Day Laborers File Lawsuit Over Closing of Hiring Site

NY Times

White Plains — A heated battle over the closing of a day-laborer hiring site in Mamaroneck moved into the courtroom on Thursday when a Latino civil rights organization sued the village, saying it violated the rights of the laborers by refusing to let them congregate.

The lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court here on behalf of six unnamed laborers, accuses the mayor and the police chief of Mamaroneck of using various tactics, from police checkpoints to aggressive ticketing, in a ‘deliberate and coordinated’ campaign to drive immigrant workers off the streets. The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which filed the suit, said it hoped to win an injunction against the village and the police.

‘This village has decided that it will no longer allow day laborers to solicit work anywhere in the town, and it is harassing them with the intention of making them leave the community,’ said Cesar Perales, the president of the group. ‘It’s a rare situation in which a village is devoting its police force to actually intimidate a group of people until they leave. This is astounding.’

Mayor Philip J. Trifiletti of Mamaroneck responded to the suit on Thursday with disappointment, calling it misguided. He defended the closing of the day-laborer site, saying the village had sought to create a safer and cleaner environment near Columbus Park, where for years crowds of immigrant men have gathered each morning to wait for independent contractors to hire them for the day.

Before the site was closed in February, 200 men typically gathered there each day and used it as a public toilet and a place to sleep or loiter, Mr. Trifiletti said.

7 Responses to “Day Laborers File Lawsuit Over Closing of Hiring Site”

  1. Sherri Says:

    I hope they lose their lawsuit. It would send a message that these people do not have rights in this country if they are illegal. It is not a right to loiter in a public park and use it as a toilet or sleep there. That’s called vagrancy, and it’s against the law. The court should order them to take some of the money they’ve earned and pay for the clean up of the mess they create.

  2. BorderRaven Says:

    The local cops should set a perimeter and ask anyone entering for identification and also ask contractors for their license.

    Those laborers without ID, should be arrested and turned over to ICE.

    No room in the jails, then rotate out the non-violent criminals.

  3. Doctor DETH Says:

    “six unnamed laborers” hmm.. illegal, I wonder? naaah..
    Why should they be named? They all have the same rights as you and I, even if they are of the damp persuasion..
    Hell, that’s if there really ARE 6 plaintiffs. Who says it isn’t a ploy by the American Communist Liberal Association! But, then again, how hard would it be to find 6 people of dubious origin to come forward, even if they had nothing to do with the lawsuit initially?
    Welcome to goverment from the bench.

  4. silvio Says:

    I’de like to know if all illegals are boycotting our public services today! I don’t think so!!

  5. LuvMamk Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with immigrants. Everyone is an immigrant or came from an immigrant background. BUT, I will not stand for individuals, especially illegals, that come to Mamaroneck and destroy what is there.
    I’m sick of seeing people urinating, loitering their filth, disrespecting women by probing like sick people, amount of pregnant illegal women, refusal of speaking the english language, among a few… If the hispanic coalition wants to help, then they should teach all these folks how to behave & act with pride. My parents came to this country, worked hard, and taught their children to be considerate & productive citizens. Its tough but everyone should make an effort.

  6. Charles McGaughy Says:

    I hope that it never comes to war over here! I had seen what happens when a small minority rises up in revolt! Rember Yugoslavia? That’s the country that dissentigrated into warring factions during the late 90’s and help provoke Civil War in Bosnia. With every act of defiance on their part and without a response from our law enforcement, they will get bolder and bolder until they get brave enough to start marching with, not only just mexican flags, but also with Mexican guns!

  7. Eddie B. Says:

    The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund…. so where’s the education part? What is it about taking a dump outdoors in public is not lawful that they don’t understand?

    Let’s start with all the sleazy lawyers first. Makes me want to take a shower just reading this.

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