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“Roger McConchie, representing the magazine, said the tribunal’s hearings constituted an “unjustifiable infringement of freedom of the press” as guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Human rights panel hears claim Maclean’s article denigrated Muslims
June 2, 2008

VANCOUVER - A four-day human rights hearing began in an overcrowded Vancouver courtroom Monday with the Canadian Islamic Congress claiming a Maclean’s magazine article subjected Muslims to hatred and contempt.

The complaint against the article, titled Why the Future Belongs to Islam and published Oct. 23, 2006, was made to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal by Naiyer Habib, an Abbotsford cardiologist and B.C. director for the Canadian Islamic Congress.

This followed a complaint by Ontario resident Mohamed Elmasry, the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, on behalf of Muslim residents of B.C.

Maclean’s is published in Ontario but the Ontario Human Rights Commission declined to hear the complaint.

It alleges the magazine discriminated against Muslims on religious and racial grounds contrary to section 7 (1) of the B.C. Human Rights Code.

The article by author Mark Steyn was based on excerpts from his book America Alone.

Faisal Joseph, representing Habib, accused the national media of consistently denigrating Muslims and said the article alleged Muslims were poised to take over Western society and impose their laws by virtue of their numbers……..

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So we don’t have enough money for a border fence but….

The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — The presidential candidates have spent almost $195 million on television ads so far in this extended primary season, with the Democratic contenders shelling out the bulk at about $136 million, an analysis of political advertising shows.

Democrat Barack Obama has outspent all the Republicans combined by more than $17 million. The GOP primary race ended in March when John McCain claimed his party’s nomination.

The University of Wisconsin’s Advertising Project analyzed data from the TNS Media Intelligence/Campaign Media Analysis Group, a firm that tracks political advertising. The study looked at more than 327,000 ads that aired during the primary season.

Obama led in ad spending over Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, $75 million to $46 million. The two have been competing in contests for almost five months. John Edwards, who exited the race in late January, spent more than $8 million.

The Democrats’ figures greatly surpass those from the last presidential race in 2004, when the party’s candidates spent $51 million.

“We probably had more money spent in Iowa this year than was spent in the entire Democratic primary in 2004,” said Ken Goldstein, professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in a telephone interview. Goldstein directed the project.

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While many of California’s middle class families face financial difficulties during these economically uncertain times, the state Senate voted to give financial aid to foreign college students who are in the country illegally. SB 1301, a California version of the so-called DREAM Act, by Gilbert Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) was recently passed by the state Senate and will now be considered by the state Assembly.

California State Universities and Community Colleges would be required to and the University of California requested to provide grants, scholarships, work-study offers, and loans to students who graduated from a California high school they had attended for at least three years–even if they have entered and remained in the U.S. illegally.

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Reading Eagle

Berks County, PA - Federal officials Monday deported an illegal Chinese alien who was being detained in Berks County Prison.

Agents with Immigration Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, took custody of Zhenliang Weng, 25, at the prison about 5:15 a.m. and drove him to an undisclosed airport.

Weng, who had been in the United States illegally for seven years, said Friday that he had been notified of his deportation.

“I can?t do anything to stop it,” he said.

Weng previously told the Reading Eagle he was afraid he was going to be killed for writing the anti-communist messages on the Internet during the last year.

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MEXICO CITY ? Suspected drug gang hitmen shot dead a mayor in western Mexico as he drove back from a day out with his family, the latest politician to die in Mexico’s drug war, a state attorney general’s office said Monday.

Gunmen caught up to Mayor Marcelo Ibarra on a highway and shot him in the head Sunday night as he was returning to his hometown of Villa Madero in Michoacan state, a key front in the government’s army-led war against drug cartels.

?We believe this was linked to drug gangs, they were pursuing him,? a spokeswoman at the state attorney general’s office said. She said Ibarra’s wife and two children were unharmed.

Police declined to say why the mayor was a target.

His murder occurred six months after gunmen in northern Mexico killed former federal lawmaker and former mayoral candidate Juan Antonio Guajardo and comes amid a rash of police killings this year.

Michoacan is a flash point in President Felipe Calderón’s crackdown on drug smugglers. Its green hills and avocado fields hide methamphetamine labs and clandestine landing strips for planes moving cocaine to the United States.

The state has become a battleground between allies of the Gulf Cartel from northeastern Mexico and traffickers from the Pacific state of Sinaloa, home to Mexico’s most wanted drug lord, Joaquin ?Shorty? Guzman.

More than 1,400 people have been killed in drug violence across Mexico so far this year, a faster pace than in 2007 when around 2,500 were murdered over the year, including some state-level politicians.

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The Mountain Minutemen, stationed along the California/Mexican border need financial assistance to pay a bill for portable toilets. They were used during the “Light up the Line” event last April and the bill needs to be paid.

$5-$10-$20– whatever you can spare. Please send your help to:

Cpt. Robert Crooks
Mountain Minutemen
P. O. Box 411
Jacumba, Ca. 91934

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LA Times

Reflecting an increased effort by the Girl Scouts to attract young Latinas and their mothers, the Spanish Trails Council in Montclair is offering a bilingual camp for the first time this summer.

The one-day “Las Divas de Hoy” will be held twice over the summer. Many of the planned activities are the same as other Girl Scouts camps — painting nails, crafts and fashion shows — but there will also be salsa dancing and flower arranging.

Most important, said Idalia Silva, the council’s community partnership manager, is that Spanish will be the predominant language.

Latino parents “usually don’t get involved in Girl Scouts because of the language,” Silva said, and children will only get involved if their parents know about the program.

“So now people can be free to speak in Spanish. They’re not going to be embarrassed, so they can speak their own language with the girls, because most of the parents don’t speak English. . . . This is so they can volunteer and get involved,” she said.

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This will most likely pass the CA Senate as well, but Arnold vetoed this bill back in 2006. Arnold has also been forced to cut the states educational budget, so I don’t know where Fabain Nunez thinks financial aid for illegal aliens is going to come from.

?All qualified students in California deserve the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning, and the California DREAM Act brings us one step closer to that goal,? Speaker Núñez said. ?Preserving road blocks that prevent students from achieving their true potential is no way to run a state. In a competitive 21st century global economy, a broadly educated workforce is essential for our state to maintain its advantage in leading technology and professional sectors.?

AB 2083, the California DREAM Act, requires the California State University system and the California Community Colleges and requests the University of California to provide financial aid ? including grants, scholarships, work-study offers, and loans ? to all qualified students who are exempt from nonresident tuition.

Qualified students guaranteed access to aid must have attended and graduated from a California high school for at least three years. All undocumented students must file an affidavit stating that they will file an application to legalize their immigration status or will file such an application as soon as they are eligible.

The DREAM Act now moves to the California State Senate for consideration.