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I’ll never forget when this reporter, Tim Rutten attended a Save Our State vs. Home Depot in Glendale, CA. This guy looked petrified by the hordes of day laborers and Mexica Bowl Movement’s disgusting racist behavior. This fat dope was terrified! I could hardly wait to read his story the next day. Boy, was I surprised. It was the same kind of crap in this article about the Pope.

LA Times

There’s nothing quite like the immigration debate to bring the rude beasts slouching out of our politics’ rhetorical fever swamp. Even so, it’s hard not to be taken aback by some of the last few days’ reaction to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States.

When it came to immigration, the pontiff was hardly a firebrand. On his way to Washington, the pope told reporters that he hoped the U.S. government would consider the importance of allowing immigrant families to stay together. In a private meeting with President Bush, he reportedly urged immigration policies that take cognizance of basic human rights. And Benedict told American bishops that he hoped they’d be mindful of immigrants’ historical contributions to U.S. society and, therefore, that they’d be welcoming to today’s newcomers.

That was enough. The most rabid anti-immigrant demagogues instantly began ranting about Benedict’s “intrusion” into American politics. What’s more, oddly, many of them linked their objections to Los Angeles’ Special Order 40, which seems to have become the bloody shirt in the immigration controversy.


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Stamford Advocate

STAMFORD - Police Chief Brent Larrabee assured day laborers last week they would not be harassed by police if they stayed within the “no-hassle zone” or out of the street and would not suffer retaliation for reporting any police brutality.

Larrabee met with about 30 day laborers and their advocates for about an hour Friday morning at the no-hassle pickup site underneath Interstate 95.

The meeting followed complaints that police in recent weeks have been forcing day laborers into the no-hassle area by blaring their sirens, attacking them with pepper spray and pushing them with clubs. Police also have been accused of taking laborers out of town.

Larrabee told the laborers that official complaints against specific police officers will be investigated. He encouraged the day workers and their advocates to file complaints.

Among the advocates at Friday’s meeting were day laborer outreach worker Victor Trejo; Connecticut Legal Services attorney Megan McLeod, who runs a day laborer wage clinic; and city Rep. Philip Berns, D-16, an immigration attorney who was ticketed last week as he tried to videotape police activity near the zone.

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We’re told America is xenophobic. We learned last week that all of Latin America is xenophobic.

Now Italy!

?They suffered immigration: Now they live in reserves.?


Italy’s centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi won a return to power this week with a majority that - by Italian standards - looks very comfortable.

But he did so with the help of a formerly troublesome and often controversial right-wing ally, the Northern League.

The populist party almost doubled its vote, winning more than 8% nationally, and is expected to have several ministers in the new government.

That has led to concerns about what critics see as the party’s overtly xenophobic stance, and questions over whether Mr Berlusconi will be “held hostage” by the League.

The party has played on economic and cultural fears in a country where this is a relatively new phenomenon.

Its position has often been expressed in crude terms, drawing charges of racism.

Mr Bossi triggered a storm in 2003 when a newspaper quoted him as saying that immigrants arriving in Italy by boat should be stopped by a cannon that “blows everyone out of the water”.

The League leader said his views had been misrepresented.

Another of the League’s top politicians, Roberto Calderoli, was forced to resign from the cabinet in 2006 after revealing a T-shirt on TV emblazoned with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, originally published in Denmark, that triggered worldwide protests among Muslims.

In this year’s campaign, one of the party’s election posters displayed a drawing of an American Indian in a feathered headdress, accompanied by the slogan: “They suffered immigration: Now they live in reserves.”

Martin Schultz, head of the Socialist group in the European parliament, said Mr Berlusconi’s alliance with the Northern League represented a “real danger for Italy and for Europe”.

But observers say that even the comments on immigration, while deeply unattractive, may largely be bluster, as the north relies on immigrant workers to power its economy.

“The League is a northern party and in the north there are fears about immigration,” said Mr Romano.

“But then of course the north needs the immigrants and the League knows it.”

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It’s okay for a Hispanic to voice this observation, of course it’s an entirely different matter when a white Colorado Representative says something similar about illegal aliens and their contributions to the United States.


Los Angeles is becoming a “Third World city” with immigrants making up half its workforce, says a new study.

A third of immigrants have not graduated from high school and 60 per cent do not speak English fluently, the Migration Policy Institute found.

It said this left immigrants ill-equipped to fill California’s fastest-growing occupations, such as computer software engineering and nursing. The organization added that as the so-called baby boomers reach retirement age, a similar pattern will spread across the US.

Ernesto Cortes Jr, of the Industrial Areas Foundation, a think-tank that specializes on social change, claimed Los Angeles was at a crossroads.

“The question is are we going to be a 21st century city with shared prosperity, or a Third World city with an elite group on top and most on near poverty wages?” he said.

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“Why we don’t need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in Colorado.”

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At about 3:50 into the video she denies the Reconquista movement and claims that everyone in the media is demonizing Latinos. She’s upset that Katie Couric did a special on CBS focusing on the costs associated with children born to uninsured illegal aliens and how hospitals are forced to pass on the costs to other paying patients. She said there should have been a 2nd opinion or an opposing view.

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APPLE CREEK, Ohio — “We arrest them and the prosecutor’s office lets them go,” Police Chief John Lowe said about the immigration concerns facing the small town of Apple Creek.

There are only 1,100 residents in this rural community where their Amish neighbors still plow the fields behind a team of draft horses.

In the last few years, there has been an increasing number of Hispanics moving into the area. The police chief says too many have false documents or counterfeit licenses.

Lowe pulls out a large file folder full of fake documents that have been handed to his police officers when making a traffic stop.

However, the chief claims that whenever the case is forwarded to the Wayne County Prosecutors office, each case gets dismissed.

“My whole department is frustrated,” Lowe said. “In fact, I think every agency in the county is frustrated. We’re doing our job and court system is letting them go.”

In the last six years, there have been 20 arrests of suspected illegal Mexican drivers in Apple Creek and each case was tossed out.

“If he gets into a wreck and kills somebody, I’m going to notify the family that our prosecutor system screwed up,” Lowe said.

In this small town, most residents share the police chief’s frustration.

At the nearby convenience store, Bonnie Tarleton said that the “Hispanic workers should learn our language and abide by our laws. If we were going to live in Mexico, we would be expected to do the same thing.”

At the drive-through, Blake Meir, was even blunter.

“If they don’t like it they can leave,” she said. “If I got caught with false documents around here, I wouldn’t get a break, so neither should they.”

Hispanic Americans living in Apple Creek like Juan Lopez have a much different perspective. Lopez has been in this country for 20 years after moving from his home in central Mexico. He has great empathy for his former countrymen.

“These people are just out there looking for a better life,” Lopez said. “They have the dream of a new life. Everybody has a dream like that.”

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