Bush PR Strategy To Fool America


The Bush administration is in the process of launching a public-relations campaign on border security to disguise its true intention, which is to pass a de facto amnesty packaged as a “pathway to citizenship.”

The first shoe of the Bush administration campaign fell last week when DHS raided IFCO, a pallet and plastic-container company, arresting 1,187 illegal aliens and seven current and former executives of the company.

On Tuesday, the New York Post confirmed that only 257 of the 1,187 illegal aliens were actually deported. All the rest were released, with a notice to appear for a hearing ? a joke of a procedure at best.

The second shoe fell on Wednesday, when the Senate voted to take $1.9 billion from the Iraq war and divert the money to the Border Patrol. In the next few weeks, the Bush administration plans to roll out some nifty new Border Patrol vehicles, possibly along with some helicopters and electronic surveillance gear. The whole point is to get more “photo ops” for the military hardware on the border so middle-America watching the evening news can see that the “Secure Border Initiative” is meant to be tough.

13 Responses to “Bush PR Strategy To Fool America”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    This trick is as old and moldy as any in their bag of tricks. $1.9 billion blah blah blah. Whats the plan with it , jorge? A large amount of the money will be spent on such neccesities as office decoration, “training sessions” and other bunk and bs. Truth is-We just need troops and guns on the border-and sea to shining sea would cost -nothing-we already own the guns and ammo, and we can get Americans there within a month or less. As unflattering a thing as that might be to those of us with inflated self-understandings, Real Americans want just that. We realize that that is not a ’sophisticated’ or ‘nuanced’ solution, but we are not dealing with a ‘nuanced’ or ’sophisticated’ invader.

  2. Eddie B. Says:

    A pig dressed up with earirings is still a pig. He must think we are really stupid. And I am not buying into a “pretty pig” spin story no matter how much perfume Bush puts on it. Speaking of pigs, how do you all like the profits reported by Exxon? They reported the 6th most profitable earnings for any American Company today while we pay our tax maoney to dress up pigs. Say, Bush is an oil man isn’t he. Well, I just guess that pigs of a feather like to wallow together. And that ain’t very pretty.

  3. trisha Says:

    I am like you that is a joke if he was going to do something he would have done it in 2001. I believe he thinks he is fooling the American people. I bet alot of Americans are fooled because they don’t have the time to really see what is going on. I was fooled but not anymore………………………………………………… Look at Los Angeles, Ca. for this going to be what all America will be like. I don’t want that…….Who does the criminals……….So does that mean our government too are criminals, because they keep sayings that’s what the Americans want………..They are trying to brain wash the American people I can’t believe I would ever see this happen like this..

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    Trisha, the shame of all this is that congress can not get the lobbyists out of the chickn house. They are wined and dined AND FATTEN UP for the kill. They are so fat and happy that they are doing exactly what these radical Seditionists and Socialistists want. This is all about money and that is all they care about. These lobbyist find out who the sl#ts are and line their war chests with money. My Senators here in Maryland are absolutely dreadful. Barbara Mikulski sent my group form letters explaining how tough she was on immiggration and then last night voted for them! She is a lying PIG.

    She has given away our crab industry to the off shore Phillipines companies where they grow “Maryland Blue-style crabs” in tanks. She has given the jobs that the poor Chesapeake Bay water people used to do living on the bay to illegal aliens. These people wnant to do this work .. Their families have done it for generations. Now it is being done by Mexicans. Want a Maryland Crab Cake? Sure.. one can of crab coming right up.

    I am sick of the greed. I am sick of Mikulski. I am sick of Bush, McCain, Kennedy, and all the others throwing our country away. This is all about greed, corruption and terrible oversight by our elected leaders.


  5. trisha Says:

    Hey, Eddie B. I went to a web site today and it scared me really, really bad.www.infowars.com this is the stuff you hear that happens in last days… My heart is still hurting…………… I would like some other people to go to that site and say what they think.. I’m scared !!!!!!!! I want to know what other people think is this real ?????

  6. peter Says:

    if own tyson dump it now! monday will be to late

  7. Sherri Says:

    Washington must think that we are idiots. None of these “raids” fooled me. If they were serious about it, they would have been doing it all along. I hope the majority of Americans aren’t stupid enough to believe in anything Washington tells them—most of us are cynical about government.
    Vincent, I’m with you! We need armed patrols on all of our borders, and if other countries don’t like it, who cares?

  8. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Thanks for that link Trisha. I now know that I have to boycott Cargill’s meat products. We have sunk to an all new low when large companies like them along with their comrades in the California State Assembly can openly support these lawbreakers and their allies.

    Now, I would like to pose a question: What would it take for you to drop what you are doing and pick up a rifle (while you still can) and go off to fight a 2nd US civil war over this issue? What would it take? What would the victor’s version of history say about those that fought, if they lost? All I know is they better not push us to far, because while we have jobs and semi-comfortable lives, we are passive, but the minute we are out of work, homeless and hungry, there will be hell to pay…

  9. Sherri Says:

    Trisha, I looked at that website. There is some interesting information on there, but for the most part, it looks like the rantings of someone VERY paranoid! While I don’t want too see any N.W.O. , I’m not completely paranoid. I mean, some of that stuff was WAY out there!

  10. Darlene Says:

    BOYCOTT Hormel- (507)437-5611
    Tyson- (479)290-4000
    Cargill- 1(800)227-4455

    All of these meat companies are hiring illegal aliens, colluding with illegal alien smugglers, giving illegal aliens the day off on Monday to protest amnesty and breaking the law with impunity. Please call the above companies Monday and tell them that you are boycotting their products forever and that you plan to advise all family, co-workers and friends to do the same. I personally plan to turn any and all of their products BACKWARDS in the meat and freezer cases so that they are not easily visible to one and all. Be discreet and remember THIS IS WAR..and all if fair in love and war. BOYCOTT ALL MEAT, CHICKEN, ETC. ON MONDAY.
    And take note of any Hispanic businesses that make the choice to shut down on Monday. Let them know on Tuesday that you will never do business with them again and will let others in your town, neighborhood or city know about their anti-American behavior. This is still a free country and we can still choose where we take our business. AND PLEASE WEAR RED, WHITE AND BLUE ON MONDAY TO REMIND THESE PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE IN AMERICA…not mexico! FLY YOUR FLAGS! SPREAD THE WORD!

  11. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    “Bush PR Strategy To Fool America”… EXACTLY That is exactly it. A PR Strategy. We do not want PR Strategies. We want Statesmanship.

  12. Tom W. Says:

    If you go into the “heart of the beast”, La Raza - www.nclr.org - you will see a whole bunch of corporations that support them, such as Pepsico, Bank of America, State Farm, Johnson and Johnson, Allstate Corp., Coca Cola, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, MBNA Corp., Univision, and Wal Mart. These big corporations are supporting the force behind the protests - La Raza, or The Race. There’s some interesting links too, and you can look for yourselves what their agenda really is. It’s not paranoia, it’s for real. My favorite link is www.aztlan.net. It’ll open your eyes. God Bless the USA!

  13. Jerry Alexander Says:

    Makes you feel good,dosn`t it?To know that a Handfull of Comi`s in the white house can destroy America.Yes! Just a few people are able to ruin the entire country,and you can`t do one thing about it,except Talk,Talk,Talk,Talk,Talk ect,ect,ect,ect.
    How long will it take before America realizes that “bush” and his “Friends” are not even American.Bush and his Comi Friends have no idea of what America is.None of them have ever fought for this country with one exception “mccain” and he has severe PTSD and needs to be treated.None of them have ever needed anything they didn`t get.
    These COMI`S have no idea of what America is.I don`t think george has ever left his house alone.
    These people have a Social Security package that is more of a Retirement Plan than anything else.
    Everything these COMI`S do to America,they do it right in our faces.They break the law,they lie every time they open their mouths.Now they have “Baghdad Toni” Remember “Baghdad Bob”?”There are no Americans Tanks in Baghdad”.A”Whitrehouse Press Press Secretary” is no more than one who Deceives his countrymen,Bends the truth in order to “Fool” the American People.I know each of you have watched these “Press Secretarys” on TV.All of them are Paid Liers and all of them look and act a little Weird.If “bush” likes them,they are not good for America…Period!
    I don`t know how much more,Americans are willing to take.If we wait too much longer,we will have nothing to fight for.
    IMPEACH bush NOW.FOR THE GOOD OF AMERICA.DEPORT bush NOW AS A TRAITOR.TAKE mccain AND kennedy WITH HIM.I don`t capitalize these names because it shows respect……I have NO RESPECT for these COMI`S.

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