Hispanic Minuteman Speaks Out


Al Garza says he’s proud of his Latino heritage, his race. La raza, he calls it, shifting easily from English to Spanish.

But he said he’s not about to join the protesters who have taken to the streets of Houston and other cities in recent weeks in demand of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

‘Personally, I’m very disappointed in our own raza at what they’re doing,’ said Garza, a Texas native who wants to end the flow of illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border.

‘Just because I’m Hispanic doesn’t mean I’m going to allow complete strangers trampling over property, vandalizing people’s homes and ranches,’ he said.

Garza, former Texas president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and now the group’s second-in-command, is one of the nation’s most prominent Hispanic anti-immigration activists.

Ten percent of the Minutemen’s 8,000 members are Hispanic, he said.

12 Responses to “Hispanic Minuteman Speaks Out”

  1. Rose Says:

    If Al Garza sticks to his word, then he’s a true American and I applaud him

  2. Contessa Says:

    Viva Al Garza and all the Minutemen. You do what a lot of us wish we could and what we wish more would do, including and especially our own government. God Bless America.

  3. The Watchdog Says:

    Flaviano Genovese wrote:

    I see your site and I understand what the minutemen are doing. I agree with what they are doing but not the way that they are doing it. Those whose families have been here for years and I don’t mean just a couple of generations, I mean since they Mayflower seem to be taking the teachings of their forefathers forcing fear to run their families, to give them a reason to persecute. Remenicent of the Salem Witch hunts or even the government of yesteryear that allowed the killing of “savage” natives, these were both forms of persecutions in which those leaders felt they were doing was right as well, but only because of their fears. I for one have never been in any danger of an undocumented foreigner taking my job. What you should really be fighting for is for our government to give United State Residents better education so they dont have to worry about having to vye for a lower end job. I have never seen a doctor or lawyer or even a CEO of large company have fight for their job with an undocumented worker. I use the United States Resident because we have to remember from as far north as Canada to the southern most place of South America is indeed America, therefor all are Americans. Also, if you check data there are far more undocumented Asian in this country than any other race. What does this mean? We need to protect our ports. Also, why is it that when the United States deports latin americans they drop them off in Mexico rather than their native countries? Does that mean that if Mexico catches undocumented people from South America they can dump them in the United States? We have to be fair and unhipocritical in our thoughts. I hope you see some valid points here. I am of French and Italian Decent whos Italian side of the family first settled in Mexico and then moved towards the United States so I can see this issue on all sides. Please feel free to post this on your site, I feel you need to also post intelligent views and words rather most ramblings that I have seen. Good luck in whatever you choose,


  4. Sandra lee Says:

    I applaud the minute men for their work these ILLEGAL Immigrants are causing a high defecit in our states they quickly ask for medical, food stamps and other fringe benifits from the united states without paying taxes and expect to get away with coming in here ILLEGALLY it is a crime. Business owners will loose alot of money on Monday may 1st due to the strike but it happened to them because of their stupidity to hire ILLEGAL immigrants so pay the consiquences.

  5. Educated American Says:

    Right on Al Garza!! Right on Ted Hayes, for that matter!! You see how awesome it feels to be united as AMERICANS? The Enlightenment-spawned ideas of America are what elevates our shared struggle to save this nation.

  6. Joe Ramirez Says:

    I am a first Generation American , parents from Mexico, and will not join these marches. These illegals are breaking a law of a country that has more then kissed their a** for to long. Deport these illegals who have no respect for what becoming AMERICAN is. They should go back to their countries and protest because those countries have duped them , the countries suck flat out.

  7. Phil Says:

    I have no problem with people seeking a better life in the USA. However, I do have a problem with poeple illegally entering this country. It is against the law. Those who unlawfully enter this country should face deportation. Illegal immigrants are hurting the working people that are here legally. They drive the pay wages down. Because they are here illegally, they get hired at less pay. Employers are finding ways to get rid of the $15.00 an employees and hire the illegals at $5.00 an hour. Employers know the illegals will not complain for fear of being deported. The illegal immigrants are unquestionably being exploited. If you come here to seek your fame and furtune, do it legally, and not by breking the law…………………

  8. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Joe Ramirez Says:

    “I am a first Generation American , parents from Mexico, and will not join these marches. These illegals are breaking a law of a country that has more then kissed their a** for to long. Deport these illegals who have no respect for what becoming AMERICAN is. They should go back to their countries and protest because those countries have duped them , the countries suck flat out.”

    They are Communists, Joe……They hate America, and see this as a way to destroy our country!!

    ….Don’t let them!!


  9. BobO Says:

    I Lived in Manassas,Va. for 6 years.When I moved to my new neighborhood there it was nice.When the hispanics started moving in everything went downhill fast.I’m a person who takes all people at face value reguardless of anything.The people that moved in next to me and across the street and down the street showed no respect at all for anything.They were truly the DREGS of the earth.Since then I moved to the country to get away.Now it’s happening here.If you have not experienced this and think that illegal hispanics(because that is what this is about)have the right to ruin our way of life,I suggest you move to a neighborhood that they are in.GOOD LUCK BROTHERS and SISTERS.

  10. rocket J Says:

    I agree with BobO….I live in Detroit and the same thing is occurring in my neighborhood. I’m in the process of SELLING my home of 11 years because I am fed up with the disrespect I contend with on a daily basis from my ILLEGAL immigrant neighbors. Last summer, the whole block was infested with fleas. No joke. These people let their flea-bitten pets run all over the neighborhood and wonder why the place is infested! Since Detroit is totally broke, it does no good to call the non-existant animal control or the police. The other day when I came home from work, my neighbor had his car pulled up on my front lawn with all 4 wheels removed and puddles of oil all over the sidewalk. When I tried to say something he looked at me as if he didn’t understand what I was saying! I work midnights, so I’m home during the day. My illegal hispanic neighbors are not hard at work during the day, as the stereotype goes . They are on their porches and in the back yards drinking beer and selling drugs! I see them every day! One of these neighbors had the gall to ask me if I was selling my house to an American or a Mexican! I would sell to an American of Mexican descent, sure, but how is it even possible to sell to a person residing here illegally? People of this country better wake up! We’re giving the place away to thugs! I’m not talking about all immigrants. If you have some skill to offer and go through the proper procedures to become legal, great, but putting our carpenters, bricklayers, painters, etc. out of jobs is B.S. And what about the people that do absolutely nothing for our economy, except suck it dry? We need some serious leadership on this issue. I still say the lackadaisical attitude stems from when Bill Clinton did the right thing and sent the Gonzales kid back to Cuba. The Republicans have been soliciting the hispanic vote ever since. What a bunch of power-hungry irresponsible cretins. It’s not just a coincidence that this problem has grown in the last 5 years.

  11. Robert Diego Says:

    If a country needs people to work, and the U.S. does, then the immigration laws of that country should reflect that need. Apparently there is a problem here. Could it be that immigration laws would not allow what are called “illegal” immigrants to immigrate anyway? Is it possible that our immigration laws are written, not to attract people who want to work, but are instead aimed at attracting doctors, lawyers and other college educated professionals? Here is the problem: this country needs workers too, people willing to take an entry level job in order to feed their families while they gain experience, language skills and an education that will make them the future managers and leaders.

    I’m reminded of the terrible job our INS was doing before 9/11 in handling even the terrorists who came into this country. Maybe they can’t handle immigrants who come here to work either. Is it possible that this ineptitude is the reason for “illegal” immigrants?

    Consider also that we need these workers to come into our country because of the Social Security shortfall that is projected as older workers get onto the Social Security roles. We need people to pay into this program just to keep those people getting their hard earned Social Security benefits. I think this program is corrupt in the first place but people have paid into it and their money has been squandered…to keep it alive we need people to work and they must be younger people from other countries. We need these immigrants and they can pay much more into the system than they take out. Hispanics in particular are hard working people, not people looking for the Dole.

    Finally, we should be careful not to allow infiltration of subversives into this country. The real terrorists on this issue are not so much the Arab suicide bombers that might try to get into this country through Mexico (most would find more help from the Canadians actually) but subversives sent into this country by Castro, Chavez and the new Bolivian president. People who use this issue to undermine the United States must be exposed for what they are: communist subversives and enemies of freedom. Pictures of Che Guevara among the protestors on the streets do not help the cause of immigrants in this country and to these people, I say, if you think this country is so bad that you have to come here and spout anti-American propaganda and lies, Hispanic-Americans like me say, you are not welcome here.

    And we must deal with the corrupt government of Mexico. These people come to the U.S. because Mexico is a controlled economy ruled by an elite that keeps the natural resources to itself. If Mexico is ever to come out of the poverty that it breeds through corrupt government officials, it must become a capitalist state with property rights, free trade and free speech. Why does it want to send its best to another country? Because it does not give its best the freedom that they need to make life better in Mexico. Don’t you think it is time to put an end to tin roofed cardboard houses? Don’t you think that it is time to put an end to dirt floors and dirt roads? Mexico and Mexicans, it is time to demand a real free-enterprise system in Mexico.

  12. Robert from NY Says:

    Illegal aliens are now crippling our healthcare system and overcrowding our prison system. The American taxpayer is paying for these injustices thanks to the pussy politicians who fear losing the Hispanic vote. We are a nation of laws. Forget all the verbage, build a wall with a gate to allow seasonal legal workers. Fine and imprison the employers who hire these criminals. No amnesty to criminals. I am a lifelong Republican and I vote: kiss the party goodbye George Bush….

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