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This is the area that had teenagers having their hands hacked off with machettes by MS-13 gangsters and the fight to save the city of Herndon. And they are worried about neat yards.

The Washington Post

A Loudoun County community that had been a target of last year’s regional effort to cut down on illegal immigration is again the center of a county cleanup campaign.

But this time, instead of focusing on immigration status, county leaders are embarking on a months-long effort to tackle the unkempt lawns, crowded homes and truck-jammed curbs they say have eroded the quality of life in Sterling Park, a working-class neighborhood on Loudoun’s eastern edge that has lost some of its suburban luster since its founding in the 1960s.

“I want to deal with fixing up the neighborhood: the high-grass complaints, the incidents of tagging, the complaints of rat infestations,” said Supervisor Susan Klimek Buckley (D-Sugarland Run), who represents an area just north of Sterling Park. “I’m not going to get bogged down by illegal versus legal right now. I want to clean up my neighborhood.”

Last year, frustration over the community’s deteriorating conditions erupted when it became the epicenter of the county’s debate over illegal immigration. Members of an activist group in Sterling Park and some candidates for local office blamed conditions on an influx of illegal immigrants who they said crowded into single-family homes and cared little for the community.

But the fervor against illegal immigrants has died down somewhat, especially now that a slate of lawmakers critical of some crackdowns has taken control of the county’s Board of Supervisors.

This spring, officials held meetings in the Sterling area. They will use residents’ testimony to help create a community improvement program. On Tuesday, officials will consider regulations that would ban the parking of cars in yards and allow volunteers to mow untended lawns. Many residents also have called for stepped-up zoning enforcement to crack down on overcrowded homes, an ongoing issue that supervisors are likely to take up again this fall.



Civil unrest in the United States will result if we ignore the developing underclass of children born to illegal immigrants, according to Sociology Professor Ruben Rumbaut. In this Full Disclosure Network video news blog, experts and elected officials explore the shocking statistics that raise the possibility that massive illegal immigration to the United Sates could lead to the same type of violence that occurred in France and England. It was noted that the violence in Europe was caused by children of immigrants from Pakistan and other Muslim countries.