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80 accused in immigration weddings scam
May 10, 2008

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) — A federal sting of four companies accused of arranging fraudulent marriages for U.S. citizenships, complete with wedding photos of brides in gowns and elaborate fake cakes, has netted more than 80 arrests, authorities said Friday.

Immigrants, Americans and company officials were among the 83 arrested. The immigrants paid as much as $10,000, while the U.S. citizens were offered up to $2,500, U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill said.

The couples were coached on how to pass immigration checks with fake answers, even though in some cases they didn’t speak the same language as their purported spouse, officials said. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials who review each citizenship-conferring marriage to ensure legitimacy tipped off federal agents in many cases.

At least one of the businesses kept a standing wedding showroom in its office, complete with a prop cake, an assortment of 10 to 15 wedding dresses and table settings never dirtied with dinner or drink.

“What we’ve seen in the past generally is that a person will meet someone, that person might be desperate for some money, willingly engage in a sham marriage and then they go their own ways,” O’Neill said. “Here, you can see this was much more sophisticated. They incorporated businesses, they obviously sought out people, people came in.”

Officials said some of the immigrants had criminal records, ranging from burglary to battery, drug offenses, domestic violence and even aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. They were primarily from Central and South America, though at least one was from Morocco.

The four companies that allegedly arranged the marriages were incorporated as immigration assistance services. They were All Kind Services, A-3 Services, American Solutions and Services — all based in the Orlando area — and Power of Attorney, based in Daytona Beach. Officials said more arrests were expected.

Two people behind Power of Attorney, Larry Humm and Natalia Humm, pleaded guilty this year to conspiracy and fraud charges. She is appealing a nearly four-year prison sentence for masterminding the scheme, while he received three months’ probation in exchange for cooperating with authorities.

No telephone listings could be found for three of the companies. A message left at American Solutions and Services on Friday was not returned.

Those arrested were from Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota, Cocoa Beach and Fort Myers……

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The father fled back to Mexico.

Douglas Dispatch

At eleven years old, a Douglas elementary school girl finds herself pregnant and under the protection of Child Protective Services.

The name of the girl was not released due to her age.

In late January or early Februar 2008, when her homeroom teacher and the school nurse noticed the slight swell of her tummy, the girl dismissed her girth as a tumor, a Douglas police report stated.

When her grandparents, who have legal custody of the girl, were questioned, they told Douglas detectives that she ate too much and that?s why she was gaining weight.

By the middle of March, though, a school staff member became increasing concerned about the girl. On April 4th the staff member spoke with her and inquired about her growing condition.
At first the 11-year-old was hesitant to open up to anyone at the school, but later she revealed her situation to a teacher whom she trusted. She said that in December 2007 she had been on school break and had been sexually abused by her father. The assault occurred at her father?s house in Agua Prieta, Sonora. Douglas police immediately contacted CPS.

The girl told Douglas police that she was uncertain about what to do when she was returned to her grandparents? house in Douglas.

A few days later the girl was taken to Tucson to visit her mother, who is an illegal immigrant.

According to the police report, the mother, upon learning about her daughter?s assault, called the girl?s father and threatened him.

Because the father is in Mexico, the case now belongs to the Mexican authorities.

The Mexican police did not return calls to The Daily Dispatch by press time.

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The reporting is a little weak here. They don’t give any statistics of how bad the problem is. A commenter posted statistics after the article that illegal alien criminals kill 25 Americans per day (drunk driving and violent crime) and sexually assault/molest 8 Americans per day.” This is from a study by conducted by Rep. Steve King a few years ago and I believe it to be accurate.

ABC Local

A group opposed to illegal immigration has created a display of empty shoes at an Elgin campus to signify Americans killed by illegal immigrants.

The Elgin-based Association for Legal Americans created the display “Empty Shoes, Empty Hearts,” which includes pictures and information about 25 victims across the country who died in crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants. The exhibit is on display for two days at Elgin Community College.

“I think it is very interesting. They have tried to convey a message here and they have done it with these shoes,” said Stephen Fenstermacher, Elgin student.

“It is not only one group committing these crimes it is other groups as well,” said Denisse Ayala, Elgin student.

The association co-founder Doug Heaton said some of the victims were killed in drunk driving accidents and others were killed in violent crimes. A Chicago area woman- Patricia Henneken, who was killed by a drunk driver in Hoffman Estates- is included in the exhibit. An illegal immigrant is now serving time in prison for her death.

“We it’s a voice that hasn’t been heard. We think people need to understand that there are lives lost because of the illegal alien problem,” said Doug Heaton, Association for Legal Americans. Heaton says he wants to see the government take action against illegals responsible for criminal acts. “We need to screen immigrants. To make sure that illegal aliens that are in custody are identifying and removed from the country so that they can’t be free to kill again.”

Critics think the exhibit is one-sided.

“I am actually am against this. I think that they are manipulating the tragedy and trying to get people to be on their side in the immigration debate. I was in debate class today and I gave my speech on this topic and how it is just provoking a more negative response to illegal immigration,” said Brittany Ancara, Elgin student. “It doesn’t show how many people do good things. It doesn’t show how many illegal people do crimes. It isn’t the right thing to do.”

Heaton created the display, which closes Friday at 5 p.m. He hopes to put it on display in other locations.

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The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — The decline of U.S. influence in the world has been fodder for a lot of media analysis lately. “We’re just not that strong anymore,” columnist Thomas L. Friedman wrote this week in The New York Times. “We are not who we think we are. We are living on borrowed time and borrowed dimes.”

Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek’s international editor, identifies the problem as “the rise of the rest.” Emerging global powers are growing richer and more influential, challenging U.S. pre-eminence in industry, economy and culture. As Zakaria points out, the world’s “largest publicly traded company is in Beijing. Its biggest refinery is being constructed in India. Its largest passenger airplane is built in Europe. The largest investment fund on the planet is in Abu Dhabi; the biggest movie industry is Bollywood, not Hollywood.”

This “seismic shift” is redefining the world’s relationship with Washington. While many in this country are feeling unsettled about this development, Zakaria suggests that their worries are unfounded because the rise of new powers is no longer defined by their opposition to the United States. Rather, these new actors have moved on and, while they extensively challenge U.S. dominance, their attitude is not one of anti-Americanism but what Zakaria calls “post-Americanism.”

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WASHINGTON ? President Bush on Wednesday showcased his request for $500 million in U.S. military assistance to help Mexico combat murderous drug cartels in a bid to build congressional support for the more contentious part of his spending package ? the latest multibillion dollar request for emergency war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush crafted plans for the U.S. military assistance to Mexico at a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon 14 months ago and sketched details last October, including money for military equipment such as helicopters, training and assistance in combating corruption in the criminal justice system.

Council of the Americas

Bush pitched his financing plan to the Council of the Americas, an organization of international businesses that backs free trade and democracy. The U.S. military assistance ? $500 for Mexico and $50 million for Central American nations ? will help them “deal with the scourge of these unbelievably wealthy and unbelievably violent drug kingpins,” Bush told the organization’s conference at the State Department.

Administration officials have said the remaining $900 million originally proposed in the Merida Initiative will be requested later.

Read more.

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A Busy Muster on Deck

April was one of the busiest months on record. The Campo Border Patrol set and broke their all time arrest record (along with our help) three times in the last three weeks. You are needed now more than never.
Our May Muster is scheduled for May 16- 18th at Camp Vigilance In Boulevard, CA. For Reservations please send an email to

Paintball Event

Outdoorworld is having a Paintball Outing in the Oaks on Saturday the 17th as well. The cost is $20 per person. This is loads of fun. Advance reservations are required. Please send an email to and put “Paintball” in the subject line. This is not an official Minuteman sponsored event and is run totally by Outdoor World.


From July 3rd to July 6th, members of pro border security and anti-illegal immigration groups will be coming to Cam Vigilance for a National Weekend of Celebration AND a Border Watch. Groups like Save Our State, San Diego Minutemen, CCIR and dozens of others will converge upon Camp Vigilance for a family oriented July 4th celebration (in the Oaks), with music, food, speakers and all round good time. On July 5th and 6th we will be shutting down the border from El Centro to San Diego. Our Chapter will be providing logistics, lodging and food. BPAUX will be providing security. This promises to be a fantastic weekend and we expect hundreds if not thousands of participants. This is part of a national effort to secure the entire southern border for the weekend as other states will have similar events. IF YOU ARE GOING TO PARTICIPATE, BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW.

RESERVATIONS@CAMPVIGILANCE.COM . Bring the family. No one under 18 may stand on the line. MCDC SOP applies to all participants. No long guns, no guns in camp, no camouflage, etc. More info to come out shortly. Don’t miss the chance to participate in this historic event.
RSVP for this Event NOW!

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NY Times

MEXICO CITY ? Gunmen assassinated the acting chief of Mexico?s federal police early on Thursday morning in the most brazen attack so far in the year-and-a-half-old struggle between the government and organized crime gangs.

The Mexican police have been under constant attack since President Felipe Calderón took office in December 2007 and started an offensive against drug cartels that had corrupted the municipal police forces and local officials in several towns along the border with the United States and on both coasts.

Since then, Mr. Calderón has sent thousands of federal agents and troops into those areas to establish law and order, provoking retaliation from drug cartels that have killed about 200 officers, among them at least 30 federal agents.

The acting chief, Edgar Millán Gómez, was ambushed by several men wearing rubber gloves and carrying weapons as he entered his apartment building in the Guerrero neighborhood of Mexico City with two bodyguards at 2:30 a.m. He was hit eight times in the chest and once in a hand. He died a few hours later at Metropolitan Hospital.

Commander Millán was the highest ranking official to be killed since Mr. Calderón?s campaign against drug dealers began. Intelligence officials said it was highly likely that he was killed in retribution for the arrest on Jan. 21 of Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, one of the leaders of a cartel based in Sinaloa State.

Read more.

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Another willing worker was arrested in Southern California, for molesting a 6 year old child, and a 3 years old.

According to the police, there MIGHT be others victims out there, too …

And the individual is a previously deported convicted felon, who is in the country illegally.

Of course, there is an ICE detainer on him.

Not that it would help the kids a whole lot …

Willing worker, family values, only coming here to improve his life, blah, blah, blah ….
Thanks to Lone Wolf for capturing this video.

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Jim Gilchrist and Steve Eichler sent out another email to all those who have contributed money to them in the past. They used to beg for money in their emails but now all they can do is try and save face. They claim to be victims of some grand conspiracy. In reality, their fraud trial is fast approaching and they are scared to death of the financial paper trail left in the wake of the alleged embezzlement.

They used to believe that they could crush the Minuteman Project Executive Board Members with expensive litigation. Jim Gilchrist and Steve Eichler were heavy in cash and they knew the Board Members had next to nothing. The Board Members couldn’t find a decent Attorney and for a while they had no representation at all. But now the Board Members have a top notch Attorney representing them and Gilchrist and Eichler know their time is up.

Jim Gilchrist can lie and claim that the Executive Board Members were simply “volunteer advisor’s” all he wants but there are official notarized documents that prove otherwise. There are even audio recordings of the Executive Board Meetings. There are financial records that don’t add up. All this evidence will be presented in court. These guys are in big trouble and they know it.


Gilchrist told a source on Monday, May 5th that he’s spent over $200,000 dollars on Attorneys fees. He hasn’t even gone to trial yet! He’s hired five law firms! No wonder Jim Gilchrist is relentlessly begging for money. And the way these legal battles move, it is far from over. This thing may drag out another year.

I think Jim Gilchrist and Steve Eichler know it’s over for him. They’ve ripped off too many people and they’ve made too many enemies. I can count their supporters on one hand and I know they are all paid. Now they are on a suicide mission and they desperately hope to take out a few people like myself with them. Fat chance.


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