Chinese Immigrant Gang Arrested


A gang of Chinatown thugs took over public parking spots on East Broadway and extorted thousands of bucks a month from hapless dollar van drivers, authorities charged yesterday.

Five men, all immigrants from China’s Fujian province, were arrested and charged with extortion. Police said they shook down as many as 50 drivers every month from July 2004 to Monday.

The drivers, who transport people between Chinatown and Sunset Park in Brooklyn for $2.50 a ride, were each forced to pay hundreds of dollars a month in protection money or face beatings and threats against their families, according to the criminal complaint.

It was unclear when the suspects would be arraigned.

The vans, many of which are licensed by the Taxi & Limousine Commission, typically wait for passengers along East Broadway and Market Street in public parking spots.

‘Some folks had to pay $400 a month, some had to pay $350, depending on how well they were liked by the bad guys,’ said Konrad Motyka, the FBI agent in charge of the case.

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  1. Eddie B. Says:

    Maybe we ought to pay these guys to round up all the illegals and get ‘em outta here. Pay them $100 per invader. I bet they would get busier than INS/ICE and we would save some money on welfare services.

    Throw in another $5.00 to get rid of all those G*d D@mn Mexican flags too.

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