Video: TJ Bonner, National Border Patrol Council

TJ Bonner is the President of the National Border Patrol Council. I videotaped him at a meeting of the California Coalition of Immigration Reform on 4-26-06.

The very first time I called the NBPC, TJ picked up the phone and told me he would be happy to do an interview with me. That was 5 months ago and I was never able to get a hold of him again, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss his speech at CCIR.

The speech is over 40 minutes long and I broke it up into 5 parts.

    TJ Bonner part1

    TJ Bonner part 2

    TJ Bonner part 3

    TJ Bonner part 4

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    TJ Bonner part 5

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6 Responses to “Video: TJ Bonner, National Border Patrol Council”

  1. James from OHIO Says:

    VERY VERY WELL! spoken

    For those who want to hear some awesome music go here


  2. Brad Says:

    There is the man who should be in charge of Homeland Security.

  3. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    I sure hope those in Washington DC watched these clips !

  4. Carolus Says:

    If not, mail’em!

  5. andrew Says:

    Great Videos, should be on the media talkshow circiut, thats right LIBERAL MEDIA will not have thiss great speaker. the only one news company would be FOX News!

  6. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Mr. Bonner voices many of the same undeniable arguments that I have been yelling at my TV for weeks, as well as some new ones I hadnt thought of. It was very refreshing to hear them, and to hear them being applauded.

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