TJ Bonner Blasts The May Day Boycott

TJ Bonner is the President of the National Border Patrol Council.

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11 Responses to “TJ Bonner Blasts The May Day Boycott”

  1. Mike Says:

    We should not yeild to these people regardless… Our citizens have fought and bleed in wars for the rights we have…. these people have no right to demand freedoms earned threw the blood of our brothers and sisters who fought agianst other countries for what we have. Including fighting mexico because we disagree with those ways of those coutries… they lost and this is america like it or not, it’s not mexico we owe them nothing,this is the way of civilization… we stand now or we fall back as they did!
    That is why we are free and that is why we should protect the right to be an american, and if we have to fight them in our streets because they will not back down …then that is what should happen, since our leaders failed to stop them before this situation, and fail to stand agianst them in this current situation… Why should we fight to protect our freedom a broad if we give it up @ home!!!!!

  2. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    Walking off their jobs exhibits a poor work ethic. Every other Monday there is a demonstration. I get the feeling that these people are looking for an excuse to have 3-day weekends. Hard working people don’t walk off their jobs.

  3. Sammy Says:

    Yeah, the ones in my neighborhood took the day off, but didn’t go to protest. They just wanted a three day weekend. Now they’re drinking beer in the front yard while their kids run around unsupervised. The women, of course, would never lift a finger to work because that’s beneath them. They’re still getting their welfare this month, after all.

  4. Mary Says:

    I can’t access Save our State. Has it been hacked down?

    What did Traitoraigosa do today? I understand he waffled back and forth.

  5. James from OHIO Says:

    Well said Mike, that’s how im thinking. We may have to end up fighting in the streets and I’am looking for poeple to at least be ready to fight.

  6. Rose Says:

    Does anyone know of any movie stars that are speaking up defending our Country and Constitution? I haven’t heard of any. I guess money talks (I think they are afraid if they speak up—-no movies, no money) what ashame.

  7. ScoobyRuvHound Says:

    …And, of course, had Mexico possessed the American southwest all this time, Cali, Ariz, N.M., and Texas would be the same 3rd-world cesspool Mexico is today. Now that it’s developed they claim it was “stolen” from them.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean up from my day’s work at a job that an American won’t do.

  8. Christene Says:

    I’ve yet to hear any of the “Hollywooders” say anything about this,..I can only assume it’s because thats who they hire to do all the deeds they choose not to do. I`m not surprised,when it comes to anything that takes making a stand for America,they seem to always be silent.

  9. Darlene Says:

    Charlie Daniels is on our side. Many C&W singers are. Check out his website….he had plenty to say about it this past week. I’m now boycotting Desperate Housewives, because Eva Longoria backs up those illegal low-lifes. James Olmos is another one and Gloria Estefan ( I used to like her) and her husband closed up their restaurant in Florida. The vast majority of Hollywood is very predictable in this issue, I say open up your mansions and allow these criminals to live with you. What are you all boycotting? Oh, yesterday I went to my local grocery and turned everything Tyson backwards in the cases and their frozen Cornish game hens, I covered with another brand of giant turkeys. It felt SOOOOOO great to do that! If we all did that, their sales would definitely go down. And I don’t care about the market, they “hispander” to their illegal alien employees.

  10. Jean B. Says:

    As a suggestion to those of you who live in heavily impregnated illegal alien areas…….On their “cinco de mayo”……do NOT spend ANY money at ANY Mexican restaurants….or places where you know illegal aliens work. If it’s a business of any kind who does….do NOT give them your business at all. They think they hurt our economy, but let’s hit THEM where it really hurts. Here in Pa., I will NOT go to ANY Mexican restaurants at all on cinco de mayo (which you all know is May 5th.) And let your papers,and businesses know WHY you are doing it! It’s not much help here, but you could make an impact. Pass the word to all who’ll help you on Friday.
    I didn’t see them ask to NOT receive any money from welfare/social security, or stay away from gringo hospitals. I am getting totally annoyed by these illegal ALIENS….and they need to be stopped. What a crying shame that they cannot be stopped and asked to produce/show their green card. Probably wouldn’t work anyway since most of their cards are probably as FAKE as their drivers’ licenses.
    I will tell you that my son in law is a PA State Trooper, and they are ALWAYS stopping vehicles loaded with illegal aliens, and a driver with LOTS of cash.
    This country is getting pathetic. Our nondistinguished Congress can’t move any faster than a turd on any legislation. These illegals are taking a lot for granted. They sound like they’re making threats, and I don’t take too kindly to threats.
    My ancestors were immigrants too, but they came here legally, worked hard, and LEARNED TO SPEAK ENGLISH amigo. I’m sick to death of walking into Sears,Penneys, and seeing directions on the doors in Spanish. What about the Italians,Germans, Polish,etc. who are coming here legally. We do NOT have any of those languages on the door.
    I’m also sick of having to pay back disability benefits we were supposedly overpaid, while they gleefully,cheerfully, hand it away to these illegals. While they send their money back to the Mexican government to get richer. They aren’t paying back into our system, and they KNOW it.
    And by the way, I agree we’re not seeing any “actors” speaking out. Proves money talks and bs walks. May God bless America….and help us to solve this problem. We simply CANNOT afford to have MASSIVE illegal immigration from ANY country.

  11. Edward Decker Says:

    First we should kick the illegal aliens out, and then we should revolk the citizinship of thos who support these people and send them all back to Mexico where they can wave their flag all they want to.

    Edward H. Decker

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