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Gilchrist and his partner Steve Eichler are like a rabid animals chewing off their own legs. Maybe Jim Gilchrist and Eichler will team up with Enrique Morones and Claudia Smith to sue me next. I don’t know who else they could get to join them. It wouldn’t surprise me though, after all, Gilly the clown ran all over the country lying for pro-illegal alien presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. And even little Jimbo’s Attorney, Mark Brown, is an immigration Lawyer helping “immigrants” become legal.

What’s laughable is that straight jacket Jim Gilchrist and his scamming partner Steve Eichler haven’t even bothered to serve me with their frivolous lawsuits yet. I’m sure they realize that if they do, it will be struck down with an anti-SLAAP motion and they’ll end up paying my Attorney fees. And then of course we can SLAAP back for monetary damages against them.

This latest email is a weak attempt to defame me and others that have exposed their scams. It is also meant as a warning to other patriots who dare speak out against Minuteman Project after Gilchrist and Eichler rip them off. Unfortunately, everything they do seems to blow up in their faces. I don’t think this email is going to win Minuteman Project any new friends. People are sick to death of this crap.

Subject: Don’t Tread On Me!


Minuteman Project, Inc and Stephen Eichler are looking for individuals and groups that would like to join our law suits filed against defendants named below.


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John McCain announced on his website that he will be speaking at the next La Raza convention.

As part of his commitment to talking with all Americans during this presidential campaign, the McCain presidential campaign announced that John McCain will attend the La Raza Annual Convention in San Diego on July 14, 2008.

The Washington Post

PHOENIX (Reuters) - John McCain reached out to Hispanic voters on Monday as he sought to win over a constituency that has moved away from his Republican Party but could prove key in swing states in a close U.S. presidential election in November.

The Arizona senator’s campaign launched a Spanish language Web site to mark the Mexican Cinco de Mayo festival and McCain told reporters that “everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor-made to the Republican message.”

“I am confident that I will do very well,” he said. “I know their patriotism, I know the respect for the family, the advocacy for pro-life, I know the small business aspect of our Hispanic voters.”

Hispanic support for the Republican Party has ebbed in recent months, following a bruising battle over illegal immigration.

Republican lawmakers sank a comprehensive immigration bill last June that would have created a path to citizenship for many of the 12 million mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants living in the shadows in the United States.

McCain’s support for a broad immigration overhaul that would also have put some illegal workers on a path toward U.S. citizenship angered many conservatives in his party. He later said Congress should focus on border security first.

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SHEBOYGAN, Wis. - A Sheboygan man who admitted having sex with a mentally disabled teen has been sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison.

Forty-4-year-old Juan Aguilar pleaded no contest in February to charges of exposing himself to a child and causing a child to view pornography.

The girl is 17, but court records say she has the mental capacity of a third- or fourth-grader.

Defense attorney Thomas Gerleman had asked the judge to sentence Aguilar to probation only. He said Aguilar had no criminal history and worked to send money to his family in Mexico.

Assistant district attorney Jim Haasch recommended two years in prison, saying the offense was too serious for just probation.

Sheboygan County Circuit Judge James Bolgert says he considered both Aguilar’s character and the girl’s condition when he levied the sentence.

The judge noted that Aguilar is an illegal immigrant who’s expected to be deported at the end of his prison sentence.

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Maywood, CA - Sanctuary for La Raza! This hard working “immigrant” car washer was so passionately in love with his Mamita that he wanted to keep her all to himself. So he kidnapped her, assaulted and raped her for 16 days. She was afraid she would be deported if she called 911. I guess it’s better to be raped and assaulted for two weeks by your macho man than go back to your home in Honduras.


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Richard Poche is home recovering after he says he was attacked by a group of men yesterday in broad daylight. He says they bit off his thumb and slashed his body with a knife .. an attack so brutal, doctors thought he was attacked by a dog.

Deborah and Richard Poche moved back to Fat City from Florida to help rebuild after Katrina. “This is his hometown,” says Deborah. It hasn’t been easy. Deborah says, “I’m not doing so well. I’ve been sick. I’ve been battling cancer.” And things just have just gotten worse. “He was just full of blood, just squirting out of his finger, it was everywhere,” she says. Richard is recovering from a near deadly attack right outside his Division Street apartment yesterday.

“It was here at the Orleans Courtyard Inn, where Richard said he was checking on his son who was at a birthday party. That’s when he says half a block away he was attacked. He says, “They accosted me for money again and I said no and that’s when they all jumped on me.”

Richard says at least six men attacked him — choking him, biting off his thumb, slashing him with a knife, severing his fingers — even biting him so hard in the arm, teeth marks remain. “I hollered police, police, they bit me on the arm here — what scared them off most — was I hollered, ‘Ice, ice.” ICE is short for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Richard says the men who attacked him are probably from outside the US, and are in New Orleans, looking for recovery work. Now, the couple feels like prisoners in their own home. “The drinking, the way they are out front, he has to bring up all his tools, we rented a storage shed, they siphoned all the gas, we can’t even keep gas in the truck,” says Deborah.

The Poches called the JPSO after the attack. But the couple says– even the deputies who arrived at the scene said little could be done to protect them. “They’re here illegally. There’s no process for prosecuting them. This is what the officer told me. They’re so disgusted cause their hands are tied,” Richard says.

The Poches are worried about retaliation. Still they’re speaking out, and plan to get out of the New Orleans area. “It’s just too much. It’s out of hand,” says Richard. And they’re trying to figure out how to explain all this to their eight year old son. “He knows what’s going on .. bad feelings .. we won’t let him go out an night, period.”

The Poche’s add– they’re grateful for all the people who are in New Orleans to help with the recovery work. They just hope that police and sheriffs deputies can weed out the bad apples. Richard heads back to the hospital tomorrow so doctors can figure out how to reattach his fingers. Now Richard’s job is at stake .. he uses his hands everyday .. building pools for a living.

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