CA Bill To Deport Illegal Criminals Shot Down

    SF Gate

    The state has struggled for years to reduce the soaring population in its overburdened prisons, but a proposal that could have forced as many as 20,000 inmates who are illegal immigrants to serve their sentences in their home countries has faltered over concerns it would be viewed as anti-immigrant.

5 Responses to “CA Bill To Deport Illegal Criminals Shot Down”

  1. Sherri Says:

    I’m sick and tired of worrying whether or not illegal aliens are offended. Who cares? I wish as much consideration were given about offending tax payers that have to foot the bill for this nonsense.

  2. Brad Says:

    Spine-less is the
    only word that comes to mind.

  3. Eddie B. Says:

    California is completely out of control. The inmates are running the asylum. Bring back the National Guard because we are going to need them.


  4. Mary Says:

    I’ve paid taxes to the state of California for 30 years. State income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes. By now it must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And what did I get from all the money I’ve paid to the California state government? Illegal immigrants have more rights than I do!

    I had to pay $500,000 for a house just to get my daughter into a good public school district. Seriously. Public schools in poorer California neighborhoods are worse than crap. 40 years ago, rich or poor, all California school kids had access to a decent public education. Our schools were number one in the whole nation. Now our schools are like 45 in rankings, down there with Mississippi and West Virginia. Our roads were once clean, neat, beautiful, now they are crumbling wrecks. No money to fix them or rebuild them; it all goes to the illegals. And the trash! My god you wouldn’t believe how the highways look in the Central Valley. Trash piled up on both sides literally ankle deep! I am not exaggerating. No native-born Californian would throw trash like that on our beloved land, we are very environmentally conscious people. We recycle everything, we have low-water toilets, we drive hybrid vehicles to minimize air pollution, we have the strictest air quality requirements in the entire nation! The trash comes from the illegals, and the state highway patrol doesn’t enforce the litter laws on them. It used to be a 500 dollar fine for anyone caught throwing trash out of their car — so how did all that trash get on our highways? Someone is turning a blind eye to all the trash they throw on our highways just like they turn a blind eye to all the other stuff they do.

  5. Patsy Sullivan Says:

    Since when is the invasion of The United States of America by another country a situation for politeness? Send all these criminals back to where they came from, including the ones protesting on our streets carrying the flag of another country. American citizens need to take this country back and have the government working for the people as originally intended. STAND UP AMERICA!!!!! FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!!

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