Media Blackout On Violent Marchers In Santa Ana

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The media has portrayed the immigration protests as orderly and peaceful yet in Santa Ana California alarming reports have emerged of illegal aliens swarming around in mobs invading schools, carrying out violent beatings and in one incident a county worker had a Mexican flag plunged into his chest.

Latino Americans For Immigration Reform spokeswoman and senatorial candidate Lupe Moreno appeared on The Alex Jones Show to discuss the two incidents. (Listen to audio interview)

She first described how on March 27th how a group of rioting Mexicans ran into a local Santa Ana high school and attempted to tear down an American flag. The school police and a police SWAT team had to stand guard to prevent the youths from getting to the flag. This story received no mainstream press coverage whatsoever during the first wave of immigration demonstrations.

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  1. Debra Thompson Says:

    Please add me to your mailing list. I am very mad at the crazy Illegal Immigrants rally. I want to ask our school board why we are teaching a second language( English) to illegal immigrants and not teaching American children a second language also. This issues needs to be asked in every school. Every American child should get the same education, as Illegal. They will have an advantage over the American children when it comes to jobs. Why is this not being addressed!!

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Typical MSM tactics. Never tell the truth. Always support the communists, and anyone else who wants to destroy our country. A special place in hell ought to be reserved for the lieing media whores, men and women. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  3. Brad Says:

    I was over at Raw Story and there has yet to be a mention of the Zogby poll. The news bit about the sheriff in Arizona was only in the top bit for a short while and then was moved below the fold. The MSM doesn’t want the public to get it together on the subject of illegal immigration. Thats because most of them are elites. Illegal immigration doesn’t negatively affect them. Most would lose all their domestic help.

  4. Educated American Says:

    This is the article and interview I mentioned in a post yesterday. Incredible huh? Did anyone see the Minutemen’s Departure article in the L.A. Times today (May 4)? There’s an awesome picture of Jim Gilchrist and Tim Hayes hugging! Maybe next we can get Jim Gilchrist and Al Garza hugging each other. Americans need to see that kind of unity on the border issue.

  5. marleen Says:

    Debra T you are so right about the second language the not too distant future office employees will need to speak a second language ..especially managers…even today a second language is a plus on a resume …Americans need to stay in the game to equally compete…

  6. Sherri Says:

    Is anyone really that surprised that the media didn’t cover the negative aspects of the protests? They only cover what helps their far-left point of view.

  7. nikki Says:

    I read that after the ” illegal parades ” (that’s what my mom calls them) on monday, 68% of americans in a poll thought that the illegal immigrants should have been arrested and sent home. Can you imagine what the response would have been if people would have seen this story on the news monday night? I’m sick of the media trying to tell me what to think. Just give me the facts, and I will make up my own mind!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Eddie B. Says:

    The MSM is being gagged by the big money globalists. And our Government wants to control the Internet too? And take away our guns! Over my dead body.

  9. Jay Mahn Says:

    I am appalled that the footage of this attack has not been made available. Has anyone sued yet to make the tapes available to the public I am sure there are still some honest reprters out there that would use it. People need to know about this but some people in Northen areas don’t think this is a problem.

    We here in Arizona that know the deal. We That watch the pay trucks pull up to the site each day and pay under the table, know whats going on. Send this link to the article to everyone you know.

  10. The ashamed American Says:

    Only one incident took place in the rallies and you concetrate on that? You are also being bias. Just because some Mexicans rioted does not mean every Mexican has that same point of view. When my race rioted it was muchworse.

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