Illegal Immigration Leads To Canada/US/Mexico Merger

I’m not sure where this article originated, when I do, I’ll credit the source.

The Global Regime is hungry and rabid. It wants a body of slave labor to access anywhere in the world. The Ford Foundation and numerous transnationals have poured millions into preparing to remount dominance over workers in the U.S. It’s developed a front to hide behind and the green light has been given for a full assault.

What’s really unfortunate about the illegal immigration debate is that American citizens who advocate open borders and side with illegal aliens don’t understand the geopolitical push for the elimination of all borders in order to maximize and grow profit margins for transnational corporations. Allowing illegal immigration to go on for decades as it has in the U.S., quietly allows regional integration to take place before anyone can discuss it let alone resist the dissolution of U.S. sovereignty.

There is plenty of documentation on and offline where Globalists are calling to regionalize groups of countries into integrated trade blocs or regions. In a report, A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All, by the U.N’s International Labor Organization (ILO), it’s stated, “Countries are better able to manage the social and economic challenges of globalization by working together. That calls for better integration of social and economic policies in the process of regional integration, as has been the aim in the European Union (EU), the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Southern Cone Common Market (Mercosur), among others.” (p. 14)

If you think it’s just the U.N., then have a look at the recommendations on the U.S. Embassy’s website in Canada called Building a North American Community. Here former government officials and corporate leaders call for a “common security perimeter” for the U.S., Canada and Mexico by 2010 [p. 8] where people (including workers) from all three countries would be able to move freely within the “perimeter” (pp. 10, 26 - 28). Think of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” that President Bush entered into with Mexico and Canada as steps towards this goal. Other outrageous recommendations include retraining our public school teachers to instill a “North American identity” in our children. See page 30, where it says “Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers. This would assist in removing language barriers and give some students a greater sense of a North American identity. Greater efforts should also be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States and Canada.” Yes, corporate America, multinationals, Big Brother, the New World Order, Global Regime or whatever you want to call them/it wants to reshape the national identities of our future generations to regional identities through our own public schools! This gives a whole new meaning to corporate welfare!

These widely endorsed recommendations are actually mild compared to proposals by Trilateral Commission participants that call for a North American police force (”modeled after Europol”), N.A. Parliament (to “raise the sensitivity of American Congressmen”), N.A. passports, N.A. Customs & Immigration agents, N.A. Development Fund, etc.

A North American Community
A Mexican Vision for North America

The ILO must be proud of our Senate for trying to link border enforcement to guest-worker-amnesty legislation because in A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All, it states, “A fairer framework for the movement of people was essential, and in the European regional dialogue it was argued that “any policy of restriction should be linked to a policy of trade liberalization and development cooperation”.” [p.14]

Building a North American “community” amounts to policies focused on creating an integrated population to compete with populations the size of China and India each of which surpass one billion. Globalists already had their way developing China as the transnationalists’ new manufacturing base without any attempt to negotiate for human rights in China, free Tibet or even secure the future rights of Taiwan to remain sovereign and free from China’s non-democratic government. Mass overpopulation (through regionalization) in the U.S. would allow manufacturers and most other employers to dictate wages at third world levels where we would then see jobs that had been offshored begin to return to North America.

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  1. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    I just wish the powers that are behind this globalization agenda werent so completely ubiquitous yet amorphous. The cowards hide behind all these various front organizations and never dare to step out into the light where we can hold them accountable for their treasonous behavior.

  2. BUSH'S BRAIN Says:

    The latino armies that will be marching on May 1 are nothing more than the foot soldiers for the tri-lateral commission. Ultimately, these people who want civil rights for all Mexican, will herald in over-population and mass poverty.

    One only has to look at the border regions and the state of California to get a sense of what is to come. Millions of unemployed latinos, who have no benefits or job security, waiting on street corners for slave wages. Schools that are now ranked next to last in the nation. And in the wake the middle class is fleeing from broken schools, gangs and crime.

    But none of this matters to the elites, that live behind walls and run the country by remote control. It is the middle class that will continue to suffer. And no matter how much the economy grows the wealth pour into the hands of those who want to destroy our sovereign nation and its democratic institutions.

  3. Brad Says:

    I just read this morning that Mexico maybe starting a space agency. Now after choking on my beverage and giggling I wondered what was behind the sudden urge of Mexico to start a space program. The article didn’t reveal the reason, but I believe it is a shell to funnel funds from the US to another Mexican government entity. Another part of the Security and Prosperity Agreement that calls for cooperation between Mexico and the US.

    I think we will have some allies north of the border on this issue. Canadians don’t want to be a part of the US any more than most Americans want to be a part of Mexico

  4. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    following quote:

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

    I recently became aware of the fact that Benito Mussolini was named in honor of Benito Juarez. …Coincidence? hmm. Sorry-cant answer that one. Then again I cant answer why Marion SHEPILOV Barry’s middle name is the same as a communist theoretician either. Maybe his parents were Ashgabadi Russians? Sure. Thats likely.

    ANone of that is very important though. The main thing is, that the FTAA is real, and it is a loaded freight train of poisonous cargo that is steaming swiftly to our depot to off-load. This train must be derailed. The fury with which we see the politicians trying to leglize 20 000 000 or whatever illegals is caused by the underlying truth that amnesty is neccesary to bring FTAA into being. They are blinded with greed for their own Market Based Utopia and will stop at nothing to achieve it, just like the Soviets would stop at nothing to achieve their Equality Based Utopia.


    We shouldnt be blinded by all the smoke and thunder that surrounds 4437. Its not like if we win this battle, the danger will go away. Lets face it; we have all been ear-marked for [virtual] slavery by forces we do not know.
    The same is true of our opponants [raza] as for us. They are just even less well equipped to fight the enemy than we are. It may well be that in the future we join forces to defeat the real common enemy-but at this point we are still enemies; they on offence and we on defence.

    There is a link towrds the bottom right of Immigration WatchDog called Please go have a look at it if you havent yet.

    In other news, tomorrow is May Day It is also St. Josephs Day - St Joseph is the patron Saint of workers - hence the day was co-opted by above mentioned communists as the high holy day of ’socialism’ It is also beltaime- a wicca high holy daywhich celebrates fertility or some such thing. It is also the day of YET ANOTHER ROUND of mass temper tantrums by an occupupying foriegn to legitimize thier unlawful presence in our country. Let us hope that WE all remain calm and even-handed on this day.

    It is also your trulys birthday. Does anyone out their want to give me a gift? Heres what I want: Two toll free calls to senators of your choice to tell them that we dont want amnesty under any name-its toll free too! 1 888 355 3588

    the “pathway to citizenship” is the highway to hell. Lets not go there!

  5. BUSH'S BRAIN Says:

    If there is any doubt as to the effectiveness of the corporate media machine, read this exerpt from the San Francisco Chronicle.

    “By a ratio of more than 3 to 1, those surveyed said they preferred a comprehensive approach to the immigration issue, which President Bush and a bipartisan group of U.S. senators advocate, rather than the more punitive legislation passed by the House of Representatives. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have spent months trying to reconcile those conflicting proposals.”

    So, the American people have been sufficiently “tenderized” by pictures of Mexican Nationals flooding the streets of the U.S. carrying flags, to adopt their own demise.

    By focusing on the “positives” of “immigration” [not illegal immigration], the corporate media machine has burried the obvious. No mass amnesty has ever worked to stem the tide of illegal aliens. Look at the 1986 Immigration Reform Act. It only increased the number of illegal immigrants from 3 million to 30 million, in less than a generation. This amnesty will effectively eliminate a southern border, and force a dramatic standard of living shift.

    The American people have apparently accepted their fate as a third world nation whole-heartedly, and with open arms.

  6. Educated American Says:

    The above article was precisely what I was trying to get at in my debut post on another thread the other day. Illegal immigrant activists, for the most part, don’t have the slightest clue about the future trap they are leading people into. If some of the Mexica Movement, MEChA, etc. DO know what’s happening on a global scale - AND are seeking to bring that forth - then they are a worse enemy than we thought. My general impression is that they (as most Americans) are just totally ignorant of global corporatist ideology. They scream “racist!” and that’s about as far as they go.
    I was shocked to see that bit about teachers being retrained to promote “North Americanism”. I’m a high school history teacher (sub right now, though) and I teach U.S. History from a very constitutionally-based perspective. I try to highlight the importance and value of Enlightenment-era political philosophy, and the unique nature of our Republic. Good luck trying to “retrain” me!
    I believe issues of race and racism - along with general political correctness - are among the primary weapons of the oligarchy used to destroy this nation. National identity and unity as AMERICANS is being replaced by identity as a member of this or that RACE. I had a girl say to me in class the other day: “I think this country is run by white supremacy!”. I tried to direct the conversation towards the topics of emerging global government, trade agreements, etc. but she just wasn’t having it. And it was all in the context of a discussion of the U.S. Constitution! Since I’m primarily a sub, I’ve had the chance to sample various political views of soon-to-be-voting high schoolers. I’ve noticed that there is little or no enthusiasm for the Enlightenment-era principles of our government, or outright hositility among our youth towards our form of government. The kids are confusing (and fusing together) the FORM of our government with the actual people who currently hold the reigns of power. Among latino kids - forget it. Generally they would welcome a reconquista or the creation of Aztlan. That is why impeaching Bush, Cheney, and all the rest is so important. It would send the right message to the youth of America that blatant lawlessness and anti-Constitutional government simply cannot be allowed to stand. It would also make for a wonderful civics lesson for the youth of America. That does not get rid of the global corporatist agenda, but it would at least demonstrate that we still live in a Republic with checks and balances on power. These kids have only experienced Clinton and the Decider as presidents- who can blame them for being vastly cynical!

  7. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Warning: Strong Adult Language!!

    The “Big Man” on Illegal Immigration:


  8. marleen Says:

    if you go to the lou dobbs page on CNN you will see the list of companies and corporations that have outsourced american jobs..the list is in alphabetical order and it is HUGE!

  9. Ed Says:

    If the one world society thinks they can win their goal of one world run the big corperation they are partialy right but not for long the american people will not surender thier couttry nor their freedom for very long and will rise up & destory them.

  10. Educated American Says:

    Despite my desire to carry these discussions forth in an air of calm and reason - damn, the “Big Man” is funny! If we were to be completely honest with ourselves as Americans, everyone of us has entertained such “shoot to kill” thoughts in the deepest, darkest corners of our mind. Let’s get some solid border control so we’ll never have to adopt the “Big Man’s” proposal. (I love how he’s on the verge of breaking into laughter as he’s delivering his little speech.)

  11. Sherri Says:

    This is an example of how the PC movement is destroying this country with their “pie-in-the-sky” mentality. It’s time for people to stop being intimidated by political correctness and stand up for their rights and beliefs. Enough is enough!

  12. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Amen, Sherri, Amen!

  13. Rick Forman Says:

    “By a ratio of more than 3 to 1, those surveyed said they preferred a comprehensive approach to the immigration issue, which President Bush and a bipartisan group of U.S. senators advocate, rather than the more punitive legislation passed by the House of Representatives. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have spent months trying to reconcile those conflicting proposals.”

    That survey then needed to follow up with a definition of “comprehensive”. I’m sure for them comprehensive means amnesty. For myself it’s a little different.

    I’m in favor of comprehensive reform. Treat illegal immigration like the “drug war”. Speak loudly AND carry a big stick with the use of asset forfeiture and RICO.

    Increase physical border security and increase employer actions. Employers with multiple offenses face property seizures like drug dealers. Talk about compliance! If Mohawk knew the fed would seize their factory in Georgia then you bet your ass they would be more careful about their hires. Forget the paltry fines. A company that accepts 2800 applications with the same SSN should lose the whole freakin plant.

    Fraudulent use of government docs a felony not misdemeanor and remove the communciation restriction between the IRS and SSA. Stop ALL benefits, close the anchor baby loophole, immediate deportation.
    Violators caught forefeit for life any rights to citizenship, visas etc.

    For the visa overstays, require a sponsor and hold them liable subject to asset forfeiture for violators who overstay. You would see people lined up to turn in the violators if they thought their cars or homes were going to be seized.

    All violators biometrically scanned. I read where one rapist had been apprehended 4 times and had 4 warrants all under different identities. Impose economic sanctions against countries refusing to take back their trespassers and mean it. Cut off any foreign aid for countries who refuse.

    And for those Marxist state and local governments that are pandering to the invaders by passing ICE free zones, cut off any and all federal funding. No more highway funds, bridges to nowhere. No more urban development or artsy fartsy funding. Hell cut off welfare benefit funding. If they want these criminals then let them pay for it but I shouldn’t be forced to pay for some suck up politician in Kalifornya who sends a message to Mexico, “Come on down!”.

    Once the jobs and benefits dry up then send out an offer for free transportation back to wherever they came from.

    Now that’s comprehensive. But not comprehensive in the minds of the SF Chronicle or illigal immigrant ass licker Anderson Cooper.

  14. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Check out all of the “Big Man’s” videos!

    …..He makes sense to me!!


  15. Eddie B. Says:

    The “Big Man” is the funnist thing I have seen all day. Thanks! Must see.

  16. James from OHIO Says:

    Wow, you know The Big Man does make sense.

  17. marleen Says:

    ive got news for you..many if not most of the greek diners in new york and the surrounding boroughs have ‘’A TAX ID'’ that specifically covers all the foreign born that they employ in the hundreds of diners throughout.. each owner has a tax id for his diner…these workers are sent to the diners by a greek agency [s] that charges the worker a fee ranging from 20.dollars [a day] to 2oo. for a ‘’steady job[.a steady job will last 30 days maybe] there is no reciept offered unless a reciept is requested by a worker who speaks some english…but asking for'’ proof'’ is frowned upon,or ignored plus there is no job security and forget about unemployment insurance. .the mexicans that work in these greek owned ‘’establishments'’ are aggressive, illegals and they are rotated like a mill from the agency back to the diner .. nameless and faceless… the greek bosses report only a few employees on this TAX ID anually. so the illegals are paying the greek agency who in turn sends them to the greek diners , the greeks are making A TON OF this scheme.

  18. marleen Says:

    when the American gen- xers and gen-Ys were using the phrase ‘’AS WELL'’ in popular groups and among friends, [starbucks] it seemed so english[ England] they were really distinquishing themselves from the rest of us. they carried themselves as upperclass.[elite] this is where the danger is.. when a government trains its citizens on one hand to be tolerant of multiculturalism[other people] and to keep our judgements[freedom to speak] to ourselves… but then in turn, embraces the media and elitism as the'’ American Way'’..this creates a huge confusing gap as to who we really are as a nation. and what we believe in.. makes us question our own choices…makes us question OTHER Americans… and ultimately divides us..

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