Mexican Sends Delegates to Back Boycott

Our laws are dehumanizing Mexican citizens?

Washington Post

Mexico City (AP) — Mexican lawmakers issued a declaration of support for immigrant protests planned in the United States on Monday and said they will send a delegation to Los Angeles to show their solidarity.

The declaration, issued late Thursday by all the political parties in the lower house of Congress, contrasts with the position of Mexico’s Foreign Department, which has said it will discipline any consular officials who take part in the protests.

The delegation of lawmakers will meet with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, it said in a news release from Congress.

‘The only thing we are looking for is to end this dehumanizing situation and get the recognition of the migrant labor force,’ Federal Deputy Maria Garcia said. ‘People who go looking for work should not be treated like criminals with the risk of being tried in federal courts.’

8 Responses to “Mexican Sends Delegates to Back Boycott”

  1. Sherri Says:

    It’s time for our government to get some stones and tell the Mexican government to stay out of our business! This foolishness has gone on too long!

  2. David M. Says:

    I am at a loss for words. Well, I’m not really, but what I really want to say would not be appropriate.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …”mexico?s Foreign Department, which has said it will discipline any consular officials who take part in the protests.” If we were as organized as we should be, we’d have eyes already on the various matricula concilar vending machines [i.e. mexican consulates] and have files on all the members, perhaps even their families with photos etc. Then, in each city where this occurs-we could have our own observers in the streets looking for them and watching their public orgasms.

    As it is, we know nothing and the FBI, CIA who should be on our side, has all the information we need and more. Yet they would never sahre it with us if we asked. And we NEED this information.

    Seriously though. The above declaration is just words with intent to shine up the mexican image. Who among us would know if Adjunct Consul Javier de Silva Escobeda Llondrez [AKA ‘Pedro’:)] is on the streets engaging in insurgency.???

  4. Mary Says:

    As usual, Mayor Traitoraigosa is to be found sucking up to his REAL constituents — the Mexican government. Boycott Mexico now!

  5. Crispus A Says:

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa should be on trial for treason, I wonder how many illegal aliens voted for him. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is an open racist he is a Mayor for the Hispanic people only.

  6. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    Speaking of dehumanizing, the word “racist” referred to the anti-illigal immigration majority by those illigal aliens not dehumanizing?. Furthermore, some 30 thousands illigal aliens inmates have dehumanizing Americans with crimes from murders to rapes, and the irresponsible, incompetent Maria Garcia needs to end that demuhaniztions by taking back those illigal aliens to her country.

    As for Mayor Antonio ” Reconquista”, he needs to take round up all his illigal aliens people and head South of the border to set up his office there, where he would certainly find lots of happiness and support from that corrupted government

  7. Croc Says:

    I wonder if these people from Mexico know that their own country is run by Europeans, i.e Spanish. Got a country? Go back to Mexico. See if you have enough guts to take Your own country back. You ain’t taking this one over. Remember The Alamo!!!!

  8. Bill O. Writes Says:

    Zogby Poll Results: 58% of Mexicans polled say they believe southwestern United States belongs to them.

    El Cenizo, TX Mayor passes law forbiding anyone in town to use English. Will fire any public employee working with US Immigration. (from PBS Show “Do You Speak American?” with Robert MacNeil)

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