Watchdog vs. Larry Lopez

Full Disclosure Network is a low budget cable news outlet that airs programs around the country. They feature shortend video blogs on their website.

I was already familiar with their website so when Leslie Dutton contacted me to be a guest I was pleased to do it.


In anticipation of the May 1st boycott by undocumented immigrants and their sympathizers, the Full Disclosure Network? is releasing a ten-minute video news blog revealing the behind the scenes tactics and preparations. The video contains exclusive footage and a interview with MAPA President Nativo Lopez, immigrant rights organizer who describes the boycott activities along with Brook Young, a documentary film-maker whose website features very controversial audio messages including one from Professor Angel Gutierrez of the University of Texas attempting to incite students to protest American immigration policies.

Also featured in the video is California Senator Dick Mountjoy (ret) who was legislative author of the California Proposition 187 to ban public benefits to illegal immigrants. The video is available for viewing as a public service, 24.7 courtesy of the Full Disclosure Network?.

This Full Disclosure? video new s blog features various protester signs and messages and pictures of which feature communist agitator Che Gueverra and socialist slogans in pictures taken by Brook Young. Exclusive Full Disclosure? video coverage of the April 2006 Costa Mesa demonstration includes Teamster Union Officials who rally the immigrant crowd to stirring chants, waiving flags, including Teamster Official Patrick Kelly who was a speaker on the platform, urging undocumented aliens to become citizens.

17 Responses to “Watchdog vs. Larry Lopez”

  1. James from OHIO Says:

    That was a really good video,

  2. JOHN CREASY Says:

    Watchdog, what happened to the video?? I can’t find it at Full Disclosure.


  3. The Watchdog Says:

    Did you follow the WATCH THE VIDEO HERE link? I see it.

  4. sick of illegals Says:


  5. Brad Says:

    Heck Brook, I don’t know where this racism crap is coming from. Larry looks on the film clip to be a whitey. Hell, I am darker skinned then him. I just don’t speak Spanish.

  6. TexasCowgirl Says:

    Excellent job - you are so brave and such a great example of an American. At least if this country goes to hell, you did an outstanding job to try to save it.

  7. JOHN CREASY Says:

    Thanks Watchdog, I see it now. I must have had a computer glitch .

  8. JOHN CREASY Says:


    I just finished watching the video. My question to you is, why don’t you think mass deportation, along with building a fence, penalizing employers who hire illegal immigrants, and cutting of social services, is not realistic? If these people are not deported en mass they will become a huge cancerous criminal underclass…then what?


  9. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    Nativo Lopez, Angel Gutierrez’s dreams of Mexico De Facto victory against the US one day becoming reality is constantly on these traitors, sympathizers’ minds .Their outrageous demands for US citizenships are the keys to winning this war through political votes, which is progressing at an alarm rate. Needless to say, the evidences are all around us, particularly the recently unprecedented nationwide protests.

  10. The Watchdog Says:

    I’m with you Creasy on everything but a mass deportation. I’m sure there would be violence and rioting if a mass deportation was attempted. And we don’t have the resources to round up 20 million people.

    We need strict workplace enforcement to dry up the job market for illegal aliens. We need secure documents. Employers need to be fined and repeat offenders jailed. If we did this, it would stop the flow of people coming here and people would simply go back to their home countries. They would deport themselves. We need a fence too.

    The idea is to deport the criminal aliens, and keep them out with a fence, and let everyone else deport themselves.

  11. Lewis Says:

    First of all I have lived in Texas all of my 50 years, and it brings a tear to my eye to see what the influx of Mexicans has done to our once fine state. BUT the cure is very simple. If you feed a stray dog the mutt will hang around forever. Illegals are no different than a stray dog. As long as illegals have a welcome mat to our country they will continue to swarm across the border. If we pull the welcome mat out from underneath them they won?t have a reason to stay here. And like that stray dog, they will move on. Deny them social services such as welfare, legal services, shelter, free heath care, free education and severely fine employers that hire them. A fence will not stop them from coming over but taking away their reason to come will stop them.

  12. James from OHIO Says:

    Lol to change the mood i keep thinking, if there is a fence could that stop them from deporting themselves back? haha, i know i know, we would make them cross the border but just a funny thought :-)


  13. bruce Says:

    Nice interview. I as well agree it feels hopeless. too many special interest groups wanting something for themselves. The good of americans is lost in that. I wondered as I am a Canadian living in the USA(legally) if this was about Canadians who have no documentation would the latinos take the day off from work (or from spending government assistance money at swap meets and/or clogging the schools and hospitals) to show their support. I am going to say I do not think so. This is about them not about America, they want to feel empowered. They do seond class jobs for the most part so they want to feel they are valid. I say fire them all and move on. Enforce work place laws, fine employers using current laws. If you take the carrot off of the stick the donkey stops walking…They will go home. MAss deportation is not easy, but get rid of the free money they get here , get rid of the support welfare etc, they will not stay. This country was fine before the huge numbers of illegals and will be fine without them. your lawn may once again be mowed by your teenage son or the teenager down the block. He will spend his money in your town in your country, not swire it home to mexico. Americans need to also once again feel proud of their country and their flag. The world has been dogging on the usa and people now feel it is “redneck” to fly the flag or stand up for your country. I came from a country that has lost all its pride in its own country( the way over liberalized canada) it is falling apart, they fight from east to west, province to province. America needs to be the America it was. I say everyone should fly the flag every day and especially on monday, buy it on monday and hang it up. I am not even a us citizen, but i love my adopted home, more than the one i left behind.

  14. Ed Says:

    I agree with the others mass deportation wont work we must cut all of the things that draw them hereincludding all of the spanish signs they are every where at the post office
    on the phone any time you call a company or government agency you get spanish. there are two elderly mexican ladies that live very close to me they are here a week or so then I dont see them for a month or so I believe they collect ssi & go back to mexico. PS. if you dont think a civil war is comming think again.

  15. Carolus Says:

    Watchdog; a great risk with your idea of “self-deportation” is that these people become desperate and more violent than before. But then again, they will be if you round them up. Damn, we’re screwed… :-/

    Great vid btw, though you should emphasise “White and Black America”, it’s important that black people realise that this is important to them as well as for white people.

  16. Mary Says:

    In 1986 Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Part of that act was to create a verification system for employers to check the documented/legal status of all employees. INS did exactly this in the Establishment of the “Basic Pilot Program” in 1996. This program worked extremely well and easily with all corporations and companies that partcipated. It is already set up and moving in 17 states on a voluntary basis. These companies are pleased with the results that they can verify the legal status of any employee and any false information within 8 days of reporting. It is such a good program that Congress reauthorized it in November of 2003. R. Bruce Josten, Executive V.P. U.S. Chamber of Commerce in October of 2003 stated the effeciency of the program to Congress as, “allows employers to verify documents quickly and easily with immigration and social security database,” asking Congress to expand the program.

    Our Congressmen and women know that this program is in place and working. This program has already been appropriated monies and is working. So why are we being told that it is impossible to demand that employers be responsible for the verification of employee eligibility? Once again we are being sold a bill of goods. They want more money to weed through the extensive verification program of deciding which undocumented illegals have been in this country for more than 5 years? Give me a break!

    Use the program already paid for and in place working soundly. Fine corporations and companies that do not participate in the “Basic Pilot Program” and hires illegal aliens. Allow the system to work that is already in place. Enforce current laws.

    United States Code, Title 8, Section 1324 defines illegal presence in the United States and prescribes only one penalty for illegal presence in the U.S. as deportation. How about Congress enforcing the laws and codes they already have instead of focusing on budget breaking “comprehensive immigration solutions”. Stop them now!

    I hope the House is listening to us. The Sessenberger Bill and the House is going to be our only hope of staying a first world country and not a third world country. Please do not let Americans suffer this onslaught by cowing down to the Senate……We need you to stay strong for America.

  17. c. williams Says:

    as a black woman and u.s. citizen. i feel insulted when the mexicans called their protest a great civil rights march… what b/s. my ancestors were not illegals, they were born here! like myself. and our struggles as a race of people are a part of american history, and valid. we have earned our rights as american citizens.

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