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When Betty Attacks!

The video is pretty clear. Little Betty Camarillo with the sharpie eyebrows is chatting with a male and a female of the San Diego Minutemen. A police car drives by in the background. Betty Camarillo of Vista admits that she approached the Minutemen in the video. Then all of a sudden she just snaps and attacks the videographer. One second she has a smile on her face, and the next she is physically violent. The whole event was witnessed by the passing police officer and so little Betty Camarillo was arrested.

Mike’s hair was perfectly coiffed before the attack.
Now look at it!!!


Now the lying racist Chicano’s are making wild claims and starting a letter writing campaign because the violent little nutjob has her trial on May 27th. They even had petitions going around at the brown supremacist gathering last week in San Diego’s Chicano Park where Ron Hinton was surrounded by Brown Berets.

The following is taken from the “Online newspaper for the struggles of Chicano and Mexicano people.” I can’t help but laugh at how these tough radical Mexicano’s are always struggling. Chicano’s are nothing more than racist hate filled losers suffering from institutionalized victimization pounded into their little heads by MEChA groups and Chicano studies classes.

We are launching a letter writing campaign in support of a compa├▒era who was viciously attacked by the Minutemen with the permission and under supervision of the Vista Sheriffs. There is no justice for the Mexican/Latin American community in Vista and this latest attack is a new low for the Vista Sheriffs and the SD Minutemen. It is reminiscent of the Zoot Suit Riots when sailors attacked Mexican youth and the police came along afterward to arrest the Mexicano on outrages charges. The same pattern continues today, 65 years later.

Wow, what you saw in that video was reminiscent of the Zoot Suit Riots! Could these jackasses make any wilder claims? Of course! Apparently the police are shooting Latinos left and right. Check out the bullshit on their .pdf downloaded from their website.

Dear friends,

Relations between the Vista Sheriffs and the Latino community continue on a downward spiral as the rights of the Latino community fail to be protected by the local Sheriffs. For years, Vista has been plagued with police shootings of unarmed Latinos, cooperation between Sheriffs and INS agents, checkpoints in the Latino community, ruthless immigration raids, and now, the Sheriffs fail to arrest vigilantes who commit crimes against Latinos even as they occur before their own eyes.

The latest injustice occurred on Saturday, Dec. 29, when Elizabeth “Betty” Camarillo of Fallbrook was brutally assaulted by members of the San Diego Minutemen at the Von’s Center in Vista. Instead of arresting the perpetrators, a Sheriff’s deputy arrested Betty and charged her with committing battery against a Minuteman. Betty needs your support so we are asking that you send a letter to the District Attorney’s offices and the San Diego County Supervisors, asking that charges against Betty be dropped immediately.

Betty was born in the U.S., is 18 years old, weighs less than 100 pounds and is 4 ft. 8 inches tall. On this day, Betty and her family went shopping and made the mistake of doing their shopping in Vista where the gang-like Minutemen claim their territory.

According to Betty and witnesses at the scene, Betty saw the Minutemen harassing day laborers at the Von’s Center. She asked them to leave the men alone. She was then surrounded by the Minutemen as one of them thrusted a camera in her face.

As a form of self-defense she moved the camera out of her face in light of the apparent danger surrounding her. A few Minutemen then grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to the ground. A few of the Minutemen pinned her while one of them choked her until a Sheriff’s deputy arrived.

The Minuteman continued choking her in spite of the Sheriffs demands for him to let go. Not listening to the Sheriffs demands, the Sheriff had to threaten the Minuteman with the use of mace, after which the Minuteman complied. Amazingly, the Sheriff?s deputy proceeded to arrest Betty only!

Betty is being charged with battery by the District Attorney and her case will go to trial in May.

Friends, in the face of this blatant physical attack on our sister and discriminatory behavior on the part of the law enforcement officer, we ask that you support Betty by participating in a letter writing campaign.

Please send a letter on your behalf and organize others to send letters and/or faxes as well. Betty needs a flood of letters of support to stream into the DA and the County Supervisor?s offices. We ask that you highlight the inequality of how the law is applied between the different communities in Vista, how the Sheriffs have failed to protect and serve everyone equally and that charges against Betty be dropped immediately.

You can also support by attending the trial in May and/or sending a donation. We will provide further information on her trial as the case proceeds.

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Gosh, who should we believe, the real statistics, or this study claiming that cracking down on illegal immigration would cost Oklahoma 1.8 billion dollars? It seems to me that when illegal aliens leave, they are replaced by unemployed Americans.

Norman Transcript

Our governor, business leaders and area Realtors keep telling us that the economic turbulence that has hit much of the country seems to have missed us. We got another sign of that this past week.

Oklahoma appears to be adding jobs while much of the nation is losing them. Non-farm employers added more than 11,000 jobs in March.

The state’s unemployment rate continues to drop. The statewide rate for March was 3.2 percent, down from 3.5 percent in February and 4.2 percent in January. A year ago, the rate was 4.3 percent.

Nationwide, during the same period, unemployment has risen. The national rate for March 2008 is 5.1 percent compared to 4.8 percent in February and 4.9 percent in January. A year ago, the national unemployment rate was 4.4 percent.

State officials say many of the new jobs came from the service providing industries. The only category to lose jobs in Oklahoma in March was manufacturing which lost a net of 100 jobs. For the year, Oklahoma has added 15,700 new jobs.

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The Washington Post

It was a dramatic change in his Prince William County neighborhood that got Greg Letiecq thinking about immigration almost three years ago.

After going to government officials with concerns about crowded homes and congested streets, Letiecq said, officials’ lack of response made him realize it was time to take the matter into his own hands.

“A number of houses in my neighborhood became overcrowded. . . . When we tried to contact the government, nothing was happening,” Letiecq said. “There was a huge amount of frustration among residents, so I tried to figure out what we could do about it.”

Letiecq united unhappy residents around the region, he said, by forming Help Save Manassas. He noted that similar groups were in place: Help Save Herndon and Help Save Loudoun.

Help Save Manassas, whose Web site says it has almost 2,000 members, is marking its first anniversary this month.

“This has been successful beyond our wildest dreams,” said Letiecq, the group’s president. “We were in a world of hurt here a year ago, but neighborhoods are now recovering, and the quality of life has improved so much.”

Over the past year, Letiecq said, one of the biggest breakthroughs was a resolution approved by Prince William supervisors in July. The resolution allows law enforcement officials to check the legal status of anyone in police custody and allows the county to deny certain public services to illegal immigrants. Letiecq and his group researched, facilitated and wrote parts of the resolution, working with the Washington-based Immigration Reform Law Institute.

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The University of Maryland Diamondback

Tucked away just behind the building, fewer than two miles from the campus, lies an old, decaying, vandalized mansion that has been unoccupied for decades. But with the help of a Gemstone research team, the McCormick-Goodhart Mansion will become a Langley Park community center. The project could mark a turning point in improving the university’s somewhat standoffish relationship with this low-income, predominantly immigrant neighborhood.


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For those of you keeping score. There are a total of 5 lawsuits in play. I am now a defendant in two frivolous unverified defamation lawsuits, cases #4 and 5.

Case #1 Gilchrist, Eichler, and Minuteman Project sues Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney, and Barbara Coe

Case #2 Minuteman Project sues Gilchrist, Eichler, Sandy Gilchrist, Tim Bueler, and Tommy Crenshaw

Case #3 Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project sues Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney, Barbara Coe, and Paul Sielski

Case #4 Jim Gilchrist personally sues Brook of Immigration Watchdog, Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State, Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney, Barbara Coe, and Paul Sielski.

Case #5 Steve Eichler personally sues Brook of Immigration Watchdog, Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State, Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney, Barbara Coe, and Paul Sielski.

Audio recordings of alleged financial improprieties discussed at Minuteman Project board meeting.

    Board of Directors Meeting - A
    Board of Directors Meeting - B
    Board of Directors Meeting - C
    Board of Directors Meeting - D

OC Register

It may be a civil lawsuit - but it was anything but civil in court this morning at a conference on the Minuteman Project.

Outside the courtroom, anti-illegal immigration activists Jim Gilchrist, Paul Sielski and Deborah Courtney traded insults over who holds the true right to use the Minuteman Project name. ?Fraud!? Sielski later shouted at Gilchrist from his seat inside the nearly empty courtroom of Orange County Superior Court Judge Randell Wilkinson.

It was a meeting related to the second lawsuit in a series of filings ? five, to be precise ? related to the right to use the Minuteman Project name and money. The group split more than a year ago in a dispute over money management and control of the organization.

History of Legal Battle
Jim Gilchrist Denied Control Of Minuteman Project
Jim Gilchrist Abandons Hopeless Lawsuit Against MMP Board Members

On Friday, Wilkinson asked the plaintiffs to submit a report explaining why they?ve lagged in their prosecution and lacked an attorney for more than four months (they say they recently hired a new one). Both sides are due back in court May 14, at which point Wilkinson will decide whether the case should move ahead to trial on May 27.

Gilchrist, who founded the border-watching Minuteman Project, claims he has the right to the Minuteman brand name. But so do the plaintiffs, who were on the group?s board and sued Gilchrist on behalf of Minuteman Project Inc.

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NC Times

ESCONDIDO —- More than 200 Latino parents headed to classes Saturday morning at Orange Glen High School to learn how to help their children succeed in school, live healthy lifestyles and steer clear of dangers online and in the community.

The courses were part of the 10th annual North County Latino and Migrant Parent Involvement Conference. The free event, titled “Connections to the Future,” was put together by volunteer community members and employees from school districts throughout North County.

Parents of children from preschool through high school were encouraged to attend and talk with educators, community leaders and other parents.

“It’s very interesting,” Angelica Reyes, a San Marcos resident and mother of a 14-year-old son, said in Spanish. “I want to get more information on a lot of things that can help my son in school. I want to learn about college, health, the train.”

The goal of the event, organizers said, was to get Latino and migrant parents together to talk about education and to help them to better understand how the education system works, what is available to them, and to inspire them for the future.

Read the entire article and leave a comment here.

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Associated Press

RENO, Nev. - Outmaneuvered by raucous Ron Paul supporters, Nevada Republican Party leaders abruptly shut down their state convention and now must resume the event to complete a list of 31 delegates to the GOP national convention.

Outnumbered supporters of expected Republican presidential nominee John McCain faced off Saturday against well-organized Paul supporters. A large share of the more than 1,300 state convention delegates enabled Paul supporters to get a rule change positioning them for more national convention delegate slots than expected.

“I’ve seen factions walk out. I’ve never seen a party walk out,” said Jeff Greenspan, regional coordinator for the Paul campaign.


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North American Union
The Dirt On Gilchrist.
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