the Chicano’s are tuning in. I know if I go out on May 1st I’ll have to wear a disguise so I blend in with the crowd.


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You have to watch this to the end just to see the innocent puppy dog look he gives the reporter.


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