Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Counted In Census

Independent Record

Montana Sen. Conrad Burns has proposed excluding illegal immigrants from the congressional apportionment process, a move that could shift House seats from growing border states to smaller states with lower immigrant populations.

Burns, R-Mont., introduced legislation Tuesday that would require the Secretary of Commerce, who oversees the Census Bureau, to adjust the population numbers used to apportion congressional seats to exclude illegal immigrants.

The Census Bureau does not currently distinguish illegal immigrants in its population estimates gathered every 10 years.

3 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Counted In Census”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Viva Senator Conrad Burns. Looks like at least one Senator has a brain.
    I wonder how much chance this has. Hope, Hope, Hope, it does…………..

  2. Darlene Says:

    However, Hispanics in the past have been considered “white” when crime stats are gathered and reported. So, of course, this has elevated the true Caucasian crime stats to much higher levels. They have now separated the two races and are reporting true crime stats and well they should!

  3. The ashamed American Says:

    Whites are just as bad as Mexicans do you who the Aryban brotherhood is? a white supremacist gang in jail who kill blacks. They are also working with the Mexican Mafia. both races are bad in my estimate.

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