Illegals Challenge Smuggling Laws

AZ Central

Attorneys for 47 undocumented immigrants charged with conspiracy to commit human smuggling have filed motions to throw out the charges.

They argue a person can’t smuggle himself into the country and therefore can’t be charged with conspiracy.

On Friday, a Los Angeles attorney brought into the case by the Mexican Consul General’s Office in Phoenix will file another motion to dismiss charges claiming Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is violating state and federal law and using the conspiracy charges to control illegal immigration, which is the federal government’s job.

Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have redoubled efforts to arrest undocumented immigrants and charge them with violating the Arizona human trafficking law.

2 Responses to “Illegals Challenge Smuggling Laws”

  1. David M. Says:

    Instead of sending a few bricks to our reps on the hill, we should all pool our money together and send a few truckloads. THAT would get their attention. I really feel sorry for everyone living in the border states. I could not imagine living in fear like they do.

    Someone please explain to me again how illegals seem to have more rights than us? How can someone who is not a citizen just get away with anything?

  2. Eddie B. Says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio for President! I love this guy. A VACANCY sign in tent city. You got to love him. He has got some stones for sure.

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