The Bush-McCain Bullshit Express


Bush and McCain slip their spindly legs into the same pair of pants. They swim in the same pond with the same scum, i.e., majority of Congress. Both don’t do their jobs and both won’t talk straight. Both B.S. the American public! Their lies become our reality. What is that reality? How about 20 million illegal aliens hitting all 50 states like a human Katrina? How about tens of thousands of illegal aliens marching through our cities with Mexican flags flying? Bush and McCain cannot B.S. their way of out those realities no matter how much they crave an amnesty.

Here is what’s happening at the citizen level as opposed to government level B.S:
1.40% of all workers in L.A. County (L.A. County has 10 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This was because they are predominantly illegal aliens, working without a green card.
2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
4. Over two-thirds of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
5. Nearly 25% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.
6. 29% or a whopping 630,000 convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually; not to mention the tragedies in death, drugs, crime and misery they caused American families.

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  1. trisha Says:

    I would like to know why are government is letting this happen?? Why are they so for it….The Big Picture of what is happening to America what are they up too. This would not have happen in my grandfathers time. The people paid more attention what was going on, and had more guts to do something about it.

  2. Eddie B. Says:

    Sure is providing us with a clear picture of who not to vote for this November. We need to clean house.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    We all echo your disbelief and incomprehension, Trisha. As for this”…letting this happen?…” as much as I would like to believe otherwise, I cannot believe they are JUST [passively] letting this happen. They are orchestrating it. Its hard for me to see otherwise.

    As for this,…”This would not have happen in my grandfathers time. The people paid more attention what was going on, and had more guts …” I agree. And I have been stomped on many times in casual conversation at the mere suggestion of the idea. I pay back with interest though;) . The complaint you usually hear about this near blasphemous idea is something like ‘’oh-thats just nostalgia, blah blah blah'’ But that aint so.

    We as a species may or may not have evolved; of the scientific truth in those theories I can say nothing. What I can say in furtherence of what you said is that in the last generation or two, men seem to have grown out of their spines. And maybe their…gonads. This is not an improvement.
    Evolution it may be, improvement NEVER.

    You know what is another strange thing is that say in your/my/everyones grandfathers time, the means of transmission of information was far more sparse and far less available. Television hasnt helped us. It is a weapon of mass distraction and nothing more. All the same, back then, NOTHING that we are witnessing today could have been allowed EVEN FOR A DAY. Lets face it; We have been conditioned to be play-dough people. [except for people that come around sites like this!]

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    Vincent you are absolutely right! Who is paying for al those big posters and hand bills in full color. That is expensive work. That kind of printing doesn’t come cheap and they have THOUSANDS of these signs that they are carrying around coast-to-coast. They are all saying the same thing so somebody is doing the organizng and funding. How come we are not seeing “investigative reporting” on who these people are? Is Watch Dog out there all alone… no of course not (great job Dog). But somebody MUST be telling the big four NOT TO DO THEIR JOB. The same people who are telling congress to take a vacation…. don’t worry, be happy.

    Who picked up the tab on re-recording our National Anthem into this preposterous, interpretated recording being sent to every Spansih radio station in America! Gag me with a taco. I would like Bush and Kennedy to interpret this for me to make sure there is nothing being said that REEKS of sedition. Let’s see, how many Spanish “stars” were involved in this recording spread out all over the U.S. This is money folks. FOLLOW THE MONEY and we are going to start to see who the wizard is behind the green curtain. Or should I say Fox…

    Watch Lou Dobbs tonight. He is going to speak on counter protesting and getting OUR VOICES out there.

    Sure would like to see some invetigative reporting though by the major networks. Remember Watergate? Two reporters bought down a President. Those were the good old days. Keep it up Dog!

  5. Brad Says:

    You know I was wondering if the Mexican government is behind all of this. I made the following observation on another board. “If any other group of individuals were threatening to shut down major US cities, the National Guard would be called up and the mass of people would be forced to disperse.” I find it interesting that because the group of people in the street are the same people big corporations are pulling the strings for, there has been not one mention of the national guard or the legality of trying to close a city.

  6. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Anyone who wonders how we got to this point should be reminded that it was, and is, political correctness that is to blame. But then, you have to ask yourself who has pushed that garbage down our throats…I’ll let you all figure that part out for yourselves.

    Off topic for a minute…I just saw a tourism commercial that said “California, find yourself here!” is the State’s new marketing slogan. I lived there for over 30 years, but now if I “found” myself there, it would mean that I had lost my mind.

  7. jrfoleyjr Says:

    The “Who” question about the money trail funding the illegal alien pressure groups? Either directly or indirectly, George Soros and at least one of the “charities” funded by the Heinz foundation (hint John Kerry and the loose cannon Tuh-Ray-Zuh). All that lobby money is why the politicians are so resistant to listening to us. They are proving that they are good politicians by staying bought by the BIG BUCKS! Even the media is is involved because they are owned or heavily influenced by those same big bucks sources. Money talks. We lose, unless we vote the rascals out.

    Our slogans for November have to be:

    Remember in November and Never re-elect anyone!

    The politicians are afraid that we would actually do something like this!

  8. Sherri Says:

    Right on, Eddie B.! It’s DEFINATELY time to clean House! I hope that people will not have short memories and remember all of this at election time. I also agree with Vincent that some investigative reporting needs to be done to find out who is funding these illegal alien invasion protests and the information needs to be broadcast all over the U.S.A. to ensure that people will be informed.

  9. Jerry Alexander Says:

    It`s very simple…..The leaders of this country,”America”,are not American.
    “george bush” has never done one thing for this country….he only does for himself ,and that`s it.
    Someone please,if you know of anything bush has done for this country,Please tell us
    “bush” has many “backroom Meetings”,whith his friends.
    “bush” is not a “VETERAN” and it makes me want to puke everytime I hear him say;I knows how the “SOLDIERS FEEL”…Have you ever heard such CRAP?
    I resigned from the “American Leagon” because they let “bush” stand on their stage waring a hat with “VETERAN”emblazed across the front.
    “john mccain” is a lier and the “Media” covers for him.Ask “john” about his Debate with “FAIR”,if you can get him cornered.
    Chris Matthews “No Balls” and other “Media God`s” should be “Deported” for acts of “Treason”.MANY of our So-Called leaders make me wish Birth Control was “Retro Active”
    I don`t know why tony Snow is so happy.We all know that his new “Job” is nothing more than “One Who Lies” for the “Baghdad Tony” like “Baghdad Bob” Remember these words;”There are No American Tanks in Baghdad”.
    We need to “Tar & Feather” “bush”all of “bushes Budies” and send them to the ranch to “Cut underbrush”,or something.
    Everytime I hear “kennedy`s” name,Scotch and Panties come to mind,not to mentoin “Dry Feet”.
    Our Government is out of control.We need to Take Them to the River and Baptize them in the American Sprit. Kinda like being “Born Again”.

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